This 21-Year-Old Malaysian Muslim Woman Is TikTok's First-Ever Global Artist


Siti Aishah Ahmad •  Nov 26, 2021

A new artist is in town - the famous social media platform, TikTok is venturing into the music industry for the first time and is introducing their first-ever global artist, Fatia, a rising singer from Malaysia! Read on to find out about this 21-year-old girl's journey to becoming an artist signed by TikTok ?

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Malaysian Woman Becomes TikTok's First Global Artist

Credit: TikTok 

TikTok is becoming the leading platform in producing artists and social influencers like Brittany Broski, Addison Rae and it is the place where people keep discovering both new and old music. It's the platform that gives the rise among new artists. That being said, TikTok is entering the music industry by signing Malaysian singer, Fatia to become its first-ever global artist!

Fatia began building her following on TikTok (@thisisfatia) through duet singing videos and she was discovered by the community through her popular musical covers like Wicked, Dear Evan Hansen and more, all from her bedroom. As reported by The Vibes, she was raised in a home filled with pop and classic rock music and that was how her musical talents were shaped from a young age. With encouragement and support from her parents, Fatia found her voice from performing in her secondary school during choir and choral speaking events. Her strong vocals and lively persona, it's no surprise she's continuing to grow on TikTok.

Mixed in with vocal stylings like that of Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Yuna, her first single entitled 'My World Too' was pre-released exclusively on TikTok on Nov 19 and is now available on all digital streaming platforms from Nov 26. Plus, this song was written by Aubrey Suwito, the Malaysian pianist and songwriter who wrote Jaclyn Victor's iconic song, 'Gemilang'! This debut song is based off Fatia's own experience to find courage and break free from society's expectations to come back stronger - a reminder to be true to yourself and be brave in carving your own path in life.