7 Halal Eateries Open For The 2022 New Year Long Weekend


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Dec 31, 2021

2022's New Year long weekend is here! You know what that means: celebrations, sunsetscatching the 2022 heartland fireworks and spending time with your loved ones. ? And what could be a better way to usher in the new year than with a feast? If you're looking for a halal eatery for your New Year long weekend gathering, this is your guide. Here are 7 halal eateries that are open for your new year feast!

Halal Eateries Open For The 2022 New Year Long Weekend

1. Saporita

Priding themselves for adding to the already colourful Singaporean hawker heritage, Saporitabrings the authentic flavours of Italy to Singapore's shores for you to enjoy! With ingredients that are chosen and curated specially to bring out mouth-watering tastes to your palate, you're going to feel just like you're in Italy.

Credit:  Saporita  on Facebook

Saporita is home to delicious Italian cuisines like the Margherita Pizza, Steak Tagliata and make-your-own cheese wheel pastas! Choose from 3 cheese wheels to spice up your dish and give it a little dash of savoury goodness.

Hungry already? Head over to Esplanade to have a taste of Italy as you watch the 2022 heartland fireworks this long weekend!


Halal Status: Muslim-Owned


2. Donburi No Tatsujin

It's amazing how you can find plenty of options for halal Japanese food in Singapore these days. From scrumptious ramen to sushi and more, you can easily travel to Japan through your tummy while waiting for borders to reopen.

Credit: Donburi no Tatsujin on Facebook

If you're craving halal donburi in Singapore (Japanese rice bowl), there's a stall that you need to visit next - Donburi no Tatsujin! Recently halal-certified in October 2021, Donburi no Tatsujin serves a wide variety of halal mouthwatering Japanese rice bowls from wagyu to salmon, chicken katsu, unagi and more ?

The best part? This eatery will be open all weekend! Time to have your Japanese food cravings satisfied with your loved ones at Donburi no Tatsujin! ?

Donburi no Tatsujin

Halal status: Halal-certified


3. The White Label

Located next to Singapore’s Masjid Sultan in the heart of Kampong Gelam, The White Label is a Muslim-owned eatery known for their halal French-Malayan cuisine. With plenty of must-try signatures including smoked duck spaghetti and squid ink spaghetti, this is the perfect spot for you to try halal French dishes with a local twist!

Credit: The White Label 

Not only is it a popular place for fans of brunch, but the cafe also makes for an Instagram-worthy hangout spot! With white marble tables and beautiful light fixtures, The White Label is a dream for anyone who loves and appreciates a minimalist aesthetic.

What could be a better way than to spend your extra free time with mouth-watering brunch delights? Head over to The White Label's Instagram to reserve your spot!

The White Label 

Halal Status: Halal-Certified


4. Royal Palm Meat & Dine

The end-of-year brings forth some great promotions we can’t simply miss and this could be the best one yet! If you’re a fan of all things sweets, Royal Palm Meat & Dine's cake tiers (there’s 5!) would be a godsend for you. Indulge in their macarons, cheese cakes, red velvet cakes, brownies, assorted muffins, Danish pastries and more! Their pastries are made warm and fresh, while their cakes are as fluffy as they should be. It’s celebration time, so diets can wait for a while!

Credit: Royal Palm Meat & Dine for Facebook 

Their macarons aren’t too sweet (still enough for those with a sweet tooth) and have the perfect proportion of crunch and chewiness that beautifully crumbles as you bite down on them. These little French delights unfortunately aren’t freeflow, so take your time enjoying this.

Oh and to kick in your  Royal Palm Meat & Dine is extending their popular 1-for-1 freeflow Hi Tea promotions until 31st March next year. So make sure to check them out!

Royal Palm Meat & Dine

Halal status: Muslim-owned


5. The Ugly Duckling

You've heard of Ayam Penyet (smashed chicken) but have you heard of smashed duck? The Ugly Duckling has taken the Indonesian delight and made it their own with the Smashed Duck Burger! Made up of smashed/shredded duck, melted cheese, caramelised pineapples, lettuce and a deliciously buttered brioche bun, this wholesome burger will have you in duck haven.

What makes this dish all the more exciting is that it comes with unique Duck Fat Fries! At just $8, this burger is affordable AND all types of savoury. For the hungry foodie, you could also opt for a double patty at a total of $11.

Credit: The Ugly Duckling on Instagram 

This eatery also has all sorts of other duck delights, like their Loaded Duck Fat Cheese FriesRoasted Duck Pizza and more! Open till Sunday (2/1/2022) this long weekend, you can have your dose of all things duck with The Ugly Duckling this long weekend.

The Ugly Duckling 

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned


6. The Secret Garden By Zeekri

If you’re a fan of halal French food in Singapore, you’ve probably heard of The Secret Garden by Zeekri. Located nearby Masjid Sultan, this French Muslim-owned brasserie is the place to be for a taste of amazing French-inspired cuisines and mouthwatering pastries and veinnoiserie. Plus, its floral-themed decor makes it a great place to hangout with friends and family.

Credit: @thesecretgardenbyzeekri on Instagram

One of the must-try signature items at The Secret Garden is their French Onion Soup, a classic French dish that would be up anyone’s alley who appreciates a load of cheesy goodness. You could also treat yourself to the Prawn and Scallop Tagliatelle. Thanks to the flavours of tangy tomatoes and sweet seafoods, it tastes soft yet comes with an explosion of flavours.

Make sure to make your reservations with The Secret Garden By Zeekri ASAP as reservations for this weekend are running out fast! ?

The Secret Garden By Zeekri

Halal status: Muslim-owned


7. Saveur Thai

If you’re missing Thailand, why not reminisce over delicious authentic halal Thai food at Saveur Thai?  Established in 2014, Saveur Thai is helmed by a team of chefs from Thailand who take pride in creating authentic flavours of Thai cuisine. Made using only fresh ingredients with earthy herbs and fragrant spices imported directly from Thailand, you can look forward to dishes from both central and regional Thailand!

Credit: Saveur Thai 

They've got some of the best halal Thai dishes. Try the Deep-fried Seabass with Green Mango Salad. Fried to a golden crisp while tender and moist on the inside, you’ll want more with every bite.  Accompanied with refreshing and crunchy green mango salad, this is a dish bursting with flavour.

And if you're heading to Saveur Thai's NTP+ outlet, try Saveur Thai’s set meals for groups of 2 and 4!? Perfect for a year-end feast.

Saveur Thai

Halal status: Halal certified


The air is buzzing with excitement this New Year weekend. What could be a better way to complete your celebrations than with delicious halal food? Share this with your loved ones to plan your feast!