The Ultimate Shopping Guide To Singapore’s Iconic Mustafa Centre


Shasha Dania •  Dec 16, 2022

Move over Orchard Road, there's a brand new dream shopping destination in town! ? Mustafa Centre is one of the most beloved spots (and best-kept secret) in Singapore for bargain hunters - but how well do you know its busy floors and winding aisles? Just what can you get at this one-stop mega mall? Well no need to fear - we've got a guide that'll help you out! From finding brand-name beauty products at a bargain, to everything a traveller needs for a last-minute emergency fix, this is your ultimate guide to Mustafa Centre!

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Level 1: The Traveller's Toolkit

Once you enter Mustafa, you'll find yourself surrounded by desks manned by busy staff, and plenty of patrons lining the aisles to take a look at what's up for grabs. Whether you're dropping by because your phone cable snapped into 2, or your travel adaptor isn't working, you'll definitely find it all here. ?

You'll find plenty of electronics when you step into Mustafa (via exit 1 or 2), including racks of travel adaptors, earphones, USB cables, batteries, and even cameras! The prices are cheaper than those you might find at brand-name chains, but the quality isn't sacrificed at all. Our writer bought a portable phone charger last August before her trip, and it's still going strong!

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On the other side of this level (nearer exits 5 and 6) you'll find shampoo, soap, razors, healthcare products, deodorant, perfume, and medical supplements such as vitamin pills or ointments. If you've landed in Singapore and realized you've run out of shower essentials, this is where you can pick some up! The prices offered are lower than you might usually find in the middle of town, and are more similar to those in neighbourhood heartland shops while having a huge variety of brands. There's even baby formula here so parents if you need a hasty refill, this is where to look! ?

Basement 1: The Local Fashionista Paradise

Head down into basement 1 and you'll come face to face with rows and rows of colourful fabric as well as ready-made garments. Considering that Mustafa started out selling readymade garments, it's amazing to see how far it's come over the years to have such a huge space for apparel alone!

Credit: @cleodlc on Instagram

If you're the type of traveller who has an interest in local clothing, you're bound to love the shelves of sarees that take up one whole side of this end of the floor! Little India itself has dozens of other shops selling sarees and other Indian ethnic wear, but it's amazing to be surrounded by so much vibrant colour, intricate patterns, and glittery sequins in one place. There are also reams of uncut fabric, so if you see a pattern you like you can even buy some back and customize it on your own!

Credit: @azlan5pv on Instagram

Something else we can't get enough of would be shoes! From sneakers to stilettos to formal men's shoes, the shelves are stocked with lots of options for you to try out. Familiar brands like Converse and Adidas line the shelves here too - now there's no need to go all the way to an outlet mall. ? There are also plenty of shelves of shirts, blouses, jeans, and jackets for both men and women here. The baby's section can't be missed either! We all know that bringing a baby out means having to lug along at least 1 change of clothes, and a parent's worst nightmare is that that extra clothing isn't enough. Now you'll know where to run to for an affordable onesie or romper for your little one when you're out and about!

Credit: @riarahmayanti on Instagram

To complete your outfit, head over to the other side of the floor to pick up some jewellery, diamonds, and even gold! The sellers here are friendly and amiable, and will help you out if you have any questions.

Basement 2: Toys and Technology

Basement 2 is the perfect mix of toys for young kids and technological toys for adults who are still kids at heart ? One half of this floor is full of dolls, remote cars, miniature pedal cars, and xbox games! There are even rocking horses up for sale, and this floor was full of families when we visited.

If you're travelling, it can be hard to squeeze in exercise on top of trying out local delicacies and exploring popular sights. To balance it all out, pick up sports equipment such as weight equipment, sports shoes, and swimming gear to ensure you can still get that workout done!

#HHWT Tip: Travellers looking to squeeze in some quick exercises during their trip can pick up some lightweight resistance bands here! Portable and light, you'll be able to do a simple bodyweight workout whether you're in a hotel or flying to your next destination. ?

If kids are going to be excited to see half a floor dedicated to toys, then we're thinking parents will be the ones more excited to see what's on the other half. ? You can even buy phones, phone covers, and speakers here from brands such as Samsung and Sony. And if there's another reason why Mustafa is so popular with locals, it's because you can find larger appliances like stoves, LED TVs, or fridges here too! Household names such as Sanyo can be seen on the shelves, all at a lower cost than pieces in most department stores We're only half joking when we say that the appliances at Mustafa are worth the trip there alone - you could furnish an entire house with what's on this floor alone!

P.S. If you're in Singapore for work and your mouse or keyboard suddenly malfunctions - don't shell out a fortune just to get a replacement! Mustafa stocks mouses, keyboards, SD cards, hard disks, and even laptops too! No matter what your tech emergency is, Mustafa has definitely got you covered.

You'll also want to look out for their handheld fans which will be a saviour in the Singapore heat! ?

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Level 2: Fresh, Frozen, and Fantastic Produce

Credit: @yeonee01 on Instagram

Feeling peckish after that exploring? Then you'll want to go to Level 2 where you can find plenty of chocolates and snacks ready for you to nibble on! The chocolates (there are dedicated shelves for sugar-free treats!), snacks, and biscuits are all located next to each other and Mustafa has so many different brands stocked that it's hard to decide which one you want. The best part of it is that the prices here can rival those in local supermarkets - or even be a little cheaper sometimes! Whether you're stocking up on your favourite Cadbury bars or packets of instant Milo or hot chocolate, you'll be left satisfied when you leave.

If you're too hungry to wait, look for the ready-made food section consisting of a simple bakery. Here you'll find buns and freshly-cooked slices of pizza, all ready for you to snack on. Pick up some traditional Singapore biscuits and goodies too, like the 'iced gem' biscuits consisting of butter biscuits with a gem-shaped swirl of sugar on the top!

Credit: @ondysplace on Instagram

This floor was easily the most packed when we visited (on a Friday night no less ?) and it wasn't difficult to see why! Groceries of every kind were in stock, including many instant mixes for Indian cuisine, Indian snacks, and even produce such as basmati rice. It wasn't just Indian cuisine either, but everything from Honey to Fruits and Vegetables to Spices!

Level 3: Household Items You'll Want To Bring Home

At first glance, we thought level 3 wouldn't have much for a visitor to Singapore as it's mostly household items like plates, bowls, and cutlery. However, we were soon proved wrong!

Household essentials on this floor included Diapers and Sanitary Pads, both of which can be life-savers to travellers in a dire situation! What made things even better was the fact that so many items were on offer, cutting the already affordable price down to an even lower one.

Don't forget to pick up some vacuum-sealable bags, which will help with packing all those souvenirs you bought into your luggage. ?

Level 4: An Electic Mix of Everything

Credit: @anwong68 on Instagram

Entering level 4, we weren't sure what we would find as the floor description seemed to include a little bit of everything. So we were pleasantly surprised to find a fairly large area dedicated to stationery and writing materials - say hello cheap notebooks and pens!

There was a section right next to it selling books of all kinds - from popular children's series, to travel guides, to Islamic books! If you want to pick up some light reading, skip going to the large bookstores and head here for some affordable options instead.

Finally we found something that might be useful - padlocks! With so many kinds available, you'll definitely find the perfect fit for your luggage in no time.

Even after some exploration, we feel like we've only begun to scratch the surface of what Mustafa Centre is hiding in its winding counters and aisles. Regardless, we're sure to come back to pick up some bargains soon!

Mustafa Centre

Opening Hours: Open daily; 9:30AM-2AM

Address: 145 Syed Alwi Rd, Singapore 207704

Nearest MRT Station: Farrer Park