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15 Halal Korean Restaurants In SG For A K-razy Feast


Nuratiqah Madom  •  Oct 10, 2017


[UPDATED 28 May 2021] With the K-pop phenomenon taking over Singapore in recent years, thankfully, there's also been a rise in the number of halal Korean food spots in Singapore! It's no secret that the Korean pop culture craze is taking over the world and is here to stay! If you have always wanted to feast like your oppas and unnies, check out this list of 15 halal Korean restaurants in Singapore that are currently delivering islandwide or providing a pick-up service 😋 Opting for Japanese food instead? Check out our guide to halal Japanese food in Singapore!

 1. JW Korean Food Story

 Treat your loved ones to heartwarming army stew steamboat that's perfect for 2 to 3 people at JW Korean Food Story. With minced beef, sausages, and vegetables swimming in free-flow spicy army stew soup, you know where to order from on a rainy day. It'll be tough to turn down some delicious grilled goodness, and JW Korean Food Story serves homemade barbecue and grill consisting of beef and chicken steak. Chef Safwan's grilled menu also comes with local Malay sauce to give it a personal spin! For a bowl that's close to the flavours of the sea, there's seafood jjampong ramen deliciously decorated with prawns, clams, squid ring, and black fungus and opped with a sprinkle of chopped scallions. Halal status: Halal-certified Opening hours: Sun-Tue; 11AM-10PM Address: Kopitown, 10E Sixth Ave, Singapore 276474 Contact: +6590697564 Website | Facebook | Instagram

2. Hanok by Massizim

Credit: Hanok
Good news for those living near Jurong East - you can now get halal authentic Korean stews and soups at Westgate! Hanok is the halal spin-off of the South Korea Masizzim chain, which specializes in galbi-jjim (meat stews) and other traditional halal Korean food. Make sure to try their signature stews. The Beef Rib Stew is tender and juicy, with fatty slices of meat and a rich taste to the broth. 🤤 The Seafood and Beef Stew comes in a 2-person serving size - great for sharing with a friend! The seafood ingredients are generous, including an entire squid, large prawns, and mussels. They also have a variety of side dishes including Squid and Leek Pancakes, rice balls you can hand-roll on your own, and fluffy steamed egg! Halal status: Halal-certified Opening hours: Daily; 11AM - 9PM Address: #01-07 Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive, Singapore 608532 Contact: +65 69060965 Facebook |  Instagram 

3. Captain Kim Korean BBQ & Hotpot

Captain Kim focuses on bringing you the authentic Korean BBQ experience and the best element of that is the grill and an exhaust hood at each table, making it possible for your food to be cooked right before your very eyes 😋 Since the pandemic, their self-service buffet has been replaced with table service in line with safety measures. Just place your orders and the ingredients will be delivered to you, ready to cook! You’ll get to enjoy more than 60 varieties of quality meats that are marinated to perfection AND refreshing free-flow drinks. Now that’s a huge treat one shouldn’t really ignore! But that’s not all, Captain Kim also offers army stew so if you need a little refreshing pick-me-up, have a go at the hotpot! 😉 Halal status: Halal-certified Price: Check out their website Opening hours: Mon-Fri; 11.30AM-3.30PM, 5.30PM-10.30PM, Sat-Sun; 11.30AM-10.30PM Address: 300, Tampines Ave 5, #01-06 NTUC Income Tampines Junction, Singapore 529653 Contact: +65 62604247 Website | Facebook | Instagram P.S. Steamboat BBQ fans, here are 13 affordable halal steamboat and BBQ options in Singapore!

