Malaysia Reopens To International Travellers From April 1: Here's What To Expect


Qistina Bumidin •  Mar 09, 2022

The moment we’ve all finally been waiting for is here: Malaysia is fully reopening its borders to international visitors from April 1! ? There are so many activities we’ve been wanting to do for the longest time: such as indulging in delicious street food from Penang to relaxing by the beautiful beaches in Kuantan, going on a shopping spree in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and more! But before we take a much-needed vacay across the Causeway, here’s what you can expect. 

Malaysia Is Reopening Their Borders From April 1: Here's What's New

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From April 1, all international visitors who are fully vaccinated are allowed to enter Malaysia without quarantine. Visitors will be required to undergo pre-departure tests (RT-PCR) and tests 24 hours after arrival (RTK-Antigen under professional supervision). All international visitors will need to download the MySejahtera tracking app and fill up a pre-departure travel form to enter Malaysia. My TravelPass, which is an online system that lets Malaysians and foreigners apply for entry or exit permits during the COVID-19 pandemic, will no longer be a requirement for international travellers. 

For unvaccinated individuals, they will be allowed to cross state lines, and there will no longer be limits on opening hours or to the capacity of commercial and restaurant premises. Masks will still be mandatory during the transition phase, but the Malaysian government has announced that Covid-19 rules will be eased from April 1. According to the government, nearly 80 per cent of Malaysia’s total population have been fully vaccinated, while 64 per cent of Malaysians have taken a booster dose.

What Travellers From Singapore Should Take Note

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While travellers entering Malaysia do not have to undergo testing within six days of arrival under the VTL with Singapore, this may not be the case when returning home. For land and air VTL, those in Malaysia must do a pre-departure PCR test or professionally administered ART within two days of their flight, and do a supervised self-administered ART at a test centre within 24 hours of arrival in Singapore. 

Travellers will only be exempted from quarantine if they do so via the VTL scheme. Currently, only 4320 travellers both ways are allowed to travel via the VTL by bus. There is no information on the cap for air VTL for individual countries. There is also no cap on non-VTL flights, however, those who do not use the VTL scheme will have to serve a 7-day stay home notice. 

For those planning your usual drives to Malaysia, you might have to postpone it for now. As of now, there is no information provided on whether the Causeway will reopen for quarantine free entry to Malaysia. Only bus trips using the Transtar or Causeway Link service are allowed. 

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