Here’s My Experience Staying In The Toy Story Hotel In Tokyo Disney Resort


Have Halal Will Travel •  Mar 08, 2023

This story about the Toy Story Hotel in Tokyo Disney Resort Bentong is written by one of our contributors, Nazra Sani (@narzsunny). Some parts of the article may have been edited for length and clarity.

For fans of Toy Story, you will definitely love staying in the popular Toy Story Hotel in Tokyo Disney Resort! Whether it’s for a family vacation or just to unwind with your partner, the Toy Story Hotel is perfect for any age group. As an avid fan of Toy Story myself, here’s my experience staying in the Toy Story Hotel!

Credit: Nazra Sani

The Toy Story Hotel is the latest addition to the Tokyo Disney Resort and it was something I have always looked forward to since I am a fan of Toy Story. The moment the hotel opened for booking, I immediately booked my stay, which was two months in advance!

P.S. Rooms run out fast so you should standby to book the moment it’s available for booking!

Credit: Nazra Sani

My partner and I booked the Bay View Room which cost slightly lesser than those facing the Toy Story characters at the quad. The Bay View Room included 2 single beds and 1 pull-out bed, which is perfect to fit 3 people (or in this case, my 15-month-old child). Since I booked it on a weekday, the cost was about SGD270 a night as compared to SGD300 a night for the weekend. I would say this is relatively cheap considering it’s a Disney Resort!

Credit: Nazra Sani

As the hotel is right opposite Bayside Station, it’s super convenient to get to Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea! Before entering the hotel premises, the staff at the entrance will check if you’re a guest for the day and once they’re done, you can enter the hotel.

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Credit: Nazra Sani

The check-in was relatively fast even though there was a queue. We were there an hour earlier than check-in time but were still able to get in! The exterior and interior of the hotel were fully plastered with Toy Story-related scenes and characters at every corner, so you will never be bored admiring them. You can spot the giant Toy Story characters within the premises, which is available for hotel guests only, and even the hotel carpet has footprints of Rex, Buzz, and Woody. It’s these little details that’ll make you go crazy!

Credit: Nazra Sani

Our room was relatively small (that’s no surprise for Japan) but it was well-equipped. The room is the exact replica of Andy's room, even down to the bed frame and the mickey mouse clock on the wall! You can find bedroom slippers with the word ‘Andy’ on the outsole and even Buzz Lightyear-themed pajamas, which are also available for purchase.

Credit: Nazra Sani

P.S. The hotel even has a luggage delivery service that you can use to send your luggage to your hotel room, to your next hotel in Tokyo, or even to any hotel in Tokyo Disney Resort!

Though there’s a cafe in the hotel, it’s not halal-certified so do remember to bring food from home like cup noodles or bread! However, you can find other halal restaurants in Tokyo and Muslim-friendly options in Tokyo Disneyland.

Credit: Nazra Sani

Before you leave, stop by the gift shop in the lobby that sells Toy Story-related gifts which may not be found in DisneySea or Disneyland! There’s also a convenience store in the lobby that sells Toy Story bath balls that has a secret toy in them.

With that, I think fans of Toy Story will undeniably enjoy their stay at the Toy Story Hotel in Tokyo Disney Resort!

Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel

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