Do Not Travel Overseas Under The VTL Without Bringing These 8 Items In Your Pouch, And You're Welcome


Tiara •  Aug 24, 2021

What is the best travel pouch?

The best travel pouch is the one that has all your necessities in one access. A travel pouch is essential, especially if you are traveling during a pandemic, including on the VTL. You can use any travel pouch from your favorite brand, as long as it contains all the things you need for a safe trip.

Why is it important?

Even though the VTL ensures that all travelers are vaccinated, health protocol is still a huge part of it. Some of them are minimizing duration and contact during transit and travel.

Making sure all your necessities are in a safe place and easily accessed is one of the keys to a smooth process during your trip. To make it easier for you to prepare for your trip, here are some of the must-bring items and we will divide them into two categories.

1. Gadget pouch

Why is this important? Most of the administration process in pandemic travel is done contactless and electronically. This means that you better always prepare your gadget, whether it's for booking, verification process, up to check-ins, and other processes.

Putting these items together not only makes it easier for you to follow the process but also cuts down the time you get through the queues.


Always get your passport in an easy place to reach. Don't forget to prepare the digital backup for your passport, whether by taking pictures of it or scan and upload it to your cloud.

Electrical adapters

Some countries that undergoing VTL with Singapore might be using a different power plug. Hence, it's a good idea to pack one of these electrical adapters (check out this one from PowerPac). Make sure that your adapter has all the plug types from all over the world.


Make sure that you have packed the chargers for all your gadget. To minimize the size, you can pack a power strip that supports USB plugs like this one from Anker so you don't need to bring the whole part of the chargers. Also, bring a power bank just to be safe.

Travel pass/paperwork

The Covid-19 test result, vaccination proof, and all that paperwork must be kept safely. Your digital travel pass will hold it together in one app. But if you are traveling with the elderly who don't have smartphones, you might wanna keep a printed backup for them.

All these items should be fit in a pouch to keep you hassle-free like this one from Elecom.

Hygiene pouch

This is the main concern and the reason why you should prepare a separate travel pouch. The way we travel had changed, especially when it comes to hygiene.

Preparing your own hygiene stuff is beneficial for you and the people you are traveling with. This is the way to take care of yourself from the risk of traveling during the pandemic.

Hand sanitizer

No trip is complete without this. Since you are traveling, pack a handy size of hand sanitizer in an easy-to-use form, such as gel or spray bottle. The air tends to be dryer in the airplane, so a good amount of moisturizing element in your hand sanitizer will be good.

You can try some recommendations stated on this page and see which one suits you!

Hand soap

The best way to keep your hands clean is to wash them with soap and running water periodically. It's good to pack a tiny bottle of hand soap during your trip. To make it easier, you can try paper soap that dissolves in water and works as a regular hand wash. Get this one for less than a dollar for 20 pieces!

Regular medicine

Prepare good care of yourself, especially if you have periodic sickness or allergy. Always bring your personal medicine and write a note that describes the function and suggested dose for each. That way, other people can help you in a serious situation.

Toilet spray

This one is a must, even if there is no pandemic. Traveling includes using a public toilet and bringing toilet spray is one of the things that you can do to make this experience more hygienic. Use it before and after you use the toilet to reduce any unpleasant smell. You can pick whichever scent you like from this range of Poo-pouri!

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