This New Muslim-Owned Cafe In SG Serves Asian Classics With A Contemporary Twist


Qistina Bumidin •  Mar 07, 2022

Modern Asian cuisine has been the trend in recent years, where chefs offer a contemporary take on classic Asian recipes. Here in Singapore, we have no shortage of halal restaurants serving this cuisine with delicious offerings ranging from unique interpretations of nasi lemak and other local dishes. At Bakeology_SG, you can expect such culinary finesse right in the heart of Arab Street ?

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Bakeology_SG Serves Nasi Lemak With Tiger Prawns, Shaksouka With Wagyu Beef And More

Director/founder and chef Ms Asliza is known for her decadent bakes under her own business Baking Co.Sg. Now, she has expanded her venture into the food industry with Bakeology_SG, where she cooks up classic dishes she's grown up with a little unique twist of her own.Last month, the restaurant has its first opening at Arab Street with a unique yet familiar menu that's designed to elevate your tastebuds ?

The gastronomic menu is as rich as the modern colonial theme of the restaurant. In partnership with two interior design studios, Bakeology_SG adopts a colonial black and white theme, creating a sophisticated space for an elegant yet comfortable dining experience. Here's what you have to check out when you're heading to Bakeology_SG.

Credit: Bakeology_SG/Chef Asliza

Nasi Lemak is truly a childhood dish we've all grown up with and still love to indulge in every time! It's perfect for any time of the day, and here at Bakeology_SG, you'll be promised a taste of home with a modern touch. Chef Asliza's mother used to cook this decadent dish growing up, so you know you'll be getting the real deal ?

Credit: Bakeology_SG/Chef Asliza

If you're looking for something a less heavy, but still fills you up. You can't go wrong with Shakshouka. What's interesting about her version is the addition of wagyu minced beef chunks into the tomato mixture! Add it a variety of vegetables, poached eggs, and 9-grain loaf slices, and you'll be polishing your plate off clean, no doubt ?

Credit: Bakeology_SG/Chef Asliza

If you love her delicious bakes, you can also have them here at Bakeology_SG! Croissants itself are already so luxurious, but Chef Asliza turns it up a notch by making it a tantalising Croissant Pudding with Vanilla Sauce. It's so soft, your lips will be making yumm sounds endlessly! Drizzle it with as much vanilla sauce as you'd like, for extra sweetness. This will be definitely be a treat to sweet tooths out there. ?

Credit: @yazziemakan for Instagram

Credit: Bakeology_SG/Chef Asliza

There are other worthy mentions you should check out when you're there, such as the Tauhu Begedil which is stuffed with minced wagyu bits ?, refreshing mocktails and more! Make your dinner plans with your loved ones at Bakeology_SG soon! ?

Halal status: Muslim-owned

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