5 Halal Australian Food Products You Can Get Online In Malaysia


Ili •  Aug 09, 2021

Australia is an amazing destination filled with diverse landscapes, plenty of exciting activities and delicious natural produce. According to their latest four-phase plan to reopen borders to international visitors, it'll take a while before we get to travel Down Under again. So in the meantime, Malaysians can temporarily remedy the situation with this list of yummy halal Australian treats available online!

Best halal Australian snacks in Malaysia

P.S. Use our 6 essential tips to plan your future adventure in Australia.

1. Golden Boronia Nougat

Credit: Golden Boronia Nougat on Facebook

Perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth cravings, treat yourself to packets of Golden Boronia Nougat. It's recognized as Australia's number one nougat and is halal-certified by the Western Australia Halal Authority (WAHA). Made using natural ingredients, this yummy snack is 100% cholesterol-free so you can munch away without feeling too guilty.

Where to get: Beehive Chocolate Malaysia, Shopee, Lazada

2. Honey cakes

Credit: @fremantlemarkets on Instagram

There's simply no missing out Australia's famous honey cake from The Honeycake in Perth and Western Australia. This deliciously sweet delight is filled with layers of caramel and generously topped with fresh ground walnuts. Although they're not available online here in Malaysia, you can always look to Daler's Honey Cakes (spearheaded by Kuala Lumpur-based Uzbek actor Daler Yusuf) or Torte by Linda's Russian honey cakes instead. They may not be the ones from Australia's The Honeycake but one thing's for sure: They'll hit the spot nicely.

Where to get: Daler's Honey Cakes, Torte by Linda

3. Beechworth Honey

Credit: @beechworthhoney on Instagram

So you've gotten your fill of honeycakes, how about stocking your pantry with its most basic ingredient - honey! With various honey producers across Australia, many travelers return from their trip with pure honey, honeycomb and other honey products as souvenirs. One brand that's been in the honey business for a long time is Beechworth Honey, which has been around since the 1980s. Their range includes pure honey in various textures, and honey-based beauty products.

Note: They also sell non-alcoholic and alcoholic honey-based drinks, but their pure honey is suitable for consumption as it only contains honey.

Where to get: HappyFresh, Shopee

4. Pods chocolate

Credit: @cimotshop on Instagram

For chocolate lovers, what could be better than indulging in Pods chcocolate? These little morsels of chocolate are literally called "pods" for a reason and they are actually small waferpods with chocolate filling. Take your pick of Snickers, Mars or Twix chocolate filling and enjoy the combination of crunch and chocolatey goodness. What's even greater is that these chocolates are halal-certified from Halal Certification Authority Australia!

Where to get: Tesco, HapyFresh, Shopee

5. Vegemite

Credit: @vegemite on Instagram

If there's one thing to know about Australia, it's that Vegemite is a staple in most Australian households. The thick and dark brown spread is high in salt, and can be put in an assortment of foods – from bread to spaghetti and soup. Vegemite is certified halal by the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, and the yeast in the product is processed without any alcohol! There is also a Vegemite Cheesybite flavour made with cream cheese that has been halal-certified too.

Where to get: Shopee, Lazada

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