Tokyo DisneySea Guide: 10 Essential (And Muslim-Friendly!) Tips For A Magical Time


Ili •  Nov 29, 2019

When it comes to theme parks, Japan does it like no other with Tokyo DisneySea. Being the one and only amusement park of its own kind with a nautical exploration theme, there’s no question as to why this attraction draws in visitors from all corners of the Earth. 

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While visiting both Disneyland and DisneySea is highly recommended (trust us, we’d do it), if you’re on a tight schedule and looking for a more unique experience, then Tokyo DisneySea is the way to go! With 7 specially themed ports for you to explore, make the most out of your experience using these tips we have for you ?

How to get to Tokyo DisneySea

Before we dive into the tips, here’s a brief guide on getting to Tokyo DisneySea. Alight at Maihama Station on the JR (Japan Railway) Keiyo Line/Musashino Line. Then, take a 10-minute train ride (a single ticket for adults, ages 12 and above costs ¥260 and for children ages 11 and under costs ¥130) on the Disney Resort Line to Tokyo DisneySea station. Walk for 1 minute to the main entrance of Tokyo DisneySea.

1. Book Your Tickets In Advance At A Discounted Price

Queuing is every traveller’s least favourite word. You can’t avoid queueing for rides at popular attractions like the Tokyo Disney parks and it gets even busier during peak travel seasons. But in this day and age, you don’t have to queue to purchase your entrance tickets for most attractions.

Skip the long lines and exhausting queues by booking your tickets in advance on Changi Recommends. Not only do you save on time and money but you also don’t have to worry about tickets running out!  

With pre-purchased tickets, all you have to do is pick up the tickets at Maihama Station anywhere between 8.30am to 12pm before visiting the park and then walk straight into Tokyo DisneySea without queueing up. 

If you prefer to be at the park gates before it opens, we recommend that you purchase your tickets directly at the park as the collection of tickets is only at 8.30am, which may coincide with the park opening hours.

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2. Check The Park Calendar

Planning your trip to DisneySea during the right time can make or break your visit. Similar toTokyo Disneyland, it is best to avoid Tokyo DisneySea during the weekends and public holidays. Also, the Golden Week (typically between end-April to mid-May) is another period where making a trip to the park isn’t the best idea. 

We have braved the crowds on Saturday once before and we only have one thing to say: we’re never doing it again. 

#HHWTTip: Consider checking the crowd forecast before deciding which day to visit the theme park!

3. Fuel Your Hunger At Red Lobster in Tokyo Disney Resort

Credit: Food Diversity

Having fun at DisneySea can take up a lot of energy and the best way for any Muslim traveller to fuel the hunger is to dine at Red Lobster in Tokyo Disney Resort which offers a Muslim-friendly menu! Situated at Ikspiari, a shopping mall located between Maihama station and the Disney Ambassador Hotel, diners can choose from their Muslim-friendly set menu. 

Muslim-friendly menu at Red Lobster, Tokyo Disney Resort: 

  • Beef bowl 
  • Butter chicken curry
  • Vegetable penne

P.S. Check out our article about the Muslim-friendly meal available at Red Lobster, Tokyo Disney Resort

If you choose to dine at Red Lobster, you’ll have to leave the park. In order to return again later on the same day, make sure to have your hand stamped when you exit. Upon your return, enter through the admission gates. Do note that a valid park ticket and a handstamp are required for re-entry.

Halal status: Muslim-friendly menu available. All ingredients in the Muslim-friendly menu are from halal-certified suppliers and althought it’s prepared in the same kitchen as non-halal meals, separate kitchenware is used to prepare the meals. Do note that dining utensils are the same as non-halal meals but you can request for disposable utensils.

While the park does not have any eateries serving halal meals at the moment, there are some eateries with seafood and vegetarian options. 

Disclaimer: Do note that the following eateries may serve pork and alcohol on their menu. We recommend that you dine at your own discretion.

  1. Ristorante Di Canaletto at Mediterranean Harbour: Pasta
  2. Cafe Portofino at Mediterranean Harbour: Seafood pasta
  3. Cape Cod Cook-Off at American Waterfront: Cod Fish burger set
  4. New York Deli at American Waterfront: Smoked salmon and shrimp bagel

Halal status: While these eateries serve seafood and vegetarian options, do note that cross-contamination may occur since it’s prepared in the same kitchen as non-halal meals. Dining utensils used are also the same as non-halal meals. We recommend that you dine at your own discretion.

4. Perform Your Prayers In DisneySea

Credit: Food Diversity 

Yes, that’s right! There is a room available where muslim visitors can conveniently perform their prayers. Located in the picnic area just outside the park, walk one minute from Park Entrance South where you’ll find a gift shop called ‘Parkway Gifts South’. Walk around to the back of the shop and look out for a room with the sign ‘Quiet Room’.

Since the ‘Quiet Room’ is located outside the park, don’t forget to receive a handstamp in order to return to the park again later on the same day.

Credit: Food Diversity

While you are required to bring your own praying mat and garment, the room is equipped with a separate ablution area for male and female. Do note the space is free for anyone to use as it is not dedicated exclusively to pray. So, feel free to ask the friendly staff for help should you need further assistance.

5. Get A FASTPASS To Beat The Queue

Disney parks are notorious for extremely long queues. If you don’t want to spend your entire day waiting in lines, the FASTPASS is your answer! It is a system that allows you to reduce the waiting time at certain attractions by giving you a specific time to enter the attraction. 

