This Restaurant By Eighteen Chefs Has The Best, Affordable Steaks In Singapore


Rita Razali •  Oct 15, 2021

Fans of succulent steaks and juicy meats unite! Meathouse Tampines has everything you need to satisfy your steak cravings. Located at the topmost level of Century Square, its calm atmosphere will make you feel like you're sitting in for a fine dining meal... Only it's much more affordable ?  From Hanger Steaks to Tomahawk Steak, this restaurant might just have the best steaks in Singapore! Our Tribes by HHWT member, Rita Razali, reviews the eatery.

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Tampines Century Square's Meathouse

Meat me half way....??? No? well let's to go Meathouse instead! ?

If you're craving for a juicy burger, succulent ribs or juicy steak, you won't go wrong with Meathouse. Meathouse is a halal steakhouse by Eighteen Chefs. If you're familiar with Eighteen Chefs, then this shouldn't be a problem. You'd know you're in good hands.

Every time I eat at Meathouse I order some usuals. This includes their Cream of Mushroom (if it's on the menu that day!). Their Cream of Mushroom Soup has some bites of mushroom and is so creamy your palate will thank you!

P.S. Did you know Tampines' Tokyo Shokudo is now halal?

We decided to try their double patty lamb burger today. It was incredibly juicy and flavourful. The flavours of lamb were just balanced so beautifully with their fries. We could not get enough!

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We also ordered their Denver Ribs. Their ribs are coated with Asian BBQ sauce and then vacuum-sealed and immersed in warm water for 8 hours. What a way to seal in the flavours! ? With the amount of time taken to cook their ribs, it is no wonder that the Ribs were delicious and juicy.

If you decide to go to the Meathouse and have these Ribs, expect the meat to just slip off of the bones as you cut or bite into the ribs.. Yummy! ? We were definitely not disappointed. If only my pictures could show you how succulent food really is!

For non beef or lamb eaters, they also have chicken and fish menu items. We didn't try them, but they look good too. Maybe next time we'll try their steaks and maybe make some room for appetisers, or try their seafood options! It'll definitely be worth the trip back.

The Meathouse

Halal Status: Halal-Certified


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