Bangkok In 4D3N: Explore The City Like A Local With This Muslim-Friendly Itinerary


Faruq Senin •  Jun 12, 2023

Shopping and yummy Thai food are probably the first two things that pop up when you mention Bangkok. But this vibrant and bustling city has so much more to offer! On our recent trip, Luqman and I decided to explore beyond the usual spots and uncover a slightly different side of Bangkok. If you’ve been itching for a short getaway but not sure just where to start, our 4D3N itinerary is just the thing for you. But if it’s your first time, don’t worry we’ve got you covered as well!

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Day 1

Arriving in Bangkok

  • For the uninitiated, Bangkok has 2 international airports. I arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport while Luqman arrived at Don Mueang. We both had early morning flights from Singapore and KL and reached Bangkok around 8am.
  • #HHWT Tip: Book morning flights so you can start your day early too. And chances are, there won’t be any long queues at immigration so that’s a plus point!

Pick up your 4G WiFi device

  • Once you arrive in Bangkok, the first thing that you’d want to do is stay connected!
  • #HHWT Tip: Get a 4G WiFi device on Klook for just SGD7.55 per day and the best part is, it has unlimited data and can accommodate up to 10 devices.

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  • The battery life for the pocket WiFi is really good (8-10 hours) and it even comes with a power bank. You can also pick up the devices at 24-hour counters in both airports.

Getting from Suvarnabhumi Airport to the city (30-45 min)

  • If you’re touching down at Suvarnabhumi, take the Airport Rail Link (ARL), which is a hassle-free way of getting to the city.

  • #HHWT Tip:Book your one-way ARL ticket in advance on Klook as it’s cheaper than getting it at the counter. Alternatively, you can also get a Smart Pass (with stored value of 170 THB).
  • Trains can get really crowded at times but there’s a designated space for you to put your luggage.

P.S. Booked your ticket on Klook but not sure where to collect it? Go all the way down to the B floor where the ARL station is and walk past the station to the left and you’ll see the Klook counter.

Getting from Don Mueang Airport to the city (45min – 1h)

  • The most convenient way to get from Don Mueang to the city is by taxi or private transfer.
  • Luqman booked a private transfer through Klook and the experience was a breeze. By the time he got out of immigration, the driver was already there waiting for him.
  • It’s fuss-free and you don’t have to queue or wait for a taxi once you arrive!

  • The private transfer is also perfect for big groups (up to 10 people) as it’s not easy getting a taxi for large groups of travellers.

Travelling around Bangkok with public transport

  • The best way to explore Bangkok is via public transport and there are 2 main train systems that you need to know – the BTS Skytrain and MRT.
  • For our stay in Bangkok, we decided to get the BTS Rabbit Card from Klook as it serves most of the main shopping areas like Pratunam, Siam and Sukhumvit.

  • What’s great about this card is that there’s a stored value of 200 THB so we didn’t have to go through the hassle of queuing up at the station to buy one-way tickets, especially during peak hours!
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Savour Muslim-friendly local desserts along Charoenkrung Road (30 min)

  • First stop - Bang Rak - one of the Muslim areas in Bangkok!
  • Head over to Sor Boonprakob at Charoenkrung Soi 44 for their highly raved Mango Sticky Rice. If you ask the locals, they’d tell you that this 80-year-old stall is one of the best places in Bangkok to get this delightful treat.

  • The sticky rice is creamy with a perfect balance of sweet and salty. Plus, the mangoes they use are really sweet too so it went really well with the sticky rice!
  • #HHWT Tip: As it’s always sold out by around 12pm, you have to head here early!

Lunch At Chong Ko

  • While you’re in Bang Rak, you have to visit Chong Ko which specialises in affordable halal Thai cuisine!
  • If you're new, you should opt for their Beef Noodles or Sweet and Sour Chicken with Rice. You also can't miss out on the Tom Yum soup when you're there.

