15 Muslim-Friendly Snacks You Need To Bring Back From Singapore

14 Muslim-Friendly Snacks You Need To Bring Back From Singapore


Faruq Senin •  Feb 06, 2024

So you've visited Singapore's amazing attractions and tried its mish-mash of yummy cuisines. Now, what next? Buy home some snacks, of course! Singapore isn't called the food-haven for nothing! There's plenty of iconic goodies and snacks you can bring home and share with your loved ones. If you're wondering what are some halal or Muslim-friendly Singapore snacks you can bring home as souvenirs, this list is all you need.

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What souvenirs to bring home from Singapore?

1. Famous Amos cookies

Famous Amos


For an ideal souvenir to bring home from Singapore, Famous Amos cookies are the answer! Since 1975, these handcrafted delights have delighted both locals and tourists. With a heavenly aroma that's impossible to resist and MUIS halal certification, they represent the essence of Singapore's diverse culture. Each cookie is meticulously baked in the Fresh Bake Studios to ensure that unmistakable Famous Amos flavour. Be sure to try their signature products, the Original Chocolate Chip Cookies and Double Chocolate Chip Cookies — just try to resist the temptation of finishing them before you go home! For the upcoming festive season, bring home the limited edition cookies in joyful boxes for your loved ones. From Gingerbread Man Tin Box to Present Gift Set, Famous Amos has something for everyone on your gifting list!

Halal status: Halal-certified

Address: There are Famous Amos outlets islandwide. Locate a store here.

Get your Famous Amos cookies here!

2. IRVINS Salted Egg Fish Skin

IRVINS Salted Egg Fish Skin

Credit: Goodies_Snacks on Facebook

It's no surprise that IRVINS Salted Egg Fish Skin comes to mind when you think of snacks to bring back from Singapore. When the Singapore-owned company released various salted egg snacks a few years back, it started a “salted egg revolution”! Crunchy and coated with delicious salted egg powder, you'll love this even if you're not a fan of salted egg. Besides their salted egg fish skin which is the most popular, they also have a range of other salted egg products like potato chips, cassava chips and their recently released crunchy roll.

If you love spicy food, then get yourself the Hot Boom versions of their salted egg products and be prepared for an explosion of flavours in your mouth. The best part is, all their products are halal-certified!

P.S. There are other brands selling halal salted egg snacks too like Golden Duck and Tiny Red Dot. Do keep a lookout for them at supermarkets and convenience stores!

Halal status: Halal-certified

Average price: $8

Opening Hours/Address:Find out more about their outlets and opening hours here.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

3. Garrett Popcorn

Garrett Popcorn

Credit: @garrettpopcorn_singapore on Instagram

You might have seen (or smelled) Garrett Popcorn all around town. Hailing from Chicago and famous for their mouthwatering flavours of popcorn, Garrett prepares fresh batches of popcorn throughout the day, so you can snack on them while they are still hot and crispy. Some of their recommended flavours include the Chicago Mix (a blend of cheese and caramel popcorns), or their specialty nut flavours like the Macadamia or Almond Caramel Crisp. Be sure to look out for seasonal flavours like dark chocolate caramel crisp or matcha caramel crisp!

We did a check on the Muslim-friendly status of Garrett Popcorn a few months back and Garrett mentioned that they don't use any pork, lard or alcohol is used in any of its recipes. On their main website, it's also stated that all their signature recipes are vegetarian and do not contain meat, gelatin or egg. Check out our article to find out more about Garrett's Muslim-friendly status.

Halal status: No pork, lard, alcohol or gelatine used and none of Garrett's popcorns has meat in them. As Garrett is not halal-certified, we advise you to consume their products at your own discretion.

Average price: $10

Opening Hours/Address:Find out more about their outlets and opening hours here.

Facebook | Instagram

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4. TWG Tea

Another homegrown Singapore brand, TWG Tea has established cafes and stores worldwide, 12 of which are in Singapore. There is a TWG Tea outlet in every terminal at Changi Airport too.


Credit: @_kimjiyul on Instagram

Though their cafes are not halal-certified, you can buy a plethora of tea flavours, either in the form of tea bags or loose tea leaves. We recommend purchasing the tea taster collection, which contains a variety of their bestselling tea flavours such as English Breakfast Tea and Jasmine Queen Tea. ? Apart from the stores in the country’s airport, the remaining outlets are in the Central Business District, so finding one wouldn’t be a hassle. Just a heads up, ready some cash as their products are quite pricey!

Halal status: TWG Tea cafes are not halal-certified so we recommend purchasing their products at your own discretion.