4. Hanok Kitchen

Credit: Hanok Kitchen on Facebook You might know Newton Food Centre for its seafood dishes but now you can find halal Korean food there too! Hanok Kitchen is a Muslim-owned hawker stall serving scrumptious Bulgogi Don as well as Budae Jjigae Army Stew, Bulgogi Army Stew, and Gimbap. The Army Stew even comes in portions for 2-3 people so it's perfect for sharing!  If you're looking for something lighter, opt for the Japchae or Soy Garlic Chicken Wings instead. Halal status: Muslim-owned Opening hours: Mon; 12.30PM-10.30PM, Tue-Fri; 12.30PM-11PM, Sat-Sun; 3PM-11PM Address: #01-80 Newton food Center, Singapore 229495 Contact: +6592470764 Facebook | Instagram

5. Seoul Sedap

Credit: Seoul Sedap on Facebook For those of you staying in the East, good news! There's a new halal Korean coffeeshop stall in Tampines called Seoul Sedap! The Chinese-Muslim owned stall serves halal Korean Army Stew, ramyeon, rice bowls, Korean fried chicken, tteokbokki and more. They serve Army Stews for 2-3 people ($24.90) and even Army Stew with Cheese ($29.90) especially if you're a fan of cheese. Don't miss out on Korean fried chicken in various flavours - Soy Garlic, Spicy, Original and Mix. Or savour yummy bibimbap, spicy seafood ($10.90) and bulgogi rice bowls ($5.90-$6.90)! Halal status: Muslim-owned Opening hours: Daily; 10AM-9PM Address: Blk 138 Tampines St 11, #01-148 Contact: Email [email protected] Facebook | Instagram

6. Gerill Bab

Gerill Bab is the first casual eatery serving up halal Korean grilled meat bowls (bulgogi bap) from a convenient takeaway kiosk. With various outlets in Tampines, Bugis and more, choose from mains like Gerill Chicken, Gerill Beef Patty, or even some extra-yummy Gerill Premium Beef or Gerill Garlic Butter Prawns. Only the Premium Beef and Garlic Butter Prawns cost more than $10 so you can get a hearty meal for a super affordable price! 🤤 Halal status: Halal-certified Outlets: AMK Hub, # B2-19 Bugis Junction, # B1-K04 Century Square, # B1-39 Canberra Plaza, # B1-K4,K5,K7 Contact: +65 87258390 Facebook | Instagram

7. Muk-Bang Korean Restaurant

Craving home-cooked Korean dishes? Muk-Bang is just the place you need to order from! Get their mouthwatering dishes delivered to you like Bibimbap, Saba fish and even Beef short-ribs (saeng galbisal)! Muk-Bang also has various sharing platters, including budae jjigae (army stew) and dakgalbi (stir-fried spicy chicken) 🤤 Halal status: Halal-certified Opening hours: Daily; 11AM-10PM Address: 750 Chai Chee Rd, Singapore 469000 Contact: +6566046328 Facebook | Instagram

8. Seoul Garden Hotpot

 If you don’t fancy sharing your food and prefer having your pots to yourself, try the Jjigae Sets at Seoul Garden Hotpot! Unlike the usual buffet fare Seoul Garden is known for, this establishment offers an ala-carte menu. You can have your own personal pot of Samgyetang (Ginseng Chicken Soup) and enjoy it with a bowl of hot rice. We suggest that you and your friends get different kinds of stew each so you can try the range of amazing stew that they serve!  If you’re not up for anything soupy on that day, then indulge in their delicious hotplates. You can't go wrong with tender, well-marinated meat served in sizzling hotplates 😋 Enjoy the main courses along with their delicious banchan (side dishes) - Korean pancake, japchae noodles, and more! Just don’t get carried away and let it end up being your main meal, it is a side dish for a reason 😜 Halal status: Halal-certified Opening hours and outlets: Check out their website Website | Facebook | Instagram

9. Jinjja Chicken

 Forget about the traditional Western fried chicken, burgers and fries, Jinjja serves up halal Korean fried chicken drenched in savoury sauces and fries that are deliciously paired with tteokbokki and spicy gochujang sauce. An avid fan of Korean variety shows? Jjampong (Spicy Stew) and Jjajangmyeon (Black Bean Sauce Noodles) will come as no surprise to you! Halal status: Halal-certified Opening hours and outlets: Check out their website Website | FacebookInstagram