Halal status: Halal-certified

Price: 100 to 300 Baht

Visit Haroon Mosque (45 min)

  • A visit to Bang Rak wouldn’t be complete without heading to the iconic Haroon Mosque which has served the Muslim community there for over 170 years!
  • The mosque traces its roots to Indonesian-Arab migrants who came to Thailand in the 1830s. It’s really fascinating to see how Islam found its place in Thailand.

  • Fun fact: Haroon Mosque is one of the first few mosques in Bangkok which started having sermons in both English and Thai.

  • In the main prayer hall, there are remnants of the mosque’s old wooden structure which has Arabic calligraphy carved on them.
  • Directions: Walk along Charoenkrung Road until you find Charoenkrung Soi 36 and enter the street. Just keep walking until you see an entrance that says “Haroon Mosque”. You’ll also see the French embassy opposite the mosque area.

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Walk through street stalls outside Haroon Mosque (30min)

  • If you’re feeling peckish after your visit to the mosque, head over to the street outside where there are several vendors selling local food – from pad thai to rotee and kway teow beef noodles.

  • #HHWT Tip: We suggest heading to the food street before 2.30pm as they close early!

  • We managed to get a favourite local snack rotee at one of the stalls called Rotini. We had the Banana with Egg and Chocolate rotee and it was so delicious!

Explore street art at Charoenkrung Soi 30 and 32 (45 min)

  • Check out Bangkok’s vibrant street art just a stone’s throwaway from the mosque at Soi 30 and 32.

  • One of the works to look out for is this trademark “creature” by Alexface, a well-known graffiti artist in Thailand. He also has works in Singapore and Penang!

  • The other striking artwork is the carved wall art by Portuguese artist Vhils which shows the faces of the people living in the area. As most street arts are done in paint, this unique masterpiece really intrigued us!

Shop for vintage clothing and unique souvenirs at Warehouse 30 (1 hour)

  • Warehouse 30 is one of Bangkok’s newest hangout and shopping spot. If you’re up for some place different from your usual shopping spots, why not give this place a try?

  • If you’re wondering what’s this “warehouse”, it’s actually a row of pre-WW2 buildings which have been refurbished into shopping, art spaces, galleries, and cafes. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Spend a chill evening at Knack Market (1.5 hours)

  • If you’re not one to battle with the crowds (or heat!) at the famous Chatuchak Market on a weekend, why not head over to Knack Market instead?

Credit: @eggcellenttart on Instagram

  • This market sells fashion accessories and items designed by local artists so it’ll be pretty interesting to check out the local crafts scene.

  • You also get to enjoy live music at the market, making it the best place to chill on a lazy Saturday or Sunday. Do note that it’s only opened on the last weekend of every month, so plan your trip wisely!

  • Here’s the exciting part - to get to the Knack Market, you have to cross Bangkok’s famous river Chao Phraya as the market’s located in the Khlong San area of Bangkok.
  • It’s a great opportunity to get a feel of the locals’ daily commute. And the best part is, it only costs 4.50 THB to take the ferry!

Have a scrumptious dinner at Samat Muslim Food (1.5 hours)

  • If you’re staying in Pratunam or shopping around the area, there’s one restaurant you have to visit – Samat Muslim Food. They just turned 1 this year! Located just 3 minutes away from the ARL Ratchaprarop station, it’s hard to miss this place.

  • A Thai meal wouldn’t be complete without tom yum and the one at Samat was refreshing. Although it was light, it had all the elements of a good tom yum – sour, spicy and tangy.
  • We also had the papaya salad which was crunchy, spicy, and full of flavour.,

  • If you’re lucky, you might just bump into the friendly owner, Mr Samat himself. He told us that his parents actually came from Pattani in Southern Thailand but he now stays with his family in Bangkok.
  • P.S. Look out for our HHWT sticker!

Check in to your accommodation

  • Bangkok is a huge city and where you choose to stay is important. For starters, we’d recommend staying at these areas: Pratunam, Siam, Silom and Sukhumvit. They’re highly accessible by public transport and have plenty of shopping and eating places.

