8 Stores To Get Your Baking Needs And Supplies For Raya

8 Stores To Get Your Baking Needs And Supplies For Raya


Qistina Bumidin •  Feb 07, 2024

If you think it’s still too early to think about Raya cookies, well, think again! With the higher possibility of celebrating Raya this year, you definitely have to start your preparations. But if this is your first time baking Raya cookies, or those baking tools of yours have yet to see the light of day for a while, we got you covered with 8 stores to get all your baking needs, from different types of equipment to halal ingredients, for you to choose from!

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Get Halal Ingredients And Bakeware For Raya At Any Of These 8 Stores

1. Phoon Huat / RedMan by Phoon Huat

The name needs no introduction. With a comprehensive selection of ingredients, it’s hard to leave the store with any ingredients left unticked on your shopping list. With 20 stores peppered throughout the island offering a wide range of halal-certified products, it’s easy to understand why this chain is popular for budding and seasoned bakers alike.

While Phoon Huat does not carry high-end supplies, RedMan by Phoon Huat covers basic ingredients at an affordable price! They also carry a range of in-house products, and also offer products categorised by different dietary needs beyond just halal on their website, which is perfect if you’re looking to bake healthier or allergy-free Raya cookies. They even have a special category online for Hari Raya, which has all the flours, chocolates, creams you need to be suited to your all-time favourite Raya cookies.

Phoon Huat

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RedMan by Phoon Huat

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2. Bake King

Another veteran in the industry, Bake King offers bakeware, tools and over 60% of halal in-house products and other ingredients for your perusal. One key feature though is that they provide baking classes and recipes for your favourite bakes. If you head over to the Blog tab on their page, you can find recipes for cakes, cookies and even heartier meals such as pasta perfect for any festive celebration, including Raya! So if you want to try your hands at the classic Nyonya Pineapple Tarts or Kueh Bangkit, or make a fresh batch of Chocolate Cornflake Cups for your kids, these easy-to-follow recipes will definitely come in handy.

Opening hours: Mon-Sat (8.30AM - 8.30PM) | Sun (8.30AM - 5.30PM)

Address: Block 10 Haig Road #01-363/365 Singapore 430010

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Credit: Sabarudin Hamzah for Facebook

This baking supply store in Tampines will definitely be a favourite place for aspiring bakers in the East. It’s Muslim-owned as well, which makes a fuss-free shopping experience.

They carry a range of products from both affordable and high-end brands, which is perfect for all types of bakers, be it for home-based businesses, or just for your annual Raya bakes.

Psst.. they're moving to a new location so get your supplies now before 26 Feb 2024!

Opening hours: Mon-Sun (10AM - 9PM)

Address: 2 Tampines Central 5, B1-12A Century Square, Singapore 529509

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4. N Supplies

N Supplies

Credit: N Supplies Sg for Facebook

Don’t worry, Northies, we got you covered with a Muslim-owned baking supply store at Yishun. Featuring a massive range of wholesale products, you can find everything you need from N Supplies: from whipping cream, rainbow sprinkles, Nutella in BULK, to even the luxurious Belgium Callebaut and Valrhona chocolate and packing supplies; the list goes on and on. They also highlight HBBs for you to purchase your cookies from as well! Here’s a little convincing: there’s no GST at all, so you’ll save more when you buy in bulk! Not only is this a truly timely factor for us Singaporeans, but that just means two of the greatest things when it comes to shopping: high quality at affordable prices!

Opening hours: Mon-Fri (10AM - 8PM) | Sat-Sun (10AM - 6PM)

Address: Yishun Street 71, #01-327 & 329 Block 717, Singapore 760717

Website | Facebook | Instagram

5. Bake With Yen

Bake With Yen is truly a baker’s dream place. If you have a home-based business, and you’re looking for all your baking needs, from ingredients to bakeware, look no further than Bake With Yen. They are a leading wholesale supplier of confectionery ingredients (all at competitive prices) in Singapore. So even if you’re looking for a specific ingredient like edible gold, you can definitely trust Bake With Yen to be your one-stop shop for your baking needs.

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6. Wheat

Looking for premium products, but you’re not up to burn a hole in your wallet? Wheat got you covered. Whether you’re a full-time baker, or only-for-Raya baker, you can find wholesale ingredients to even ingredient kits that might save you the time (and prevent kitchen hazards ?) when you’re baking Raya cookies! If you’re a big fan of Halwa Bakes’s customised cakes, you can even buy their pretty sprinkles at Wheat!

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Opening hours (Self pick-up): Mon-Fri (10AM - 12PM | 3PM - 5PM)

Address (Self pick-up): 24 Lim Teck Boo Rd, #01-03, Singapore 537003

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7. 5B Pte Ltd

Need newer baking tools after letting it dust away for the past two years? You can get all the kitchenware from 5B Pte Ltd! Their budget items are also purported to be cheaper than other popular supply shops too. Whether it’s for home or for your businesses, you’re sure to find any baking tool you’re after here. It’s a two-stories building jam-packed with equipment, so if you’re not sure how to navigate this maze, you can always ask any of the staff!

Opening hours: Mon-Sun (9AM - 7PM)

Address: 44/46 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427368

Website | Facebook | Instagram

8. ToTT

For those with dreams of becoming the next Julia Child or Martha Stewart, you can buy your fancy kitchenware at ToTT. They carry specific high-end brands such as Jamie Oliver, Nordic Ware, and Safico. Though products are on the pricier side, they are well-priced for their quality. Electronic items also come with a one-year warranty.

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Start your shopping soon to avoid the crowds of Ramadan! Have fun baking those Raya cookies (and feel free to share some with us, if you’d like)