It’s that time of year again, the Mid-Autumn Festival is here. And apart from the light up and festivities, there’s one thing that we truly look forward to – mooncakes 😍 This year, Singapore is taking their mooncake game a level up with unique flavours like Milo Dinosaur and Thai Milk Tea.

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Prepare to whip out your wallets, because if you’re not already a mooncake lover, this article will change your mind!

1. Concorde Hotel Singapore

There’s no questioning that Concorde Hotel Singapore deserves the top spot in our list. Concorde’s mooncakes impressed right from the outside. The gorgeous macaron boxes topped with ornamental silver rabbit openers exuded nothing short of grandeur 😍

Credit: @wafflenessa on Instagram

We loved how aromatic and flavourful the mooncake fillings were. The flavours blend well together and are made naturally sweet! There’s a range of traditional and unique flavours to choose from but remember to hurry. Many of their new flavours (think Matcha Bamboo Charcoal Skin with Goji and Black Sesame) are already sold out 😢

Halal status: Halal-certified
Price: Pure Lotus Single Yolk ($68), Golden Jade Lotus Single Yolk ($68), White Lotus Double Yolk ($72). All mooncakes come in sets of 4.
How to order: Call 6734 0393 or 6733 8855 (ext. 8133)

2. Cafe Flame

Nothing beats homemade food, and we can say the same about mooncakes! Cafe Flame’s baked mooncakes are homemade and super affordable. From Plain Green Lotus to White Lotus with Salted Egg, their mooncake fillings are not too sweet yet are still able to reel us in.

Credit: Cafe Flame 

The best part is that you can choose to get sets of the same flavour, or mix and match your favourite flavours!

Halal status: Halal-certified
Price: Plain Green Lotus ($42), White Lotus with Melon Seeds ($50), White Lotus with Salted Egg ($52), Red Bean ($42), Mix & Match ($48). All mooncakes come in sets of 4.
How to order: Call 6288 6346 or 6288 0251

3. Polar Puffs & Cakes

Looking for mooncakes which you can buy off the shelves? Then Polar is one of the best place to go to, especially as it has many outlets around Singapore making it not just fast to purchase but also convenient. Pick from their intricately designed baked skin or snow skin mooncakes!

Credit: Polar Puffs & Cakes on Facebook

Durian lovers have to try Polar’s signature Durian Mini Snow Skin Mooncake 😋 Their new Yuzu Ganache Mini Snow Skin Mooncake is bound to tantalize your taste buds too!

Halal status: Halal-certified
Price: Classic Baked Mooncake Collection – box of 4 (from $42.80), Royal Snow Skin Mini Mooncakes – box of 6 ($31.80), Delightful Snow Skin Mini Mooncakes – box of 9 ($42.80)
How to order: Head to any of their outlets here

4. Prima Deli

For a healthier choice, head to Prima Deli and get your hands on their delectable mooncakes. Handcrafted with less sugar and freshly baked, these treats are not just yummy but also healthy yay 🤗 We love the beautiful colours and gorgeous packaging the mooncakes come in!

Credit: @primadelisg on Instagram

Prima Deli takes their mooncakes a notch higher as they mix two flavours in one! You cannot miss their Mini D24 Durian with chocolate snow skin mooncake. Baked mooncakes are available too, if you prefer.

Halal status: Halal-certified
Price: Regular baked mooncakes – 4 pieces ($52.80 to $57.80), Mini baked mooncakes – 3 flavours, 9 pieces ($53.80), Assorted mini snow skin mooncakes – 9 flavours, 9 pieces ($52.80), Individual mini snow skin mooncakes – 1 flavour, 9 pieces ($52.80)
How to order: Head to any of their outlets here

 5. Swensens

Here’s one for ice cream and mooncake lovers! Swensens’ signature ice cream now comes in a different form while retaining its awesome taste. Yess now you can savour your favourite Sticky Chewy Chocolate in the form of a mooncake 😍

Credit: Swensens 

But that’s not all! Their Sedap Chempedak mooncake is made of Chempedak ice cream and filled with yummy fresh fruit bits. Other flavours like Feel Good Passionfruit definitely deserve a mention as well.