  • Looking for a budget hotel which is comfortable with a rustic and hipster interior? We recommend Metro Pratunam Boutique Hotel. We stayed in their Twin Room (with shared bathroom) for around 644 THB per night.
  • Plus, there are bigger rooms for families or big groups. The location is really convenient as well - near the shopping district of Pratunam!

Day 2

Head out to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market (7h 30 min)

  • Start your morning by heading out of the city to one of Thailand’s most famous floating markets – Damnoen Saduak. It takes around 1.5 – 2 hours to get there.
  • We recommend booking a tour through Klook as it comes with transport and an English-speaking guide. Plus, it’s cheaper than most tours you’ll find if you book it through a local agent!

  • During the tour, you’ll spend 1 hour on a long tail boat, bringing you through the network of canals before finally joining other boats at the main market.
  • The sights and sounds that you get here are unparalleled. You’ll hear vendors chatting and shouting across boats, which makes your experience even richer.
  • #HHWT Tip: If you’re getting souvenirs, do remember to bargain as much as possible as many of the starting prices are hiked up.

  • Fun fact: Our guide told us that around 500 boats pass through the canals at Damnoen Saduak every day!
  • #HHWT Tip: Set aside ample time for this tour as it takes more than 7 hours (inclusive of lunch).

  • #HHWT Tip: Want to pay less for the tour? Use promo code ‘TRAVELHHWT’ to get SGD 5 or ‘TRAVELHHWTMY’ for MYR 15 off your first purchase. Indonesian travellers, you can use ‘TRAVELHHWTID’ to get IDR 50,000 off your first purchase!

Have lunch at Talay Thai Seafood Market

  • On your way back to Bangkok, the tour will make a stop at Talay Thai Seafood Market where you can have your lunch.
  • The variety of fresh seafood sold here is extensive and you can buy and have it cooked by one of the restaurants there!

  • Head over to Nok Noon Seafood Restaurant - the first place you’ll see when you enter the market.
  • Choose a couple of dishes from their menu or have seafood grilled right before your very eyes. We had Seafood Tom Yum (160 THB),Prawns in Curry Powder (190 THB) and Grilled Scallop (150 THB).

  • It was one of the tastiest seafood tom yum we’ve tried, extremely rich in flavour! We also couldn’t get enough of the scallops which were fresh off the grill and seasoned perfectly.

Visit Darul Aman Mosque (45 min)

  • Once you’re done with the tour, head to Darul Aman Mosque for your prayers. Many Thai Muslims reside in this area and there’re many halal stalls along the way.
  • One of the recommended stalls here is Farida Fatornee Muslim Food which is known for unique delicacies like deep-fried ox tongue, oxtail soup and fried mutton.

Credit: ‘Aini Himura on Facebook

  • #HHWT Tip: Visit after 6pm as the area outside the mosque comes alive with local halal street food.
  • Directions:Take the BTS to Ratchathewi Station and walk for about 5 minutes along Phetchaburi Road until you find Phetchaburi Soi 7 where the mosque is at.

See a different side of Bangkok with a sunset bike tour (4-6 hours)

  • Now that you’ve explored various modes of transport it’s time to discover Bangkok on bike with a Sunset Bike Tour!

  • Our friendly local guides brought us to see another side of Bangkok through the Thonburi district, which has a slower pace of life than the city.
  • Here’s where you can really be amongst the locals and get a glimpse of their daily lives.

  • We also passed by famous monuments like the Grand Palace, Wat Arun (temple of dawn) and Wat Pho (temple of reclining Buddha).
  • #HHWT Tip: Although we couldn’t enter the monuments (except Wat Pho), it was a great time to visit as there were no throngs of tourists and you could see the monuments in full glory

  • Our last stop was the 24-hour Pak Klong Talad Flower Market. Yes, this market doesn’t have a closing time and there’s a very good reason for this!
  • Fresh flowers and vegetables from the countryside are imported to the market in the evening so that customers can buy them for prayers in the morning.

