5 Halal Japanese Food & Snacks In Malaysia That Make Us Miss Japan


Ili •  Aug 11, 2021

A trip to Japan is never complete without bringing home a couple of souvenirs. With plenty of awesome shopping spots, many travellers take the opportunity to fill their suitcases with unique Japanese snacks and desserts like mochi, Tokyo Banana and castella cakes. We might not be able to fly to Japan at the moment, but we certainly can treat ourselves to these Japanese food and sweet treats available in Malaysia ?

P.S. You can also drop by these 5 shopping spots in Malaysia that'll remind you of Japan!

Halal Japanese snacks in Malaysia

1. Royce' Chocolate

Credit: @roycemalaysia on Instagram

Royce' is a chocolate maker and confectioner based in Hokkaido, Japan. Anyone who's tasted these gems would tell you that they are super delicious and they really melt in your mouth. According to Royce's website FAQ section, their chocolates aren't officially halal-certified as some of their products contain liquor. But other than those products, the majority of their products are liquor-free and gelatine-free, made only using plant-based ingredients. Here's a full list of Royce' outlets in Malaysia.

P.S. We give the full breakdown on the halal status of Royce' Chocolate products. But if you don't feel like getting it just yet, try making them instead using this easy recipe!

2. Nissin Ramen

Nissin is the only Japanese food company that sells halal Japanese instant noodles in Malaysia. A majority of them are halal-certified by Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI). You can get most of these brands in any grocery stores such as Giant, Tesco and Jaya Grocer.

Note: Do note that some stores sell similar Nissin instant noodle flavours that are not halal-certified. We strongly recommend checking the halal certification logo before purchasing.

P.S. For more, check out our full list of 14 halal Japanese instant noodles in Malaysia!

3. Organic matcha powder

Recreate a traditional Japanese matcha experience at home with this halal-certified JAS organic matcha powder from JONETZ By Don Don Donki. There are other Japanese matcha brands (without a halal logo) available at the store, and we recommend checking the ingredients before purchasing them. Alternatively, you can also get your matcha fix from Niko Neko Matcha!

P.S. Is Niko Neko Matcha really worth the hype? Find out here!

4. Kit Kat Matcha Green Tea

Credit: @widyay on Instagram

Anyone who goes to Japan will come across a vast variety of Kit Kat in all sorts of flavours relevant to Japanese cuisine. And one of the most popular ones has to be the Matcha Kit Kat! This green tea-flavoured Kit Kat has become a super iconic souvenir to bring home. Nowadays you can get halal-certified green tea Kit Kat almost anywhere in Malaysia.

5. Japanese buckwheat noodles

Planning to make a hearty Japanese meal at home? Save your instant noodles for another day and opt for Japanese buckwheat noodles instead. Head to any supermarket near you and grab yourself several packets of these deliciously healthy noodles.

P.S. Hop into the kitchen and whip up these easy Japanese recipes.

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