[NEW] Check Out This Halal Taiwanese-Style Fusion Nasi Lemak In Bugis


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Feb 21, 2022

Nasi Lemak needs no introduction to the Singaporean. But for the foodies who go above and beyond for a little adventure on the tip of their tongue, HUSK Nasi Lemak might just be your next conquest.

Taiwanese-Style Nasi Lemak In Singapore

Literally meaning ''fatty rice'', the commonly served Malay dish is made from rice cooked in coconut milk and panda leaves. Topped with roasted nuts, anchovies, cucumber, egg, and most importantly, the sambal (chilli paste), this fragrant dish is definitely one of the most well-loved local dishes.

Credit: husknasilemak on Instagram

HUSK Nasi Lemak however, has managed to take this all-time favourite into something uniquely theirs. The selling point of their dish lies in the chicken - a secret recipe of the chef's, who developed it for some time in Taiwan. Fried in batter, the crispness of the skin compliments the juicy meats perfectly.

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Credit: husknasilemak on Instagram

If you're looking to have a taste of this interesting take on Nasi Lemak's chicken, you can enjoy it by ordering their Signature Chicken Cutlet ($5.50)! Alternatively, enjoy the Crackling Chicken Wing ($2.20) as an extra side dish to your Nasi Lemak. Both are cooked to perfection with HUSK's secret batter?

According to HUSK Nasi Lemak, there are 3 rules to enjoying this delightful dish:

''Rule #1 - No cutlery! Use your hands?

Rule #2 - Best eaten fresh, upon delivery

Rule #3 - Should be eaten in secret hideout.. Our chicken wings have caused minor scuffles.''

Hungry already? I know I am!

Credit: husknasilemak on Instagram

If you're looking to enjoy a meal at their eatery, do remember that the standard Nasi Lemak is not the only thing to look forward to! HUSK Nasi Lemak also serves up a Fish & Chicks Set ($14.50) that's often overlooked is equally as exciting.

Made with Asam Pedas Tilapia Fillet, Fried Chicken Cutlet and Onsen Egg, their Fish & Chicks Set is a must-try.

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Credit: husknasilemak on Instagram

But of course, if you're looking to delight in the twist on our good-ol' classic, then you'll have to try the Chicken Wings Set ($8.20). ?

This exciting twist on Nasi Lemak definitely shouldn't be ignored or discounted - it makes for a wonderful meal, and an interesting story! Fusion Taiwanese-Malay Nasi Lemak... Who would have thought? ?

HUSK Nasi Lemak 

Halal Status: Pending halal-certification, all ingredients are halal-certified.