  • We found the bike tour through Klook and if you’re in Singapore, Malaysia or Indonesia, you can use these promo codes to get discounts off your first purchase: TRAVELHHWT (SGD 5 off), TRAVELHHWTMY (MYR 15 off), TRAVELHHWTID (IDR 50,000 off).
  • P.S. The tour also includes dinner and we chose the vegetarian option at Green Leaf Restaurant. Note: We’ve checked with the restaurant staff that the vegetarian dishes are prepared separately from the non-vegetarian dishes but do dine at your own discretion!

Day 3

Have a fun day out at Dream World (5h)

  • Here’s one thing you perhaps never thought you could do in Bangkok – visiting a theme park! Dream World is one of Thailand’s most popular amusement parks.
  • It’s about a 45-minute drive away from the city. To get there, take the BTS to Mo Chit station and then a taxi (about 300THB). Just be sure that they are using the metre before you board the taxi!

  • The park opens at 10am, so arrive early to beat the heat!
  • Thrilling rides here are the main draw and there are 3 of them – Tornado, Hurricane and Sky Coaster. We recommend going straight for the Tornado, a whirlwind ride 7 storeys up in the air!
  • If you’re not into thrill rides, check out the family-friendly rides like Super Splash and 4D Adventure.

  • #HHWT Tip: Skip the long queues by getting your tickets online via Klook. Use these promo codes for discounts: TRAVELHHWT (SGD 5 off), TRAVELHHWTMY (MYR 15 off) and TRAVELHHWTID (IDR 50,000 off).
  • Best part is, you don’t have to print the tickets out – just show the mobile confirmation to the staff at the park and exchange it for a sticker.

  • You can also grab a meal here at the halal KFC!
  • The great thing about booking your tickets on Klook is having a halal buffet option at Food Pavillion. However, do note that it’s not available for walk-in customers.
  • Feeling peckish? Try some Muslim-friendly treats like snow ice, toasted bread, popcorn, grilled corn, and fruits. Just what you need for a day at the theme park!

  • You can also do your prayers at the musollah in Dream World. There’s a small wash area for you to take wudhu in the room but do note that you have to bring your own prayer mat and garment.
  • To get to the prayer room, walk past 4D Adventure and find Fantasy Hall. The prayer room’s located just behind Fantasy Hall.

Indulge in halal roast duck at Busaba (1h)

  • When some of you told us about a place selling halal roast duck in Bangkok, we knew we had to give it a try. It’s not easy to find halal roast duck and we were so happy to try it in Bangkok!

  • We had the Half Roasted Duck (275 THB) which was perfectly roasted and what made it so yummy was its signature sauce. It was really affordable for the amount of meat we got!
  • We chatted with the shop owners and it turns out that Busaba is a family business that has been around for 18 years.

  • Finish off your meal with their organic coffee or try their palatable desserts. We had their Charcoal Waffles with Ice Cream (125 THB) and it came in a generous portion, perfect for 2-3 people to share!
  • Directions: To get to Busaba Restaurant, take the BTS to Victory Monument Station and from there, you can either take bus no. 14 or a short cab ride (around 180 THB).

Chang Chui Plane Market (2h)

  • This is probably a dream come true for all you aviation fans. There’s a real plane right smack in the middle of the market!

Credit: @sweethoney_lucky on Instagram

  • This hip enclave is one of the latest additions to Bangkok’s thriving market scene. Items are recycled and repurposed into artworks and you can spot them around the market.

Credit: @changchuibkk on Instagram

  • This hip enclave is one of the latest additions to Bangkok’s thriving market scene. Items are recycled and repurposed into artworks and you can spot them around the market.
  • Shop for unique clothes, fashion accessories, or quirky knick-knacks. You can also enjoy Muslim-friendly street snacks like coconut ice cream or halal pancakes from Hom Mataba.
  • You can also check out a vintage cinema there which screens documentaries and has performances.
  • Directions: If you’re travelling around the city via BTS, head to Victory Monument Station and take bus no. 28 or taxi (around 200 THB) from there. Otherwise, you can also take the railway and alight at Bang Bamru Station and walk to the market.