Average price: $25

Opening Hours/Address:Find out more about their outlets and opening hours here.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

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5. Pandan Chiffon Cake

Pandan Chiffon Cake

Credit: @primadelisg on Instagram

Fragrant and fluffy, did you know that pandan chiffon cake has been named by CNN as Singapore and Malaysia's national cake? That certainly comes as no surprise as tourists often bring it home while Singaporeans themselves can enjoy it any time of the day! Two halal-certified shops that sell pandan chiffon cake are Prima Deli and Swee Heng Bakery. Prima Deli's version has a light pandan flavour while Swee Heng's has stronger notes of coconut but both are known for selling high-quality pandan chiffon cake.. Whether you eat it with tea/coffee or on its own, pandan chiffon cake definitely makes a great snack!

Prima Deli

Halal status: Halal-certified

Average price: from $6.90

Opening Hours/Address:Find out more about their outlets and opening hours here.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Swee Heng Bakery

Halal status: Halal-certified

Average price: from $3

Opening Hours/Address:Find out more about their outlets and opening hours here.

Website | Facebook

6. Affordable chocolates

Affordable chocolates

Credit: Al Izwan on Facebook

On our recent Traveller Thursday segment on Instagram, we asked our readers what they would normally buy when travelling to Singapore and many of you said cheap chocolates! One of the most popular chain shops in Singapore which sell really cheap chocolates is Valu$. You might have seen these shops in shopping malls and it's easy to spot them as there's always a sale. Prices can start from just $0.50 for Kit Kat or Mars and Snickers bars and you can find all sorts of other brands like Cadbury, Toblerone, Bounty, Rittersport and more.

Note: Most of these brands that we listed are halal-certified but we advise you to still check for the halal certification or ingredients list as the halal certification might depend on where the chocolates were manufactured. Do purchase at your own discretion.


Another place which many travellers love is Mustafa Centre! They have a whole section of chocolates and although the items here are a little pricier (but still reasonable) than those at Valu$, they might have limited edition chocolate flavours that you can't get back home. The best part is that Mustafa Centre is open 24 hours so you can shop here as and when you like. Check out our full guide on Mustafa here!

7. F.EAST Chips

F.EAST Chips

Credit: @feastchips on Instagram

You've probably tried local dishes like laksa or Hainanese chicken rice while you're in Singapore. Now, you can try potato chip versions of these dishes, thanks to local company F.EAST (which stands for Flavours of the East)! ? The Hainanese Chicken Rice flavour might not taste exactly like the real thing but you can definitely taste notes of ginger and sesame oil. Perhaps craving laksa instead? Their Singapore Laksa chips encapsulate the essence of laksa's rich coconut milk broth and dried shrimp pretty well.

Don't miss out on their newest flavour, Crispy Beef Rendang where you'll be able to taste the spices of rendang in your chips. ? Not only will these chips let you bring a piece of Singapore's hawker culture home with you, but they will also make unique gifts for your loved ones back home. You can get them at 7-11 convenience stores and major supermarkets!

Halal status: Halal-certified

Average price: $3

Website | Facebook

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8. 7Days Croissant

7Days Croissant

Perfect for breakfast or a quick snack, 7Days croissants are super soft with generous amounts of filling - from chocolate to caramel cream, strawberry jam and vanilla. They are sold for just around $1 in convenience stores and supermarkets across Singapore!

The ones sold in Singapore are manufactured in Malaysia and are halal-certified. While Malaysian travellers can most likely get it back home, it might be harder for Indonesian travellers to find them so make sure you stock up on these while you're here

Fun fact: Our Indonesian friends told us that 7Days croissant is the snack given to pilgrims during Hajj and Umrah.

Halal status: Halal-certified

Average price: $1

9. The 1872 Clipper Tea Co.

1872 Clipper Tea Co.

Credit: @kimchi.sg on Instagram

If TWG is not your cup of tea (pun intended), then perhaps you'd like to buy back some tea from The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. instead. Priding themselves on being Singapore's oldest tea producer, 1872 Clipper Tea gets their tea leaves from Sri Lanka and is known for their consistency and aromatic teas. If it's your first time and not sure what to get, try their selection of award-winning teas (from $22) like Earl Grey, Longan Paradise or Blissful Berries and choose if you want to have it in tea bags or tea leaves.

Like something fancy or unique to give your loved ones? Their collections would be perfect! Specially crafted by their tea masters, one of the most popular items is Sip of Singapore, which comprises of Orchid tea (fusion of Ceylon black and green tea, enriched with orchid petals and fruity flavours, offering a sweet and tropical experience) and Garden tea (blend of Ceylon tea and natural rose petals, perfect for a soothing evening with a touch of floral sweetness). Tea lovers would definitely not want to miss out on this! Their 3-in-1 and travel sets also make great souvenirs.

Halal status: 1872 Clipper Tea's factory in Sri Lanka is halal-certified.

