5 Muslim-Friendly Destinations That Won’t Break The Bank For A Post-Ramadan Vacation


Farah Fazanna •  Apr 25, 2023

After a month of fasting and reflection during Ramadan, it's time to celebrate with a well-deserved vacation! ? These destinations are perfect for a post-Ramadan getaway, whether you're travelling with family and friends, or going solo. What's more, they are Muslim-friendly with plenty of halal eateries to choose from!

Kota Kinabalu offers outdoor activities like mountain climbing and snorkelling, while Chiang Mai is a peaceful escape with flower farms and night markets. Bangkok is a bustling city with ornate mosques and delicious halal street food. Bali is a tropical paradise with stunning beaches and a thriving Muslim community, and Busan is a coastal haven with beautiful beaches and a variety of halal seafood options. So, take some time to relax, rejuvenate and explore these incredible destinations! ?

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1. Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Kota Kinabalu is a city located in the Malaysian state of Sabah, on the island of Borneo. It's a haven for adventure seekers with its wide range of outdoor activities. Start your journey by climbing the majestic Mount Kinabalu, the tallest peak in Southeast Asia, and marvel at the stunning panoramic views. For those who prefer water activities, try white-water rafting or island hopping at the beautiful Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. Once you've worked up an appetite, indulge in Sabah's famous grilled seafood, served up fresh by the waterfront at the Kota Kinabalu Night Market. Want to spend more time in Kota Kinabalu? You can even take a day trip to Kundasang to visit the popular Desa Dairy Farm and Poring Hot Spring for a nature retreat away from the city. Our 4D3N KK-Kundasang itinerary will help you experience the best that Kota Kinabalu has to offer. Time to start planning!

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2. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Only a three-hour flight from Singapore with AirAsia, Chiang Mai is a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Visit beautiful flower farms such as Flower Love CNX or the popular I Love Flower Farm. Take a stroll through the vibrant Warorot Market, where you can find everything from delicious Muslim-friendly food and clothes to handmade crafts. Don't forget to pamper yourself with a traditional Thai massage to soothe your soul and relax your body ? Chiang Mai is the perfect getaway you need post-Ramadan, especially with its abundance of appetizing authentic northern Thai eateries! Can’t wait to visit? Check out this Ultimate Muslim-Friendly Guide To Exploring Chiang Mai For The First Time to start planning your trip!

3. Bangkok, Thailand

Credit: @sweethoney_lucky on Instagram

Bangkok, the vibrant capital city of Thailand, is a feast for the senses ? Visit the majestic Grand Palace and the breathtaking Wat Arun, also known as the Temple of Dawn. Take a tuk-tuk ride through the bustling streets and explore colourful markets, like the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market, the hip Jodd Fairs or the eclectic Chang Chui Plane Market where there’s a real plane right smack in the middle of the market! Foodies will love the street food scene, with plenty of halal options to choose from. Don't miss the opportunity to try mouth-watering dishes like pad thai, som tum (papaya salad), and mango sticky rice! Plan your trip with this Bangkok In 4D3N: Explore The City Like A Local With This Muslim-Friendly Itinerary. You can experience all these and more with AirAsia ?

4. Bali, Indonesia

Credit: Sébastien vantroyen on Unsplash

Bali a.k.a the Island of the Gods is a tropical paradise with stunning beaches, lush rice terraces, and vibrant culture. Take a surfing lesson in Kuta or Uluwatu, or explore the mystical Ubud Monkey Forest. Visit the iconic Tanah Lot temple, perched on a rock in the middle of the ocean, and witness a breathtaking sunset. Indulge in traditional Balinese cuisine, which includes dishes like nasi goreng (fried rice), sate (grilled meat skewers), and bubur injin (a sweet dessert made from black glutinous rice that's cooked with coconut milk and palm sugar) ?

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5. Busan, South Korea

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Located on the southern coast of South Korea, Busan is perfect to escape from city life. It’s also less expensive than Seoul! ? Visit the stunning Haeundae Beach and take a walk along the boardwalk to soak up the sun and sea breeze. Explore the colourful Gamcheon Culture Village, a maze of narrow alleys and vibrant houses. Foodies will love the spicy and savoury seafood dishes, like the famous raw fish dish called hoe-deop-bap. Don't miss the chance to visit the bustling Jagalchi Market, the largest fish market in Korea! ? Check out these 18 Muslim-Friendly Restaurants In Busan (Near Main Attractions!) and this 7D6N Muslim-Friendly Busan And Jeju Itinerary to start planning your trip! The best way to get to Busan is to fly with AirAsia, where you can enjoy great savings and a comfortable journey!

All of these destinations offer a wide range of activities and experiences, perfect for travellers of all ages and interests. And what's more, they are all Muslim-friendly with plenty of halal eateries to choose from. So, whether you're travelling with family, friends, or on your own, these destinations are sure to leave a lasting impression!

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