Hi-Roller: Singapore's Largest Indoor Roller Rink That's Retro & Disco-Themed


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Feb 23, 2022

The March holidays are just around the corner, and if you're looking for an activity that'll not only bond the entire family but also get in some active time, HiRoller's the way to do it! HiRoller, the largest indoor roller skating rink in Singapore, is located at the top floor of Downtown East's E!Hub and will energise you with upbeat tunes as you roll around on a pair of skates with your loved ones ?

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Roller Skating In Singapore With Hi-Roller

Filled with disco lights and and roller skates of all sizes, HiRoller will be the highlight of your afternoon. Choose from inline skates or quadskates (roller skates) and zoom around their indoor rinks!

Credit: hirollersingapore on Instagram

The area is separated their space into two rinks, one for beginners and one for experts - that way, you can either jump around and perform tricks with ease, or stumble around and laugh with your family and friends? I mean, let's be honest, they can get hard to balance on! ?

Credit: nadnut on Instagram

If you're a beginner, HiRoller also recommends opting for roller-skates as they're more stable and easier for you to move around on! Advanced skaters may instead opt for in-line skates. Offering more support and maneuverability, they're meant for speed. Feel free to choose the skates that will fit you and your personality best!

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Credit: hirollersingapore on Instagram

Looking for a little more excitement? Take part in HiRoller's next theme night! On March 11 and 12 2022, come dressed to impress and skate around a rink to their most popular theme, 'Disco Takes Over'. If you're a millennial looking to step back in time, this might just be the way to do it.

​P.S. Even if you don't make it to theme nights, their regular sessions allow for song requests, so you can skate to your favourite songs! 

Credit: hirollersingapore on Instagram 

Enjoy skating around the rink for 2 whole hours on weekdays at only $12 SGD and $15 SGD on weekends! Do note that this is not inclusive of skate rental.

Alternatively, you can rent a pair of skates with HiRoller then hightail it to Pasir Ris Park for 6 hours worth of zipping along one of Singapore's most beautiful coastlines. At just $20 per rental, what could be a better way to bond as a family than with an exciting, new, and affordable activity? ?

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