Average price: $30

Opening Hours/Address:Find out more about their outlets and opening hours here.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

10. Gardenia Filled Buns

Gardenia Filled Buns

Credit: @happyhoneywaltz on Instagram

Ask any Singaporean and they'd tell you that they grew up with these cream rolls. The cream is filled in the middle of a roll of bread and perfect for any occasion. Besides usual flavours like chocolate and strawberry, Gardenia Singapore sells more unique flavours like banana chocolate, peanut butter & caramel and cranberry & vanilla among others.

Gardenia's custard-filled buns are also a Singaporean favourite. Whether you have the chocolate, vanilla or sweetcorn custard, they all come in generous portions! You can find Gardenia's buns all around Singapore from convenience stores to supermarkets.

Halal status: Halal-certified

Average price: $1-2

Website | Facebook |Instagram

11. Fluff Bakery

Fluff Bakery

Credit: Fluff Bakery on Facebook

Before your flight back home from Singapore, why not drop by the popular Fluff Bakery? You can munch on their yummy cupcakes on your flight or have for it a good one or two days when you're back home! ? With a rotating menu of desserts weekly, you almost never know what to expect when you visit this bakery at Jalan Pisang. Fluff's range of cupcakes and some sliced cakes are locally-inspired so you can expect flavours like Ondeh-Ondeh, Apam Balik Sweetcorn, and Triple Milo alongside familiar flavours such as Red Velvet. Make sure you check out their social media pages to check out what they have before heading down to their store!

Halal Status: Muslim-owned

Average price of cakes: $4

Opening hours: Tue-Sat; 12PM – 7.30PM, Sun; 11AM-5PM (closed on Mon)

Address: 4 Jalan Pisang Singapore 199071

Contact: 8251 1353

Website | Facebook | Instagram

12. Rich and Good Cake Shop

Rich and Good Cake Shop

Credit: @moitummy on Instagram

Known for their homemade old-school Swiss rolls, Rich and Good Cake Shop certainly lives up to its name. With their recently opened shop at Jewel Changi Airport, you can get buy them right before your flight home! Be sure to get their kaya roll which is one of their top sellers. Savour the sweet and rich taste of kaya rolled within the soft and fluffy pandan cake. Trust us, you'll keep coming back for more!

12. Rich and Good Cake Shop

Credit: @ivangram21 on Instagram

Another popular flavour is durian which pairs well with their light and smooth cream. If these local flavours don't entice you, they have more common flavours like mango, chocolate, green tea, red velvet and more. The cakes from Rich and Good Cake Shop will definitely delight your loved ones back home.

#HHWT Tip: Their cakes sell out fast so we advise you to come early!

Halal status: Rich and Good Cake Shop does not use any alcohol, pork, lard or gelatine in their cakes and according to the staff at the shop, their cakes are suitable for vegetarians. As they are not halal-certified, we advise you to visit at your own discretion.

Average price: $10

Kandahar St outlet

Opening hours: Mon; 10.30AM-5PM, Tue-Fri; 9AM-5PM, Sat; 9AM-3PM (closed on Sun)

Address: 24 Kandahar St, Singapore 198887

Contact: 6908 4089

Jewel Changi Airport outlet

Opening hours: Open daily; 10AM-10PM

Address: 78 Airport Boulevard #01-232 Jewel, Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore 819666

Contact: 6908 4089

Facebook | Instagram

13. Bacha Coffee

Coffee and tea time lovers will enjoy this. ?Bacha Coffee has pure Arabica coffee that is fragrant and aromatic! If you don't believe us, you need to try it for yourself! This Muslim-friendly establishment also sells delicious croissants to go with that cup of hot coffee. Make sure you bring home their breakfast set, it comes in a very cute and upright bag that you can conveniently pack away into your luggage or hand carry. 

Halal status: Muslim-friendly. Bacha Coffee doesn't use pork or lard in their pastries as according to their website.

ION Orchard

Opening hours: Mon-Fri & Sun; 9:30AM-10PM | Sat; 10AM-10PM

Address: 2 Orchard Turn #01-15/16 ION Orchard Mall

Contact: 6363 1910


Opening hours: Open daily; 11AM-8PM

Address: 391A Orchard Rd, Basement 1 Takashimaya Department Store, Singapore 238873

Contact:6767 1910

Facebook | Instagram

14. Old School Biscuits

Mention biscuits like Ice Gem, Ear Buscuit, Tapioca Chips or Potato Wheels and you'll have a Singaporean perk up at the mention. These biscuits and snacks have a place in a local's heart for its salty and nostalgic taste. Which is exactly why you need to bring these home when you find them! While there's no specific location to find these, you might come across them at the local supermarket or (if you're exploring the suburban areas) the neighbourhood.

With these halal and Muslim-friendly snacks to bring home, your experience in Singapore would definitely be more complete! Have we missed out on any local snacks or food souvenirs? Let us know in the comments section!