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9 SG Muslim Home Bakers For Your Last-Minute Kuih Raya Orders


Shasha Dania •  Apr 13, 2020


[Updated 11 May 2020] We're more than halfway through Ramadan, which means it's also time to start preparing for Hari Raya! ? Also referred to Eid, this celebration at the end of Ramadan usually means mountains of delicious snacks and goodies to try out. Credit: Giphy Though Hari Raya this year will be celebrated very differently due to the COVID-19 related lockdown, we can still treat ourselves to delicious goodies - and support local Muslim businesses along the way! After a temporary ban on home-based businesses, Circuit Breaker measures will ease up from 12 May onwards meaning your favourite home bakers will be back in action! Singaporeans, get ready for 9 delicious home-based bakers to build your Eid dessert table with. ?
1. Batter Halves
Batter Halves is run by a stay-home dad, and their extensive menu looks amazing! Including cupcakes, cakebites, brownies, and pies these are desserts that are perfect for sharing with the family. ? There are still slots available for their Eid Promo so hurry and order your kuih and sweets now! Halal status: Muslim-owned Contact: Whatsapp +65 9179 8445 or DM on Instagram Instagram
2. The Tartsg
If you couldn't tell from the name alone, this home baker specializes in homemade tarts! Coming in 3 flavours - pineapple, Nutella, and ondeh ondeh - their tarts are the perfect snack for a post-Ramadan indulgence, or for gifting to your loved ones. ? They're still accepting orders and deliveries begin from 14 May 2020 - just in time for Raya! Halal status: Muslim-owned Contact: DM via Instagram Instagram
3. Tootsie Bakes
Excited to sink your teeth into honey cornflakes, ondeh ondeh tarts, and more? ? Tootsie has some classic goodies lined up for you, and even some not-so-common ones such as choc-flake meringues. Their orders will reopen from 12 May onwards so get ready to place your orders for some sweet treats! Halal status: Muslim-owned Contact: DM via Instagram Instagram
4. Basic Crumbs SG
If you love traditional handmade cookies, this is the baker to look out for! Using locally sourced ingredients, Basic Crumbs sells simple and classic cookies in flavours including matcha, macadamia nut, salted caramel, and chocolate chip. Be prepared for that yummy flavour when you bite down into their creations. ?Their deliveries resume from 14 May onwards and they currently have a Hari Raya promotion ongoing! P.S. 25% of their sales will go to the SGUnited Buka Puasa initiative and the Jamiyah Singapore non-profit! Halal status: Muslim-owned Contact: Whatsapp "Hey!" to +65 8450 1835 Instagram
5. The Brownie Man
This isn't your typical Raya dessert, but maybe that's a good fit for a not-so-typical Raya. ? Coming in 2 main flavours (Hazelnut truffle, and chocolate chips), the real draw of The Brownie Man is the gorgeous stacks of brownie towers he creates! Rich, gooey, and full of flavour, this may soon become your regular guilty pleasure. Orders are ongoing so contact them to arrange your delivery ASAP! Halal status: Muslim-owned Contact: DM via Instagram or Whatsapp +65 9766 3325 Instagram
6. Want Some Pies?
If you're looking for an alternative dessert this Raya, why not order a tart instead of a cake? Imagine sinking your teeth into rich fillings of smores, chocolate ganache salted caramel, or banana cream pie. ? They're still taking orders for Hari Raya so get your order in soon! Halal status: Muslim-owned Contact: DM via Instagram or Whatsapp +65 9337 9324 Instagram
7. Halwa Bakes
Customised cakes, brownie boxes and more await you here ? You won't just find ordinary brownies either but flavours such as Milo, Biscoff cookie, chocolate chunk and peanut butter too for a truly delectable dessert. Orders are currently ongoing and once the Circuit Breaker eases up on 12 May they'll be back in business! Halal status: Muslim-owned Contact: DM via Instagram Instagram
8. Qifee Bakery
Roll cakes are a classic Raya treat, so why not get a nutella, pandan gula melaka, or red velvet roll cake from Qifee Bakery? ? They even have cornflake meringues that will melt in your mouth - a unique take on everyone's favourite cornflake snack! Collection is available from 12 May onwards. Halal status: Muslim-owned Contact: DM via Instagram Instagram
9. Krisp!
Not enough time to make your own cornflake cookies? Why not order from Krisp instead! Krisp's signatures include crunchy and delicious cornflake cookies, suji almond cookies, and hershey's meringues. Their popular marble nutella cake has already sold out until after Raya, but you can still grab their other items now. ? Delivery will start after 12 May but do enquire with them directly for specific dates! Halal status: Muslim-owned Contact: DM via Instagram Instagram Hari Raya is an amazing time to celebrate with family, and while this year's arrangements will be different, you can still share the joy of enjoying these delicious desserts with your loved ones. ?