This Malaysian Baker Left His Career As A Doctor - Now Creates Stunning Wedding Cakes & Artisanal Desserts


Ili •  Sep 03, 2021

Triad Of Batter (TOB): Halal cakes and tarts in Ipoh, Perak 

It's not very often that we hear stories of people making major career shifts - especially one that involves two vastly different fields. And when we do come across them, we can't help but admire the courage and guts it takes to do so! For Naqiuddin Rozman, making the jump from being a doctor to a baker was a risky move. However, the leap of faith proved to be a great decision as he now thrives from the success of his wedding cake business - Triad Of Batter (TOB).

Credit: @triadofbutter on Instagram

According to an interview with SAYS, the 29-year-old baker had already begun selling cakes in 2013 while he was still studying. After working one and half years as a contract house officer in a hospital in Klang Valley, he was advised to resign due to his worsening health condition. This was the point in Naqiuddin's life where he decided to pursue baking more seriously and hence, Triad Of Batter (TOB) was born.

"After my resignation, I took this opportunity to rebrand my cake business back. I attended a few local and international wedding cake masterclasses in 2019, and explored and experimented with recipes and designs by myself," Naqiuddin shared.

Credit: @triadofbutter on Instagram

TOB Cakes & Tarts is based in Sri Kinta, Ipoh and specialises in wedding cakes and artisanal desserts. One glance at Naqiuddin's creations and you'll instantly fall in love with how gorgeous they are! Mainly using buttercream and fresh flowers, the cakes at TOB are said to be inspired from abstract paintings, florals and geometrical art.

Credit: @triadofbutter on Instagram

Besides breathtaking wedding cakes, you can also find other delicious bakes that are just as visually stunning too. From lemon tarts and chocolate almond madeleines to rose pistachio doughnuts and earl grey French vanilla loafs, TOB is an absolute dream for anyone who loves sweet treats.

Currently, Naqiuddin's plan is to renovate his store in Sri Kinta and convert it into a bakery and coffee shop. He also expressed hope of turning TOB into a baking academy in 10 years. We definitely can't wait to see this become a reality! Until then, we'll just continue to admire and drool over Naqiuddin's fabulous bakes.

For our fellow Malaysians in Ipoh, don't miss out on treating yourself to all the amazing treats over at TOB and share this awesome business if you know someone who's tying the knot ?

Halal status: Muslim-owned

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