9 Halal Tingkat Deliveries In Singapore For Your Iftar This Ramadan


Faruq Senin •  Apr 21, 2020

It's just a few days to go till Ramadan and if life has been slightly hectic for you, we can totally relate ? For those of you who are too busy to prepare your own meals or are just planning to take a backseat this year, you might be on the lookout for a halal tingkat delivery service in Singapore.

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With the COVID-19 situation and having to adjust to spending more time at home, Ramadan this year will be quite a different experience and it's only natural to feel overwhelmed. That's why we've rounded up these 9 halal tingkat delivery services in Singapore that'll settle your meals on a weekly basis or for the whole month of Ramadan. The good news is that all of these eateries are still accepting orders for Ramadan, so order away ?

Note: While most of these delivery services have a set menu for Ramadan, do note that some items on the menu might change due to COVID-19 circumstances. Do check with the social media pages of respective eateries for regular updates.

1. Cucina Restaurant & Catering

Credit: Cucina Restaurant & Catering

If you're looking for a tingkat service that's both yummy and nutritious, then Cucina's your answer! At Cucina, you're free to choose a specific cuisine each day ranging from Malay, Chinese, Western and Japanese dishes. So you can be having ayam lemak cili padi today, then grilled chicken in teriyaki sauce tomorrow, followed by beef lasagne the next day ? What's more, they don't use any MSG in their cooking and all their food is cooked with less salt and oil. All their deliveries during Ramadan also come with free dates!

Halal status: Halal-certified

Price: Daily (price for 1 meal daily) - $28 (2 pax), $38 (3 pax), $45 (4 pax), inclusive of delivery

To order:Website or Whatsapp 93804729

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2. Selera Kampung Cuisine

Credit: Selera Kampung Cuisine

Looking to break fast with scrumptious kampung cuisine? Then let Selera Kampung Cuisine take care of your iftar meals! Be enticed by well-loved Malay dishes like ayam masak merah (chicken in tomato sauce), asam pedas (fish in assam stew), beef rendang and more ? On two public holidays, Labour Day and Vesak Day, they have also planned Malay desserts in their meal. Plus, there are some special days where you can expect them to change up the menu with nasi briyani or nasi jagung (corn rice) instead of white rice! Check out this Facebook post for their menu.

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Price: Monthly (price for 1 meal daily for 5 days a week) - $500 (2 pax), $600 (3 pax), $700 (4 pax), inclusive of delivery

To order: Whatsapp 9886 9015

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3. Chefco.biz

Credit: Chefco.biz PTE LTD on Facebook

You might not be able to dine at a restaurant for iftar this year but thanks to Chefco.biz's weekly tingkat services, you'll feel like you're at a restaurant ? With meals prepared by the experienced Chef Noor Hisham, you'll be savouring a fusion of Malay, Western, Middle Eastern and Chinese cuisines. Look forward to unique dishes like moussaka (Greek eggplant meat dish), XO fried rice with Chinese sausage, salmon teriyaki with mentaiko aglio olio among other delectable delights! Not to mention that they prepare meals for both sahur and iftar. They are currently having a promotion of their special blend of katira drink which is going for just $2 per bottle with every package.

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Price: Weekly (price for 2 meals for 5 days a week) - $80 (per pax), inclusive of delivery

To order:Website

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4. Yassin Kampung Seafood

Credit: Yassin Kampung Seafood on Facebook

Yassin Kampung is known for specialising in seafood and other Malay-Chinese fusion dishes served in zi char (Chinese homecooked dishes) style. Now, you can get their delightful dishes delivered regularly to your doorstep too. The eatery has two options for tingkat delivery - 10-day and 20-day services - with options of 2-6 people. So, it's perfect whether you're a couple or living with family. Their menu is rotated based on their 4-week menu calendar so you can expect various signature dishes in their tingkat delivery. Look out for their hot favourites like butter milk salted egg yolk chicken, hotplate beancurd, 3-flavoured sliced fish and sichuan mala chicken!

