5 Easy Halal Korean Rice Bowl Recipes That'll Fill You Up Perfectly


Ili •  Feb 22, 2021

Craving Korean flavours for your next meal? How about whipping up hearty Korean rice bowls! Simple, delicious and perfect for anytime of the day, use our list below when you're ready to throw a quick dish together that'll make your taste buds sing and your stomach happy ?

1. Bibimbap

Bibimbap - a true classic when it comes to Korean rice bowls. Nothing beats its simple yet incredibly delicious combination of ingredients. With just rice, mixed vegetables, egg and sometimes meat, you've got yourself a satisfying meal worth repeating over and over again. And the best part? There are endless variations, giving you the flexibility to play around with the ingredients. If you want to keep things simple and straightforward, check out our easy halal bibimbap recipe!

2. Hoe-deopbap

If you love sashimi, then it only makes sense to try hoedeopbap. Similar to bibimbap, simply toss in some fish and you've got yourself a Korean rice bowl sashimi. Yes, it's that simple! Adding raw fish brings a fresh, clean taste to the dish and instead of incorporating plain gochuajang with sesame oil, this particular rice bowl uses chogochujang, a sweet-sour gochujang sauce. To make the perfect bowl, refer to Maangchi's hoedeopbap recipe and My Korean Kitchen's chogochujang sauce recipe.

3. Bulgogi rice bowl with gochujang

There's no talking about Korean dishes without bulgogi and that includes rice bowls. Meat lovers will definitely appreciate this dish thanks to the thin, marinated slices of beef that add a whole world of flavours. One great thing about this dish is that you can use leftover bulgogi - in fact, you're encouraged, as it gives an even richer flavour to the rice bowl. Already drooling? Go right ahead and make it using Korean Bapsang's awesome recipe.

P.S. Instead of using rice wine and mirin to make the sauce, substitute them respectively with apple juice or a mixture of white grape juice and lemon juice.

4. Beoseot Bap

Fan of mushrooms? Then beoseot bap (Korean mushroom rice in stone pot) is the rice bowl for you! Featuring four types of mushrooms - enoki, shiitake or brown, oyster, and king oyster mushrooms - this dish is not only amazingly delicious but healthy too. It's vegan and gluten-free, making it the perfect meal for anyone looking to jump on a healthier lifestyle. Get yourself started with Kimchimari's easy Korean Four Mushroom Rice recipe!

5. Kongnamul Bap

Can't get enough of healthy Korean rice bowls? Once you've made beoseot bap, move onto kongnamul bap also known as soybean sprout rice. The highlight of the dish here, as you can guess, are soybean sprouts! Stick to the simple version that includes just rice and vegetables or turn it into a fuller meal by adding on side ingredients like kimchi and beef. My Korean Kitchen has a great kongnamul bap recipe - just make sure to substitute the rice wine with apple cider when making the meat seasoning.

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