10. HanSsik Korean Grill Barbecue Restaurant

Meat lovers and Korean barbecue fans alike can rejoice because HanSsik Korean Grill Barbecue Restaurant is where you can have your K-BBQ treat 😁 At HanSsik you'll be able to enjoy their 10 to 12 different types of signature marinated meats (including beef bulgogi, marinated chicken, and spicy octopus!), while also sampling their creamy cheese dip and hearty collagen hotpot 🤤 You'll also have access to free-flow banchan (side-dishes) and drinks! Halal status: Halal-certified Opening hours: Open daily; 11.30AM - 9.30PM Address: Heartland Mall 205 Hougang Street 21, Singapore 530205 Contact: +6562410602 Facebook | Instagram 

11. Egg Stop

 Thick toast places like Isaac Toast are all the rage in Korea, and lucky for us, there's a halal version of Korea's signature toast in Singapore! True to its name, all of Egg Stop’s sandwiches have Korean-style fluffy scrambled eggs in them 🤤 One of their highly recommended toasts is their Beef Teriyaki which has beef slices marinated in teriyaki sauce and their signature sauce plus an egg yolk. Just look at that runny yolk sitting so perfectly atop the beef slices 😋 We bet it’ll be messy but oh-so-good.  But if beef teriyaki is not your cup of tea, get their Turkey Bacon and Cheese ($5.50). With a generous portion of scrambled eggs, turkey bacon and cheddar cheese, this is definitely the comfort food of your dreams 😍 The best part is, their thick bread is buttered and toasted too. With their super affordable prices (starting from $4.60), there's no reason why you shouldn't head down to get your toast fix soon! Halal status: Muslim-owned Address: Vivo City #B2-K19: 1030 AM - 930 PM 115 Owen Rd, Singapore 218922 (for pre-orders only, 10AM-8PM) Facebook | Instagram

12. Seoul Garden

 Koreans love grilling meat and if you do too, then Seoul Garden is the place for you! Be spoilt for choice as your eyes feast upon the endless array of food in a buffet-style format. From their signature Korean marinated meats to premium seafood such as crayfish and scallops, you won't be leaving with an empty tummy 😉 Take your pick of meats and ingredients and bring them to the grill or add them to the hotpot with a soup-base of your choice. If you're not very keen on DIY-ing your BBQ don’t fret because there is also a range of cooked food just waiting to be devoured! Halal status: Halal-certified Prices, opening hours and outlets: Click here for a full list of all outlets Reservations via: Online Website | Facebook | Instagram

13. NeNe Chicken

Nene Chicken takes pride in their fried chicken, with a variety of sauces to choose from. With flavours like Swicy, Soy, Green Onion and Freaking Spicy (for spice enthusiasts), you can either choose to have a set meal or share a set together with your friends and family. Speaking of sharing, their 50cm Hotplate Chicken is worth mentioning! It stars their famous Korean stewed chicken, half of a fried chicken, curly fries and of course, CHEESE! This is only available at certain outlets though so please check beforehand. Halal status: Halal-certified Outlet details: Click here for a full list of all outlets Website | Facebook | Instagram


 If you’re constantly torn between Korean and Japanese food then this ought to do the trick! OMOOMO serves a variety of rice bowls with different types of toppings that will be sure to satisfy any type of craving. But if you’re still not satisfied with the menu, create your own rice bowl! First, choose your base, either rice, soba or udon. Next, select your garnish and your choice of meat. Top it off with your favourite sauce. It is entirely up to you to match it according to your Korean or Japanese preference. 😛 Halal status: Halal-certified Outlet details: Click here for a full list of outlets Website | Facebook | Instagram

15. 4Fingers Crispy Chicken

As if we haven’t talked about fried chicken enough, here is another alternative restaurant to enjoy flavourful fried chicken. 4Fingers' signature crispy chicken are lightly brushed with either Soy Garlic or Hot & Spicy sauce. Though the flavours are limited, they do have other rice boxes with chicken or seafood for you to choose from. If you want a healthier option, 4 Fingers serves a variety of salads too! A pretty straightforward menu but with such unique pangs of flavours that will make all 4 of your fingers curl in, you'll be leaving the place with a huge thumbs up! Halal status: Halal-certified Outlet details: Click here for a full list of outlets Website | Facebook | Instagram So, if you’ve been infected with the Korean fever as well, don’t bother going to the doctor 😝 Just head on down to these 15 Halal Korean restaurants in Singapore! Time to treat yourself 😌