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11 Breathtakingly Beautiful Quarries In SG To Spend Your Weekend Exploring


Shasha Dania •  Oct 15, 2020


Did you know that Singapore used to be scattered with quarries used for mining granite? ? Yup, this metropolitan island once mined for tonnes of granite in sites at Bukit Timah, Woodlands, and even Pulau Ubin.  Well, it's been years since granite was mined in Singapore, and many of these old quarries have become beautiful scenic spots you can enjoy during a day out! ? Here are 11 breathtakingly beautiful quarries in Singapore worth exploring over the weekend. P.S. Plan for an adrenaline-filled weekend out of the house with these 9 exciting outdoor activities! ? They're family-friendly and we've even included nearby halal food spots so you can fuel up after a day out.
1. Singapore Quarry
If you're new to the quarry game, Singapore Quarry is the perfect beginner quarry to explore! Located within Dairy Farm Nature Park just a 10-minute walk from the Rail Mall, this disused quarry is full of local flora and fauna, and in the late afternoons (when the sun isn't TOO hot) it becomes a popular spot for birdwatchers and nature photographers alike. It's accessible via f0ot or by bike, and you'll have to walk up a slight slope to get there but it's nothing too challenging. ?
2. Hindhede Quarry
Located about a 15 minutes walk away from Singapore Quarry, Hindhede Quarry is located in Hindhede Nature Park next to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, and is a hiking spot with picturesque views. ? It takes just 5-10 minutes to get here by foot from the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Centre so it's suitable for families and younger kids! If you can time your arrival to sunrise or sunset, you'll be able to see a beautiful golden hour glow across the water too. P.S. Check out our guide to Hindhede Nature Park to see what else this underrated nature spot in Singapore has to offer!
3. Dairy Farm Quarry
The final of the 3 quarries located around Bukit Timah Hill, Dairy Farm Quarry is probably the only quarry in Singapore you can actually walk in! ? Most of the quarries in Singapore have filled up with water but Dairy Farm Quarry was filled with earth after being disused. The vast field is a much-needed green space in Singapore and has become a popular spot for picnics, photoshoots, and even kite-flying.
4. Bukit Batok Nature Park
From Bukit Timah you can actually walk about 20-30 minutes to reach Bukit Batok Nature Park. Did you know that this nature park was actually built around an old quarry? ? No wonder its trails go up and down so many hills! You can still walk into the park to visit the old quarry and see its vibrant red walls against the bright blue sky. It can be tiring to get there as you might pass several hills (depending on the route you take), but as the paths are paved with steps even families with kids can tackle this course. You might even spot some wild junglefowl keeping you company along the way! ?
5. Little Guilin
Little Guilin is probably one of the most famous quarries in Singapore. Its granite formations are said to resemble the limestone karst hill formations in Guilin, China so even if you can't travel right now you can still feel like you're overseas. ? This is probably one of the easiest quarries to access as you can just take a leisurely stroll through Bukit Batok Town Park to reach the lake. Make sure to capture a shot with the hill's reflection in the water! #HHWT Tip: Here are 7 more hidden gems in SG (near halal food!) that'll make you feel like you're overseas! We've gathered up some secret spots across the island so you can plan out an 'overseas' vacation without leaving the country. ?
6. Seng Chew Quarry
This quarry requires you to go a little off-track, so we recommend it for slightly more adventurous trekkers! To get to Seng Chew Quarry, start your journey at Bukit Gombak Sports Hall in the west. From there, you'll need to walk up a hill and even enter through a broken fence to reach one of the most tranquil spots in the Singapore heartlands. ? As there is no defined trail leading to this quarry, do be extra cautious if you plan to add this to your weekend checklist. Check out this blog for more directions!
7. Tampines Quarry
If you live in Tampines you might have already visited this hidden gem before! Previously used as a sand quarry, Tampines Quarry is a quiet getaway for anglers, bikers, and even the casual hiker looking for a new neighborhood haunt. It's a short walk away from Bedok Reservoir and the Tampines West MRT station, making it one quarry that's truly located in the heartlands!
8. Pekan Quarry
Pulau Ubin is actually home to 5 quarries, and Pekan Quarry is one of the most popular ones you can visit. It's located not too far from the Jetty and even has a dedicated look-out point so you can enjoy the view of this scenic spot before venturing deeper inland. If you look around closely, you might be able to see the herons that have made Pekan Quarry their home! ? #HHWT Tip: Uncover lesser-known things to do and secret sights on the island with our easy guide to Pulau Ubin!
9. Ketam Quarry
Also known as Aik Hwa Quarry, Ketam Quarry was only closed in 1999, making it the last granite quarry to be closed on Pulau Ubin! It's located further inland than Pekan Quarry, and is actually surrounded by the Ketam Mountain Bike Park and Ketam Mountain Bike Trail. If you're a fan of cycling or mountain biking, make sure to stop by this spot to enjoy some beautiful scenery before finishing your route. ?
10. Balai Quarry
Balai Quarry is located on the eastern end of Pulau Ubin, near the Chek Jawa Wetlands. If you're pairing it with a visit to the Wetlands, rent a bicycle to make the trip a lot easier. You should pass by the quarry on your way out from Chek Jawa, so it's the perfect spot to catch your breath, take a break, and enjoy the view of the beautiful pool from higher ground.
11. Ubin Quarry
For a truly picturesque view, head to the top of Puaka Hill to get a breathtaking view of Ubin Quarry. A hike is required to get to the top of the hill, but it's totally worth it for the bird's eye view of the quarry below. ? A second viewpoint is located at the western end of the quarry near Jalan Endut Senin, but it's harder to get a glimpse of the quarry through its thick vegetation. P.S. The 5th quarry on Pulau Ubin is Kekek Quarry. Although it can still be found on maps of the island, there aren't many instructions on how to get there! Do take any necessary precautions if you want to try to explore it. Grab your sunscreen and sunglasses because it's time to spend a day out exploring the scenic greenery of Singapore. ?