NeNe Chicken SG Finally Has Solo & Sharing Portions For Their Cheese Pull Chicken Hotplate


Shasha Dania •  Dec 04, 2020

NeNe Chicken Singapore’s halal 50cm Hotplate Chicken has become a huge hit ever since it was introduced in 2017. If you’ve ever found yourself craving a bite of this cheesy wonder but don’t have the appetite to finish the full hotplate, then you’ll be glad to hear that the Cheese Pull Chicken Hotplate has arrived! ?

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Credit: NeNe Chicken

Coming in solo or sharing portions for up to 3pax, the Cheese Pull Chicken Hotplate is a perfect choice for treating yourself to a hearty meal or sharing it with your closest friends. Sink your teeth into NeNe Chicken’s signature crispy fried chicken coated with their mouth-watering secret recipe sauces, and keep the #NeNeCheesePull going strong with the gooey, stringy, stretchy cheese on the side! ?

NeNe Chicken uses only fresh chicken in their dishes and cooks it upon order so it arrives on your table piping hot and tasting its very best. Their secret batter-dip process ensures the oil doesn’t seep into the chicken during frying, so the meat is juicy and the batter stays crispy! ?

Credit: NeNe Chicken

If you don’t mind getting a little messy with your food, add on their unique sauces which sets them apart from other Korean-style fried chicken chains in Singapore. ? Their sauces are all authentic, and are flown in directly from Korea! The Double Freaking HotSauce is the most popular spicy sauce they have so if you’re up for a challenge make sure to ask for some on the side. On the milder side, the Swicy Sauce is popular with NeNe Chicken fans for its blend of sweet and spicy flavours. It’s a bit on the sweeter side but still adds a real kick to every bite!

P.S. The Double Freaking Hot Sauce used to be just the Freaking Hot Sauce, but was made even spicier due to popular demand. ? Spice-lovers, it’s definitely a must-try when you visit NeNe Chicken!

Credit: NeNe Chicken

Each Cheese Pull Chicken Hotplate set (solo or sharing) comes with drinks and starters, so it’s definitely a meal that will leave you feeling full by the time you take your last bite. Find out where the nearest NeNe Chicken outlet is to you, and tell your friends it’s time to plan a cheesy day out! ? Remember to call ahead and make reservations if you can - you won’t want to miss out on this special hotplate before it disappears!

If you’ve been dreaming of when you’ll next get to set foot in Seoul to enjoy mouth-watering Korean-style fried chicken, head over to NeNe Chicken to satisfy your cravings now. ?

Halal status: Halal-certified

Cheese Pull Chicken Hotplate Price:

Solo (Comes with 1 Large Drink and 1 Starter)

Crispy: $15.90

Coated: $16.90

Sharing (Comes with 3 Large Drinks and 3 Starters)

Crispy: $35.90

Coated: $37.90

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