5 Easy Halal Japanese Bread Recipes You Can Make At Home


Ili •  Feb 15, 2021

A while back, we dove into the world of Korean bread recipes which included yummy goodies like gyeran-bbang, mocha buns and Egg Drop sandwiches. Today, we'll be exploring Japanese bread recipes which are just as delicious! Get ready to whip out all your baking essentials as you take on these easy recipes at home ?

1. Melonpan

Deliciously sweet and buttery, melonpan is what we dream of eating when the bread craving kicks in. Its thin layer of cookie crisp dough gives a perfectly light crunch with a soft bite on the inside. Pair it with some tea or your favourite cup of coffee and you've got yourself a lovely teatime treat. With this easy halal melon pan recipe, you’re one step closer to enjoying a batch of Japanese sweet buns at home.

2. Anpan

Raise your hands if you love red bean-flavoured food! We definitely do, which is why we've included anpan - a classic Japanese pastry with a sweet red bean paste on the inside. As you tear the soft, fluffy bread in half, savour the red bean filling that leaves you with the perfect hint of sweetness. While you are more than welcome to make it from scratch (find the video recipe here), save time and buy ready-made ones from the store so you can jump directly into this easy anpan recipe by Just One Cookbook.

3. Hokkaido bread 

Hokkaido milk bread, also known as Japanese milk bread, is a wonderfully soft, milky and lightly sweet bread that originated in Japan. What sets it apart from Western-style bread is the fact that it's made using tangzhong, a flour and water or milk mixture that's cooked into a paste. Tangzhong gives the bread that soft airy texture it's so famous for. Try this halal Hokkaido milk bread recipe for yourself and make your own fluffy loaf!

4. Tamago sando

Once you've baked yourself a loaf of Hokkaid milk bread, go ahead and use it to whip up tamago sando! As one of the many snacks you'll find in Japanese convenience stores (or konbini), this egg sandwich is a super popular pick among locals and travellers alike. If you've ever wanted to try it, you can now recreate it right at home with this easy halal Japanese egg sandwich recipe.

5. Wanpaku sandwich

Wonder what else you can use your Hokkaido loaf for? A wanpaku sandwich! Riding the wave of trendy foods from back in 2016, this epic-looking Japanese sandwich is made up of multiple layers of colourful vegetables, various sauces and other delicious fillings in between, making it a true treat for the eyes and the mouth. Using our halal wanpaku sandwich recipe, prepare to snap a photo of your creation before diving into this wonderfully stacked sandwich.