Home Decor Hacks: These Items Looks Like IKEA's But With Half The Price!


Tiara •  Aug 24, 2021

Why IKEA is famous?

IKEA furniture was founded in 1943 by a Swedish Ingvar Kamprad and has become the world's largest furniture retailer since 2008. Simplicity with modern design is what making IKEA praised around the world.

In this case, the design comes with the price. IKEA's furniture is also known as one of the easiest to built and pretty durable.

However, if you are after the look and the design, there are lots of other option that resembles best-selling IKEA furniture with friendlier prices! Here's what we found in the marketplace and we are not mad about the price-to-design ratio!

KALLAX shelf (SGD 99) 

Credit: IKEA (left) and mmmhjjhg.sg on Shopee (right)

Used for shelves and room partitions, IKEA's Kallax is priced at SGD 99 on the website with 8 hollow boxes that you can customize and fill with baskets or books.

However, we found the similar one with a similar design that was priced from SGD 32.38 to SGD 61.39. This shelf is available in several styles, from 6 to 14 boxes and three color options.

MALM chest of 4 drawers (SGD 149)

Credit: IKEA

This is one of the most iconic pieces of IKEA furniture of all time! Malm is available in 2, 3, 4, and 6 drawers and 4 colors.

Credit: Aideal on Shopee (left), YSHF on Shopee (middle), Sunxin SG on Shopee

However, you can find something that is similar to Malm drawer for SGD 140 from Aideal or SGD 53.35 from YSHF. If you have no problem with plastic material, you can get the Sunxin one from SGD 23!

LISABO coffee table (SGD 169)

Credit: IKEA (left) and joy88868.sg on Shopee

This ash-colored coffee table screams no other than the true Scandinavian style. If you wish to have a similar item but wish harder for a cheaper price, you can get the identical coffee table from the marketplace for SGD 26.90! That sounds like a good deal to us!

VARIERA organizer box (SGD 6.90)

Credit: IKEA (left) and simplestyleliving on Shopee

These home organizing things are good to have, but sometimes it drains your budget. To save some dollars while keeping your house organized, you can get your storage boxes from the marketplace instead.

You can get those minimalist boxes on the right for SGD 3.00 each, depends on the size.

TOFTBO bath mat (SGD 7.90)

Credit: IKEA (left) and ushop519.sg on Shopee

IKEA's Toftbo might feel the best under your feet, but you can definitely prioritize function over fashion. A similar plush bath mat at the marketplace was priced at SGD 5.45 and comes with several color options. Not bad for an alternative!

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