NEW: Fu-Men, Halal Udon Eatery In SG, Reopens New Outlet In Pasir Ris


Qistina Bumidin •  Apr 25, 2022

Those who frequent Fu-Men's outlet at Hong Leong Building would be happy to know that they have opened a new outlet at Pasir Ris! One more place for you to head to when you're craving halal Japanese food! ?

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Halal Japanese Food Stall Fu-Men Opens New Outlet At Pasir Ris East CC

For the uninitiated, Fu-men specialises in Hakata udon, originating from the Hakata district in Fukuoka. The restaurant's founder is Chef Teppei Yamashita, who was born in Fukuoka too, so you can expect each bowl of udon to be as authentic as it gets! ? They previously had outlets at Pasir Ris West Plaza and Canberra Plaza, but it has since been closed.

By the way, Hakata udon is mostly only found in Japan which means it's rare that you find it in other parts of the world, much less in Singapore. And the fact that it's halal makes it all the better ? The broth for its udon takes over 45 minutes to make as it requires rigorous temperature control. Plus, it is preservative-free and filled with Japanese kelp, Japanese anchovies, saba, tuna, and sardine for a layered and savoury taste! ?

Credit: @firman_eats_and_draws for Instagram

Our top pick is Fu-Men's signature udon, the Gobo Ten! This Burdock Tempura Udon is native to Fukuoka and is made up of crunchy and sweet burdock (a type of root vegetable) coated in tempura batter, then fried to perfection. You can choose to have it with soup or dry. If you decide on the latter, you have the added option of choosing either hot or cold udon ?

Credit: @worththekhalories for Instagram

Prefer your classic options? Their Prawn Tempura Udon is definitely a must-try! From the thick, slurpy udon noodles, to the umami-rich broth, and golden-fried prawn sticks, it's simply comforting! Whether you're breaking fast here or you're exploring a new dinner spot, each bite is as delicious and nourishing as the next one ? They also have other popular udon favourites such as Beef Udon, Japanese Seaweed Soup Udon and more!

Credit: @firman_eats_and_draws for Instagram

Don't forget to try their donburi rice bowls too. The Stamina Don is a meat lover's dream and comes topped with beef tendon, sliced beef, and spicy minced chicken! ? If you prefer to have your meals delivered, Fu-Men now offers islandwide delivery via GrabFood, and Hungryyy too! So no matter how far you are, a delicious bowl from Fu-Men is waiting for you to dig in ?

They also have a variety of options such as Maze Dry Udon if soups aren't your thing to delicious side dishes such as Japanese Big Fishcake and Chicken Katsu if you're still feeling peckish! It's time for a Japanese foodie trip to the East at Fu-Men soon! Itadakimasu! ?

Halal status: The halal certification at the Hong Leong outlet is currently under processing. We were also informed that they will apply for halal certification in June for the new outlet at Pasir Ris East CC. Both outlets only use ingredients from halal-certified suppliers