Halal status: Halal-certified

Price (for dinner only): 10-day package; $171-$400 (based on number of pax), 20-day package; $324-$780 (based on number of pax)

To order:Website

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5. Rasa Rasa Catering

Credit: Rasa Rasa Catering on Facebook

Experienced in catering for big events, Rasa Rasa Catering has started their own tingkat delivery service too. What's great about Rasa Rasa is its flexibility. They have several tingkat plans that you can choose from, whether it's their 5/10/20-day plan which delivers from Mon-Fri or their 7/14/30-day plan which delivers every day. Their menu also changes weekly so you can expect a wide variety of dishes in your tingkat set from ayam panggang (grilled chicken) to Thai-style steamed fish, chilli crab fish fillet and more.

Halal status: Halal-certified

Price:Check out this Facebook post

To order: Call 65701065/65701067, Whatsapp 84681234 or Email [email protected]


6. Fuel Your Tummy

Enjoy homecooked dishes with Fuel Your Tummy's tingkat delivery. This Muslim-owned home-based caterer usually does catering services or live stations for events. Their menu for Ramadan tingkat delivery this year includes a mix of Malay, Chinese and Western dishes. With hearty dishes like breaded sweet and sour fish, ayam lemak cili padi and ayam goreng berempah (spiced fried chicken), consider your iftar meal settled. Instead of having white rice every day, they also change up their main carbs with Chinese-style fried rice, fried macaroni, aglio olio and even chicken rice balls! ?

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Price: Monthly (price for 1 meal daily for 5 days a week) - $450 (2 pax), $555 (3 pax), $660 (4 pax)

To order: Whatsapp 81346186, or send a direct message on Facebook and Instagram

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7. Sofnade

Credit: Sofnade

You've probably seen or tried their hugely popular meatballs in a bucket at Ramadan bazaars and other events! This year, Sofnade is offering its tingkat delivery services with halal Chinese dishes. Take your pick from their 10-day or 20-day package and enjoy 3 dishes with soup or 4 dishes, inclusive of rice and delivery. Eat to your heart's content during iftar with familiar favourites like chicken curry, mapo tofu, creamy butter chicken, wok-fried butter prawns and more. Not to mention that there are two Fridays that you can enjoy mala and yong tau fu ? If you're craving Malay food instead, Sofnade is also delivering nasi ambeng sets, from solo platters to a sharing platter for families. If you want a taste of their meatballs, churros and bubble tea, you can order them separately too!

Halal status: Halal-certified

Price: 10-day package; $170-$350 (2-5 pax), 20-day package; $290-$590 (2-5 pax), inclusive of delivery

To order: Whatsapp/Call 94356917, Check out their website

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8. Pak Dollah Delivery

Credit: Pak Dollah on Facebook

Known for their nasi ambeng, catering services and bento sets, Pak Dollah is no stranger to the local catering scene in Singapore. This Ramadan, if you're too tired to cook, why not let them deliver their warm Malay dishes to your doorstep? With offerings like nasi briyani, sambal prawns and Maghribi style chicken, you're guaranteed a fulfilling meal for iftar. Their carb options are pretty unique too, with variations like nasi mandi, nasi minyak zaiton (olive oil rice) and nasi tomato as alternatives to white rice.

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Price: Daily (price for 1 meal daily) - $23 (2 pax), $29 (3 pax), $35 (4 pax), $39 (5 pax), inclusive of delivery

To order: Whatsapp 90295849 or call 63966646

Website | Facebook | Instagram

9. Adam's Corner

Credit: Adam's Corner

Those of you who have been to Adam's Corner might know that it's popular for its halal bak kut teh (meat bone soup). This time, the eatery has tied up with Word Events Catering to bring you their halal tingkat delivery for Ramadan. Choose from either their 22-day (Mon-Fri) or 30-day package (Mon-Sun) and enjoy a range of Malay dishes like black pepper beef, ayam masak merah (chicken in tomato sauce), ikan belado, nasi ambeng and more. To cap off your tingkat meal, every day's delivery comes with dessert too ?

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Price: 22-day cycle; $420-$830 (2-4 pax), 30-day cycle; $570-$1140 (2-4 pax)

To order: Whatsapp or call 97429224/96858468


So, if you've been looking for a last-minute halal tingkat delivery service in Singapore this Ramadan, don't worry! Start placing your orders for these 9 halal tingkat deliveries and take a breather this Ramadan while you focus on your ibadah ?