10 Hiking Spots In Singapore That Are Perfect For Kids


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Feb 24, 2022

[12 May 2022]

A long weekend is just around the corner which means it's time for some family-friendly fun! From delicious meals to outdoor activities, the holidays are filled with family bonding potential. You could go rollerskating, head for a staycation, or maybe just head for some late-night ice cream together. 

But of course, one of the more popular ways to enjoy some family time is by hiking one of Singapore's many parks! This favourite Singaporean pastime is not only fun, but it might also help you get in some needed exercise - away from the office and classroom desks. ? Check out these family-friendly hiking paths for you and your family to discover this March holiday!

Family-Friendly Hiking Spots In Singapore

1. Eastern Round Island Route

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We're sure you've heard: Singapore's Eastern Round Island Route just opened recently! The continuous 150km park connector is only part of the 360km island-wide network or recreational routes that are in store for Singaporeans to enjoy.

[Changi Bay Point] Credit: Faruq Senin 

Consisting of park connectors and trails, Singaporeans can enjoy plenty for outdoor activities including hiking! Although 150km long, the best part about the Round Island Route is that it passes through many hubs (it's not all just trees! Although, the nature is one of the best parts, have you checked out Singapore's very own Jeju Island, Changi Bay Point?). Which means once you or your little ones are tired, you can head over to the nearest interchange and head home. Plus, it's mostly level walking ground, which makes for an easy walk. ?

P.S. The route also runs through quite a few halal food hot spots like Jalan Kayu, Changi Village and even the Singapore River!Check out all the halal food spots you can find along the Round Island Route here!

2. Labrador Park

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Located in southern Singapore, Labrador Nature Reserve is a treasure trove of biodiversity and historical relics. If you're looking for both a fun and enriching time, visit some of Labrador’s main attractions like the Berlayer Creek Boardwalk. Berlayer Creek is one of the two remaining mangroves in southern Singapore. You could also head to Bukit Chermin Boardwalk which offers a panoramic view of the sea. Time for Instagram-worthy photos!

If you're traveling with younger children, the boardwalks also mean a short and easy walk. Not to mention filled with breathtaking sights!

3. Tree Top Walk

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The famous MacRitchie TreeTop Walk at MacRitchie Nature Reserve is one of Singapore's famous hiking spots. The suspension bridge takes you between Bukit Peirce & Bukit Kalang, and is a popular spot for Singapore's hikers who want a little sense of adventure or an Instagram-worthy photo opportunity!

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The Tree Top Walk is a 250 metre-long suspension bridge, and while the walk up to it is slightly steep, it's worth the adventure. Plus, families with kids definitely don't have to worry. If your little ones are not used to hiking, opt for the 2.5 km route from Windsor Nature Park, which is only a 1 – 1.5 hr walk to the entrance of the walk!

4. Pasir Ris Park Mangroves

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The Mangrove Boardwalk at Pasir Ris Park is filled with interesting critters and flora that'll excite both kids and parents alike. Check out mudskippers, herons, hornbills, monitor lizards and more ? If you’re lucky, you might even be able to spot some otters! The board walk is an easy stroll through one of Singapore's treasured ecosystems. Plus, it's near Downtown East, which means once you're hungry, you can head over for a meal!

Planning your outing already? Check out this ultimate guide to halal food at Downtown East!  

5. Chek Jawa, Pulau Ubin

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Just a 15 minute bumboat ride from Singapore's mainland is Pulau Ubin, a beloved eastern offshore island! Almost as if frozen in Singapore's past, Pulau Ubin is a must-visit for anyone looking to enjoy nature, history, and maybe fresh coconut drinks ?

P.S. Check Out How You Can Explore Pulau Ubin In A Day!

Credit: Siti Ayeeshah

If you're looking for a family-friendly spot to hike and trek, Chek Jawa, an intertidal beach on Pulau Ubin, is just the spot! Chance upon Fiddler Crabs, sea anemones, starfishes, and more as you enjoy the cool sea breeze. The easiest way to get there is by taking a taxi from Pulau Ubin's jetty. It costs only $24 for a round trip from the jetty to anywhere on the island!

6. Southern Ridges

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At around 10km long, the Southern Ridges Walk is one of the longest walking routes in Singapore and it comprises of Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, Henderson Waves, Kent Ridge Park and more! Although a long hike, the boardwalk makes for an easy trek and stroll. Plus, it stops by spots like Hort Park, where you can choose to hop off the trail and have a picnic, or head home easily.

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Great for a panoramic view of Singapore and perfect for Instagram-worthy shots, the Southern Ridges Walk is a must-hike for any family who wants a challenge!

7. Sungei Buloh

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Sungei Buloh is Singapore's first ASEAN Heritage Park and is an ecological haven for dozens of native wildlife. With interesting finds to excite even the teen and an easy boardwalk through mangroves, a hike with the family will be both refreshing and interesting. Keep your eyes peeled when you visit - you might spot anything from monitor lizards to mudskippers to otters!

P.S. Check out our guide to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve to find out more

8. Little Guilin

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Did you know that Singapore used to be scattered with quarries used for mining tonnes of granite? ? Most of these quarries are in Bukit Timah, Woodlands, and even Pulau Ubin. It's been years since granite was mined in Singapore, and many of these old quarries have become scenic spots. As for Little Guilin, the quarry was abandoned and filled with rainwater! 

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Also known as 'xiao gui lin' in Mandarin, Little Guilin's granite rock formations within a lake resemble the majestic limestone karst hills in the city of Guilin in China. Also close to the Bukit Batok Town Park, families can enjoy a nice, leisurely stroll through this family-friendly spot. The area around the quarry is a little hilly but you can easily cover the whole park in about 20-30 minutes! While walking along the stone pathways, you'll also come across remnants of granite. You can also lay out your mat and have a picnic here. ?

9. Coney Island

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Coney Island needs no introduction. This famous park's rustic setting makes it a good escape from city life. There are many trails on the island that you can cycle or hike along. There's a wide main road going through the island which is unpaved as well as many smaller trails and boardwalks.

If you don't mind the ruggedness, then trek on the unpaved roads which are slightly bumpy but fun at the same time! You could also check out the boardwalk among the mangrove habitats. From some of the trails, you'd be able to spot Pulau Ubin!

10. Rower's Bay Park

If you need to take things slow and go for a short walk instead, you have to check out Rower's Bay Park! Now a pit stop for cyclists along the Round Island Route (RIR), it boasts scenic views of the Lower Seletar Reservoir and the Yishun Dam. (It's also one of Singapore's most beautiful sunset spots!) Currently, you can make your way here by walking or cycling on the marked pavements around Seletar Aerospace Park, and veering off course to get to the park. And because the park's easy to get to and a relaxing walk, it's the perfect beginner spot to get your kids started on trekking! ?

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