22-Year-Old Muslim Content Creator Makes Big Wave In South Korea


Siti Aishah Ahmad •  Dec 06, 2021

In this day and age, being a social media influencer or a content creator is the new norm. Internet personalities like Emma Chamberlain or comedian Brittany Broski are famous among avid social media users but if you're Malaysian, you've probably heard of Sabrina Azhar. Though only 22 years old, this Malaysian Muslim is already becoming a popular name for Muslim representation in South Korea! Read on to find about Sabrina's story ☺️

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Muslim Content Creator Is Making It Big In South Korea

Credit: @jpbrinx on Instagram 

If someone told Sabrina that one day she would do an interview with K-pop girl group, TWICE, the thought would not even cross her mind. As reported by Free Malaysia Today, after she completed her secondary school studies, she never aimed to pursue her higher education in South Korea. But after applying to various scholarships with her excellent results, she received a spot at Intec Education College's Korean Preparatory Programme to study mechanical engineering at Hanyang University.

Sabrina Azhar enjoys documenting her student life in Seoul as a Malaysian Muslim hijabi during her free time but little did she know her videos would go viral and even prompted the popular Youtube channel Blimey, to do a collaboration with her! They invited her on the "3&More" show where they set up blind dates with Korean men who have little knowledge about Islam and Malaysia.  This further elevated her social media presence as a Muslim girl representing Islam and the Malaysian culture!

Credit: @jpbrinx on Instagram 

Fast forward to 2021, Sabrina has now over 1.3 million TikTok followers and over 393,000 Instagram followers! Through her TikTok videos, she's proven to be a great dancer and is now signed by WILD Entertainment along with former CLC member, Sorn. Her success continues to thrive with her Shopee live session with TWICE in Seoul where she hosted, translated and interviewed the popular South Korean group.

On top of that, under Korea Tourism Organization's Halal Restaurant Week 2021, she co-hosted a cooking show with 2014 MasterChef Korea winner, Choi Gwang Ho. She helped the prominent chef cook the halal version of the Korean pancake, "kimchijeon" and introduced the Korean viewers to Malaysia's beloved snack, pisang goreng or banana fritters.

Despite being a content creator, she's still prioritizing her studies as a mechanical engineering student. Sabrina is a true Malaysian gem as she continues to showcase her beliefs and culture to further improve the bond between Malaysia and South Korea ?