NEW: Tokyo Banana's Latest Food Souvenir Is Muslim-Friendly


Shasha Dania •  Feb 27, 2020

[UPDATED 12 Mar 2020]

Japanese snacks are some of the best souvenirs you can get - and Tokyo Banana is probably the most famous snack to buy back from Japan! While the halal status of Tokyo Banana products have always been a concern for Muslim travellers, you'd be happy to know that the company producing the famous snacks will be selling a new Muslim-friendly food souvenir at JR Tokyo Station starting 15 Mar 2020 ?

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The next time you're at Tokyo Station, look out for the Almond Caramel Sand, an almond and caramel-flavoured biscuit made by Grapestone Co., the company which produces the Tokyo Banana products.

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The cookie has a crunchy almond-flavoured outer layer, and a sweet filling consisting of chopped nuts and a caramel-almond paste.

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This is the first 100% plant-based food souvenir of the Tokyo Banana series! Besides being vegan, vegetarian and Muslim-friendly, it's also suitable for those who have egg and dairy allergies.

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Price: From JPY1,296 (Box of 8 pcs)

Other Muslim-friendly products sold at JR Tokyo Station

Besides the Almond Caramel Sand, we're also super excited to hear that JR Tokyo Station will also be selling other Muslim-friendly snacks right in the station itself ?

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All of the 8 items being sold are from 3 different companies and they are rated vegan, with no meat or meat by-products, seafood, egg, dairy, or honey used. There is also no alcohol used in any of the products, and the sugar used is vegan-certified too! ?

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Credit: Halal Media Japan

The products are marked with the Plant Based Japan Quality mark (pictured) which is under the careful monitoring of JR Tokyo Station under the JR East group. Here are some products you can look forward to:

Tokyo Campanella Brown

Credit: Halal Media Japan

These langue de chat biscuits may be butter-free and milk-free but they're still packed full of sweet goodness!

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They have a chocolate filling that'll satisfy your sweet tooth, and the crunchiness of the biscuit makes it a light and convenient snack to bring around. ?

Price: From JPY1,200 (Box of 8 pcs)

Las Olas Series

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There are 6 types of biscuits under the Las Olas series, each with their own unique charm.

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The Matcha, Banana, and Cocoa flavours all use natural flavourings resulting in a rich and moist cookie you'll fall in love with. There are also the round Boule de Rouge and Boule de Neige cookies, which are dusted with sugar and have a sweeter taste in comparison. The white flavour is slightly nuttier, whereas the pink flavour has the taste of berries. Lastly, the crunchy Florentine combines nuts and fruits for a chewy and rich taste. ?

Price: From JPY1,080 (Box of 10 pcs)

With these snacks in store, we just can't wait to bring these back on our next Tokyo trip! If you're looking for more snacks to add to your shopping list, check out our article on 18 Muslim-friendly snacks to bring back from across Japan!

Halal Status: All products are vegan, and do not contain any alcohol. D0 note that the manufacturers of these products also produce other items that may not be Muslim-friendly. As we are currently unable to confirm if they are made in a separate factory from the manufacturers' other products, we recommend you dine at your own discretion.