Halal status: Halal-certified
Price: Box of 4 ($39.80), $10.90 per piece
How to order: Head to any of their outlets here

6. The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

To commemorate the Fullerton Building’s 90th anniversary and as a tribute to the Building’s history as Mile Zero of Singapore, the Mile-O mooncake was specially created! This Milo Dinosaur Snow Skin Mooncake is made of smooth milk lotus paste and crunchy pops of Milo. Sounds pretty heavenly, if you ask us 😌

Credit: @fullertonhotel on Instagram

The mooncakes come complete with elegant red or pastel blue boxes, decorated with ornamental jade and pull-out chest drawers for gifts. Talk about class!

Halal status: All Halal-certified except The Fullerton 15 Treasures Premium Gift Set
Price: Check out the prices here
How to order: Order here
7. Swee Heng Bakery

Speaking of pull-out drawers, Swee Heng Bakery’s mooncakes also come in something similar! A classy grey two-storey box with doors at the front to guard (if we could say that 😜) your baked and snow skin mooncakes serves as the perfect present for your loved ones.


Credit: Swee Heng Bakery on Facebook

Check out their sugar-free Mini Green Tea Adzuki Bean and Snowskin Yam mooncake! The colours of their mooncakes are designed to impress 😉

Halal status: Halal-certified
Price: Big Baked Skin Mooncake – mixed nuts and white lotus double yolk ($38/box of 4), $36 for other flavours.
How to order: Head to any of their outlets here

8. Heiraz Bakery

This bakery doesn’t only specialize in making heavenly sweet treats, but also in teaching people how to bake just as well! It’s Heiraz’s third year selling mooncakes and this shows just how much demand there is for their mooncakes.

Credit: @candylim9933 on Instagram

Their mooncakes are made with less sugar. It’s not just the taste which stands out here but also their unique flavours! Be sure to try their Solero Lime orange and THAI Milk Tea snow skin mooncakes that are guaranteed to blow you away 😎

Halal status: Muslim-owned
Price: Baked mooncakes ($65 per box of 4), $10 – $17 per piece. Snow skin mooncakes ($8 per piece).
How to order: Whatsapp 96380149, or head to their shop at 116WIS@Changi,#01-23

9. Cucina Restaurant & Catering

Known for their Italian cuisine, Cucina Restaurant also offers yummy mooncakes. And their wide range of flavours prove that they are a force to be reckoned with! For those who can’t get enough of fruits, their Dragon Fruit Mung Paste with Sunflower Seed will definitely delight you ☺️

Credit: @cucinarestaurantcatering on Instagram

But if you prefer something a tad heavier, Oreo Cheese will do the trick. Plus their affordable prices mean that you can treat yourself to even more mooncakes!

Halal status: Halal-certified
Price: Baked mooncakes ($28.60 to $45.60), Snow skin mooncake ($24 nett).
How to order: Whatsapp 93804729

10. APSN CFA Mystical Cafe for All

There’s a story to everything – people, places and even restaurants. But the story of this cafe will definitely win your heart over. ASPN Centre was established to provide a range of programmes (yes, baking included!) for adults with mild intellectual disabilities. So when you head to their cafe, you won’t only be filling your tummy but also supporting these adults in their pursuit to carve success for themselves 🤗

Credit: APSN CFA Mystical Cafe for All on Facebook

Their flavours might not be as extensive as other places, but you can be assured that the mooncakes are of amazing quality and taste. Take your pick from coffee sesame to matcha mooncakes!

Halal status: Halal-certified
Price: Box of 4 flavours ($59.90)
How to order: Call 6479 6252

11. Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes

Looking for something entirely different than what mooncakes are known to be? Delcie’s cane-sugarfree Spiral Flaky Skin Pandan Mooncake will surprise you! It’s their rendition of teochew-style baked spiral mooncake, but this is healthier and not deep-fried 😋

Credit: Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes on Facebook

To a more crispy and flaky mooncake, toast it in your oven before devouring this!

Halal status: Halal-certified
Price: Spiral Flaky Skin Mooncake ($58 for a box of 4). Traditional baked mooncakes ($98 for a box of 4).
How to order: Order here

12. Tip Top Curry Puff

Tip Top is known for its unique curry puff fillings, but it too has ventured into the mooncake market! Their mooncakes are probably the cheapest on the list so for those who have a tight budget yet don’t want to compromise on quality, these are perfect!

Try their Single Yolk Golden Jade sealed in a beautiful gold packaging!

Halal status: Halal-certified
Price: Baked Skin Mooncake ($34 – $36 for a box of 4). $8.50 to $9 per piece.
How to order: Head to any of their outlets here.

Tempted already? Head down to these places and satisfy your mooncake cravings now 😉 But be sure to hurry, as they are selling out fast!

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