Ramkhamhaeng Night Market (2h)

  • Spend your last night trying out halal street food at Ramkhamhaeng Night Market located in the Ramkhamhaeng district which has a sizeable Muslim community.
  • HHWT Tip: Look out for the stalls with halal signs!

  • We really love the fried chicken as it’s coated in a lip-smacking batter and then deep fried to a crisp. It’s usually served with sticky rice and chilli sauce

  • There are also stalls selling your favourite local Thai snacks and desserts like Khanom Buang (Thai crispy crepes) and Thai milk tea, perfect to cool off after all that walking!
  • Directions:Take the Airport Rail Link to Ramkhamhaeng Station. From there, you can take bus 109 or 92 or grab a taxi (around 180 THB) to the market!

Day 4

Whip up halal authentic Thai dishes at a cooking class (3-4 hours)

  • If you love Thai food, we have good news. You can now learn to cook them at House of Taste Cooking School!
  • The class will start with a tour of Bangkok’s biggest wet market, Khlong Toei. Our cooking instructor, Pim, showed us the ingredients that were needed to prepare our meals.

  • After that, it’s back to the cooking school. Don’t worry if you’ve never stepped foot in the kitchen before! The cooking school’s step-by-step approach will ensure that you’re doing everything correctly.

  • There’ll be 4 dishes to prepare during the class and it changes every day of the week. For our class, here’s what we prepared – Tom Kha Gai (Thai spicy and sour coconut soup with chicken), Massaman Curry, Pad Thai and Mango Sticky Rice.
  • For each dish, you’ll prepare the ingredients, proceed to the kitchen to cook and then head back to the dining table to eat. This is to ensure that you’ll have your meals fresh and piping hot!

  • We were really surprised at how some dishes like Pad Thai and Tom Kha Gai actually took a short time to prepare. The part that took the most time was preparing the ingredients.

  • #HHWT Tip: Book this cooking class on Klook! What’s more, you can get a discount if you use these promo codes (for first purchases): TRAVELHHWT (SGD 5 off), TRAVELHHWTMY (MYR 15 off), TRAVELHHWTID (IDR 50,000 off).
  • Note: We’ve personally checked with House of Taste that all their ingredients are halal and that they don’t cook pork in the school. But do also let them know in advance when you book the class through Klook.

End your trip with a massage at Sook Sabai Spa (2h)

  • Of course, you can't leave Bangkok without indulging in a great massage and if you’re looking for a quality massage at an affordable price, head over to Sook Sabai Spa for a pampering session!
  • As the spa is located in the smaller streets of Silom, the spa had a pickup service from Sala Daeng BTS station to ensure that we’ll get to the massage place safely.
  • There are a variety of services at Sook Sabai, from traditional Thai massage to aromatherapy and deep tissue.

  • We pre-booked our massage package on Klook so we didn’t need to go through the hassle of reading through the menu book to decide.
  • One thing we really liked was this form where you can indicate which areas of your body need more attention or which ones to avoid!
  • #HHWT Tip: As you can request for a female or male masseur, we opted to have male masseurs. Just be sure to indicate your preference in advance as they’ll need time to arrange it.
  • We’d recommend booking your massage through Klook as the prices are cheaper online and you don’t have to waste time deciding what massage to get.

Going home

After an amazing 4D3N in Bangkok, it’s time to head home. It’s always sad to leave the land of smiles. We booked a night flight back home to Singapore and KL so we didn’t have to pay for an additional night of accommodation. We hope you’ve managed to see another side of Bangkok with this itinerary and for first-timers, here’s hoping this itinerary will guide you through the bustling city!

With so many travel essentials and trips that you can easily pre-book on Klook, your Bangkok trip will definitely be a smooth-sailing one. Don’t forget to use our promo codes - TRAVELHHWT (SGD 5 off), TRAVELHHWTMY (MYR 15 off), and TRAVELHHWTID (IDR 50,000 off) - for your first purchase on Klook. Time to gather your travel buddies and head to Bangkok for a getaway!

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