As one of the biggest cities in Europe, it’s no surprise that London is a popular destination for family vacations, honeymoons and even solo travel. With events happening all year round and various seasons to look forward to, London is great to visit at any time of year! ? If you’ve been wondering which London season to visit, here are some of the best times to visit London so you can plan for the most fruitful European vacation! ?

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Winter (December to February)

Winter in London changes the entire vibe and landscape of the city. It’s ideal to visit in winter because the city is bustling with festive cheer for the Christmas season (December 25)! ? Supermarkets and departments are known to have sales and discounted items at this time of year. If you’re a shopper-holic, you have to come to London nearing Christmas because you’ll find bundles of soaps, lotions, and gift baskets on sale at reasonable prices! 

If you’re visiting in January, it's likely that you’ll be able to still snag some bargains at the end of the season! We recommend hitting Oxford and Regent Street to find the best deals. ? However, January is also known to be the coldest time of the year in London so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to bundle up tighter when visiting this month and we’d even suggest avoiding the outdoors and opting to visit art galleries and museums instead (for both sightseeing and heating system ?). If you like winter in London, check out these articles for more!:

Spring (March to May)

Springtime in London has been said to be a great time to visit if you like seeing lush greenery and going to parks and gardens! ? There are many exciting events happening in Spring such as Chinese New Year (visit London’s Chinatown to see festivities and a mini parade ) and St Patrick’s Day (17 March). In early spring, you’ll see many travellers visiting with children as this is generally a holiday season, so tourist attractions may tend to get pretty crowded.

As London transitions from winter (the months before) to spring, the weather may vary from warm and sunny to cold and rainy. So you’ll want to carry an umbrella in your daypack in mid-spring as the weather can get very unexpectedly wet! ? But if you’re lucky, the exciting thing is that you might be able to see some Wisteria flowers in bloom! Check out these spring content for more ideas:

Summer (June to August)

Summer is the best time to visit London if you’re someone who enjoys a packed social calendar. ? The wildflowers are in full bloom, making any park, or garden you visit become a photoshoot worthy location! Look out for ‘Superbloom’ at The Tower Of London, the flowers are really in super bloom meaning the flowers are vibrant and in full bloom (which is caused by a natural phenomenon)! ❤️ 

Summer is also one of the busier seasons in the city, there are lots of tourists and locals out and about, so do expect your itinerary spots to be abit more crowded. It’s also a very hot and dry season, so it’s advisable to bring a rechargeable mini fan and apply lots of sunblock!

Autumn (September to November)

It’s back to school in London once autumn hits, so you can expect very few crowds at this time of year! Don’t let the more quiet facade of autumn fool you, it’s certainly not boring at all. The Thames Festival happens in the first two weeks of the month, where the city is bursting with life and a diverse range of events. ? You can visit the River Thames at night to enjoy a spectacular view of the marina that has been lit up by hundreds of lights on the quay as well as on the boats passing by!


As for the weather, it becomes cooler in comparison to the humid summer months before. The leaves have turned red and brown, making the perfect backdrop for some photo taking! ? It’s a great time to be outdoors, as parks are full of people taking in the cooling breeze. And if you like to dine al fresco, this is the best time to do so - when the weather isn’t too hot, but isn’t too cold either.

Regardless of when you visit, the city is always going to be filled with fun and exciting sights and sounds to explore. Hopefully we gave you enough inspiration on how to plan when to visit London on your next trip!