Head to the FASTPASS ticketing machines near the entrance of the attraction and scan your DisneySea ticket under the reader. Based on the timestamp, you’ll have to return to the attraction within the period stated on the FASTPASS ticket. 

The list of FASTPASS attractions at Tokyo DisneySea:

  • Toy Story Mania!
  • Soaring: Fantastic Flight
  • Tower of Terror
  • Nemo & Friends SeaRider
  • Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull
  • Raging Spirits
  • The Magic Lamp Theater
  • Mermaid Lagoon Theater (King Triton’s Concert)
  • 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
  • Journey To The Center Of The Earth

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the amount of rides with FASTPASS and confused by which ones you should prioritise, we’ve got you covered with our very own FASTPASS battle strategy:

  • Toy Story Mania! Is one of the most popular rides in Tokyo DisneySea, so make your way to this attraction first! After that, get into the standby queue for Journey to the Center of the Earth.
  • Following Journey to the Center of the Earth, head over to to join the standby queue for Indiana Jones® Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull.
  • From our experience, Journey to the Center of the Earth tends to break down earlier in the day. If it is down for maintenance, we suggest joining the standby queue for Tower of Terror after taking the Toy Story Mania! FASTPASS.
  • Your FASTPASS will state the time when you can take your next one, so do take note of it and get ready to grab your next FASTPASS then!
  • Using ChangiWifi (more on that in a bit!), visit theDisney's mobile website to check attraction waiting times and decide which FASTPASS ticket you should get next. 

  • Based on our past experiences, the FASTPASS tickets for Toy Story Mania!, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Raging Spirits, Indiana Jones® Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull and Tower of Terror run out the fastest so do try to get these as early as you can! 

If you want a shorter waiting time and don't mind taking rides alone, we suggest joining the Single Riders queue for Raging Spirits and Indiana Jones® Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull!

6. Get Your Wi-Fi Secured Before Arriving In Japan

While Wi-Fi is available at selected areas throughout the park, each session is only valid for 15 minutes. This can be a hassle since you’ll have to reconnect multiple times throughout the day which is really inconvenient especially when checking for attractions’ wait times. So, stay connected by getting ChangiWifi ahead of your arrival in Japan.  

Before taking off, swing by any one of the Changi Recommends booths conveniently located at the public areas of all three terminals within Singapore Changi Airport and get yourself their high-speed overseas router! With a secured connection, not only will you be able to snap all the Insta-worthy spots in the park, you’ll be able to get through long queues as well ?

#HHWTTip: Travelling by 30 Apr 2020? Use promo code 10OFFHALAL to enjoy unlimited data and seamless Wi-Fi. Do note that you have to book by 29 Feb 2020 with a minimum of 4 rental days in Japan.

7. Use The Lottery System To Special Shows

If you enjoy broadway shows, we highly recommend getting reserved seats for Big Band Beat!  You can either queue for the first show or enter the lottery to get reserved seat tickets for the other time slots. 

Using your park ticket to enter the lottery, head over to the lottery ticketing machine at Biglietteria and try your luck! Do note that you only have one attempt at the lottery. It’s okay if you don’t win any ticket, you can still camp out at various spots before the show starts.

8. Grab A Spot 30-45 Minutes Before Parades And Shows Begin

If you happen to spot people sitting randomly on the sidewalks, they’re definitely waiting for a parade or show to start! Join the early birds so that you’ll get a front row seat to these shows.

There are always three to five parades or shows going on in Tokyo DisneySea, with one seasonal daytime parade organised depending on the time of year. However, if you only have time for one show, we highly recommend Fantasmic!, a spell-binding nighttime performance that takes place on the waters of the Mediterranean Harbour. Be prepared for a dramatic show of lasers, lights, fire and huge water screens!

9. Avoid Visiting The Park On The Release Date Of Seasonal Merchandise

If there’s anything the locals love at theme parks, it’s the Disney merchandise, especially the more popular characters that are released during seasonal times like Christmas, Spring, Halloween and Tanabata Festival. Products that are available only within a limited time are guaranteed to attract a huge crowd, so it’s better to avoid visiting the park on launch days.

If you miss the seasonal lineup, you can still find daily exclusive items which gives you more reason to visit Tokyo DisneySea! Some of these unique products are the Duffy merchandise, Figaro’s Clothiers for ShellieMay t-shirt and mini wagons for Mickey headband and light-up items.

If you would like to get your hands on any of these one-of-a-kind merchandise, then make your way to either McDuck’s Department Store, Aunt Peg’s Village Store or Galleria Disney.

10. Try The Different Flavored Popcorn

Credit: sstrieu on Flickr

As if there aren’t enough reasons to love Tokyo DisneySea - you can find a variety of popcorn flavours here as well! Do check with the park for the ingredients used as the flavours may change from time to time. For safer options, go for the salt and honey flavoured popcorn. We recommend that you dine at your own discretion.

What makes these delicious treats even more tempting are the refillable ones that come in cool popcorn bucket designs, thanks to adorable characters like Duffy and ShellieMay!

#HHWTTip: If you plan on getting a few rounds of popcorn, we recommend getting the adorable popcorn buckets as refills are more valuable for money!

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Are you a Disney fan or planning a trip to Tokyo DisneySea soon? Let us know if our guide has helped you to conquer this theme park like a pro! Pass on the Disney love and share this with all your friends and family members ?

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