9 Best Nasi Sambal Goreng Spots In SG


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Mar 04, 2022

Ever dined on food sent from heaven? Nasi Sambal Goreng is an Indonesian dish that's hard to beat. Named after the side dish Sambal Goreng, a rich and spicy mixture of herbs, spices, tempeh and veggies, Nasi Sambal Goreng's tasteful blend of rice, spicy sambal chilli, and assortment of side dishes sprinkled with serundeng (fried coconut flakes), will leave you craving for more!

As you take a spoonful, the melting of flavours together brings create spicy and savoury taste mixtures like no other. If you're craving for your own plateful of this exquisite cuisine, here are the 9 best places to find them in Singapore.

Nasi Sambal Goreng Spots In Singapore

1. Selera Sumang

It's early in the morning and all your favourite halal food stalls have closed. The other halal food stalls don't open so early in the morning and you're craving for a warm meal to start your day. If Indonesian food's in your list of food to try, you have to head down to the North East for a hearty and filling breakfast at Selera Sumang.

Credit: Selera Sumang on Facebook

Nestled in a corner of Punggol at Foodgle Hub, this hidden gem of a halal eatery serves up fresh, halal Indonesian and Malay dishes catered to suit local taste buds every morning - including Nasi Sambal Goreng! Delight in this flavourful Indonesian dish made with fresh, steaming hot white rice for breakfast every morning... As long as you manage to get there on time! Due to their popularity, the snaking queue starts early - but we promise you, you'll want to be part of it.

Selera Sumang

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned

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2. Pu3

Credit: Pu3 on Facebook

Providing authentic malay food, Pu3 Restaurant specializes in Nasi Ambeng and other traditional Malay cuisines, including Nasi Sambal Goreng ($9.50)! Their dish consists of rice, sambal goreng, fried chicken wing, Begedil (potato patties), serundeng (spicy fried coconut flakes) and sambal sotong!

Pu3 Restaurant 

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned


3. Cahaya Singapura

Credit: Cahaya Singapura

Since their humble beginnings in 1985, Cahaya Singapura's small stall in Woodlands has since made its way to becoming a successful eatery after three generations. Serving up delicious signature dishes such as Nasi Sambal Goreng, Mee Rebus and more, Cahaya Singapura's dishes will leave you almost spell-bound.?

Cahaya Singapura

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned


4. Hamidah's Kitchen

Credit: Hamidah's Kitchen on Facebook

Recently opened in April 2021, Hamidah's Kitchen specialises in Mutton Dum Biryani, Mandhi Rice, Bonesteaks and mouth-watering cuisines like Nasi Sambal Goreng! Open from 930am-10pm each day, you can enjoy meals with Hamidah's Kitchen through dine in, deliveries and takeaways.

Hamidah's Kitchen

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned


5. Aziz Jaffar Muslim Food

Credit: Aziz Jaffar Muslim Food on Facebook

Only at $5 per packet, Aziz Jaffar Muslim Food' Nasi Sambal Goreng are to die for. Consisting of rice, sambal sotong, sambal goreng, bergedil, paru (fried beef lungs), serunding and sambal, Aziz Jaffar's Nasi Sambal Goreng can be found at their stall in Chinatown but also through delivery! With a minimum order of 5 packets and above, you can enjoy tasty, savoury Nasi Sambal Goreng for your next meal ?

Aziz Jaffar Muslim Food 

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned

6. Dapur Hassan

Credit: Dapur Hassan on Facebook

Dapur Hassan, or Hassan’s Kitchen in English, opened in October last year, and has been gaining a loyal following ever since! The hawker stallserves an array of local Malay favourites, from lontong to mee rebus, nasi lemak and various nasi padang dishes such as asam pedas and beef rendang! 

Their top dishes, such as their Nasi Sambal Goreng and Lontong, sell out fast, so if you’re going for breakfast, or an early lunch, especially on the weekends, go early! Definitely one of their must-tries, Dapur Hassan's Nasi Sambal Goreng is available daily for your enjoyment.  

Dapur Hassan

Halal status: Muslim-owned


7. D'Original Bumbu

Credit: d.originalbumbu on Instagram

Heading to Geylang Serai? Enjoy delicious meals with D'Original Bumbu! Found at Geylang Serai Market's hawker centre, this quaint stall's Nasi Sambal Goreng is one that should not be missed. Made up of white rice, Sambal sotong, fried beef lungs, bergedil (potato fritters) and serunding (shredded coconut), you'll leave full and satisfied. To order, drop by their stall or give them a call for pre-orders!

D' Original Bumbu

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned


8. Asia Ghani

Credit:Asia Ghani Jamu Selera Nasi Ayam Penyet on Facebook

Initially known as the 'Asia Ghani Drive-In', Asia Ghani has been around since 1975 and now serves up piping hot, tasty food of all types! Known especially for their Nasi Ayam Penyet that comes with a secret sambal recipe, you have to drop by. Plus, they also sell Nasi Sambal Goreng!

Asia Ghani Jamu Selera Nasi Ayam Penyet 

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned


9. Gerai Nenek Obek

Credit: Gerai Nenek Obek on Facebook

Talk about a secret family recipe! Gerai Nenek Obek's recipes have been passed down since 1965, by their founder, Hahah Parmah Tufah from Surabaya, Indonesia. Surviving through 4 generations, Gerai Nenek Obek still operates in Geylang Seri Market today. They serve a wide array of authentic Malay dishes, including Nasi Sambal Goreng! If you are hungry and craving for some authentic Indonesian-Malay dishes, make sure to head over for some tasty dishes.

Gerai Nenek Obek 

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned