SG's 'Forgotten' Keppel Hill Reservoir Is The Next Outdoor Spot Urban Adventurers Need To Visit


Shasha Dania •  Nov 17, 2020

Just when you think you've seen all that Singapore has to offer, a hidden gem emerges that completely takes you aback. ? Keppel Hill Reservoir is definitely one 'forgotten' spot that outdoor enthusiasts and adventurous nature lovers need to explore next! Located in the Harbourfront area near Keppel Hill Road, this abandoned reservoir might be what you need to inject some excitement into your weekend plans.

Keppel Hill Reservoir was around as early as 1905, but disappeared from Singapore's maps from the 1950s and 1960s onwards. It wasn't until 2014 that it was even 'rediscovered' and began to become a popular trekking spot for those looking to wander off the beaten path. Compared to other 'abandoned' attractions in Singapore, it's also one of the easier ones to get to.

Keppel Hill Reservoir's untouched area makes it a sanctuary away from the city, with bright green foliage and a stunning pool of water that looks like it came out of a fairytale. ? Perfect for an afternoon just relaxing with your adventure buddies, or just soaking in the greenery you can't get anywhere else in Singapore.

'Discovering' a hidden gem in Singapore always feels like an achievement in a country as small as this, and we hope that Keppel Hill Reservoir will continue to be a little hidden hideaway from the city for years to come. ? Just remember to be careful when exploring the area. There are some stone steps near the water that are a popular photo spot, but always be aware of the stability of the ground before you grab that Insta-worthy shot.

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How to get to Keppel Hill Reservoir

There are 2 routes to get to Keppel Hill Reservoir, one of which is safe enough for younger kids to enjoy. Do take care while exploring these routes - while the routes have become marked out by fellow trekkers over the years, there's still no official signage or path and the ground can become slippery after the rain.

Route 1 (the easy one):

  • Start at Wishart Road (near bus stop '14139')
  • Walk down to Keppel Hill Road, and look for the road sign for 'Keppel Hill'
  • Follow the tarmac road until you reach a metal barrier. Continue past the barrier, until you get to a forked road.
  • Take the left fork in the road and follow the concrete road until you reach a muddy trail
  • The muddy trail leads you to another fork in the road
  • Take the right fork in the road, and follow the trail until you reach the reservoir!

Route 2 (the challenging one):

  • Start at Seah Im food centre's open-air carpark
  • From the top-left corner of the carpark, you'll see a sign describing the Heritage Tree
  • Go past the green fence behind the tree, and follow the trail
  • One marker you'll see along your trek is an abandoned bunker
  • Continue up the steep slope - it may be muddy or slippery especially after a rainy day, so we recommend taking the other route if you're not confident enough
  • Follow the manmade trail until you reach a tarmac road
  • This is where the 2 routes intersect, so continue walking down the tarmac road and follow the same instructions  as above

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