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14 Best Muslim-Friendly Eateries In London


Sufinas •  Aug 12, 2022


[Updated 12 August 2022] Aah... London. The city is perfect for a family holiday thanks to its abundance of parks, museums and endless attractions. The city is a melting pot of culture and unlike a lot of other European cities, it's really easy to find Muslim-friendly restaurants here! This city has an abundance of food for us to choose from! So much so that we’re going to present to you a couple of the best Muslim-friendly eateries available. Take your pick and see which one makes you drool the most! :) Follow us on Telegram for the latest updates: https://bit.ly/3LnFN1F

11 Muslim-friendly eateries in London

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1. Poppies Fish and Chips

Credit: The Critical Couple What’s a trip to London without some of their deliciously famous fish and chips! Poppies is a staple on the London fish and chips scene and is one of the best for authentic, super freshly caught and fried fish daily! Take it away in the traditional newspaper wrapper or dine in while its piping hot and crispy!
Credit: @Esme____li on Instagram If the food is not enough to make you book tickets to London already, the décor just might! Be transported back to the 1940’s & 50’s with its adorable vintage style décor - complete with jukebox and vintage memorabilia all over! Don’t forget to take pictures with their adorable “Popettes” as well! Note: The restaurant does serve alcohol- but the fish is prepared free of alcohol, well and deep fried in groundnut oil! Poppies also serve sausages, but you can ask for your food to be cooked separately! If you’re uncertain of anything, best to ask their friendly popettes for more info. Phone: 207 247 0892 Address: 6-8 Hanbury St, London E1 6QR Website | Instagram
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2. Kurobuta

Credit: @doggandbeaune on Instagram Kurobuta is one of those Japanese izakaya style eateries has that gained massive popularity in London (and all over the world) due to its tasty dishes that are usually served in small portions to accompany drinks. Oozing sophistication with a mix of rock and roll, Kurobuta is where you’d want to be for a delicious selection of Japanese dishes (some even with a special twist to it) and a great night out with friends and even family!
Credit: @mybigfathalalblog_ on Instagram What’s the best part about Kurobuta? You can call in and preorder anything on the menu to be halal 48 hours before! This way, you can enjoy anything you want off their super hip and delicious menu (I’m salivating already, gosh) without worrying about it being halal or not when you finally dine in!! ENJOY WE SAY. Note: Pork and alcohol are still being served here! Phone: 0207 920 6440 Address: 17-20 Kendal Street, London, W2 2AW Website | Instagram

3. Liman Restaurant

Credit: @liman_london on Instagram A humble Mediterranean restaurant that also serves Middle Eastern and Turkish fare, Liman gained popularity when they received five star reviews over and over again on TripAdvisor - making it the number #1 restaurant in all of London!
Credit: @lorliipops on Instagram Liman is owned by a Kurdish couple who each have their own specialty in the kitchen, and with continuous effort has since become one of the best places to get delicious skewers of grilled meats (kebabs), hummus and sweet home made baklava in London. Not a fan of meat? They also offer various vegetarian and fish dishes so there’s something for everyone to choose from! Note: No pork is served in the restaurant, however they do serve alcohol. Phone: 020 3583 6442 Address: 60 Penton Street, London, N1 9PZ Website | Instagram

4. The Hummingbird Bakery, Soho

Credit: Hummingbird Bakery Soho One look at this place and you’ll probably be drawn in- gorgeous pink hues and a hummingbird make this chic little bakery stand out from its neighbors, and if you end up peeking in- you’ll be drooling at the sight of the many cupcakes, cakes and other desserts on display! They’re known for their delicious and stunningly decorated cakes, so unless you’re willing to cave in to slice of cake or two, walking past the store is a definite no go!
Credit: Hummingbird Bakery Soho You’ll be pleased to know that their cakes and desserts are freshly baked using high quality ingredients and are preservatives-free! They also serve vegan cakes and are mostly gelatin free, but if you’re ever uncertain of the ingredients and whether they contain alcohol or not (hey, you’ll never know, right?) be sure to ask! Note: This bakery has multiple locations so check out their official website for more info! Contact: 020 7851 1795 Address: 155a Wardour Street, Soho, London Website | Instagram Craving for more desserts in London? You have to visit these top five places in London to satisfy your sweet tooth ?

5. Dishoom, Covent Garden

Credit: Dishoom Dishoom sounds like an epic Indian action movie you’d be thrilled to watch. Well it's quite close to that. Dishoom is actually an Indian restaurant, or rather, a Bombay Café (or an Irani Café) similar to those which flourished during the old British India times. It's décor is indeed Indian with a modern twist. You’re bound to spend your time there looking through the olden portraits around the restaurant, admiring the little details put in to make it feel thoroughly sophisticated.
Credit: Dishoom And just like the décor, the food is well up to par! Serving delicious curries, naan breads and other dishes you’d expect to find in India, the food at Dishoom is amazing and will leave you salivating for more, the moment you leave! What’s best is that Dishoom is verified halal! Do take note that they do serve pork, but there is no cross contamination between all halal and non halal products! Note: Alcohol is served in the restaurant! Also, this restaurant has multiple locations and can be found on the official website. Phone: 020 7420 9320 Address: 12 Upper St. Martin’s Lane, London WC2H 9FB Website | Instagram

6. Vanilla Black

Credit: Vanilla Black Wanna take a break from meat and eat healthy for a bit? How about taking the vegetarian route for a while! Vanilla Black does just that, as one of London’s finest vegetarian restaurants. Instead of a casual café you’d head to for classic vegetarian dishes, this restaurant serve fine-dining, almost gastronomic fare that will leave your taste buds in a tizzy!
Credit: Vanilla Black You’ll find yourself asking yourself “was that a vegetable I just ate?”, because Vanilla Black delivers the unexpected with dishes that are so unique! The décor is chic and sophisticated, and you’ll be leaving healthy and happy. Did me mention that the restaurant is also Michelin recommended? Note: The food is all vegetarian, but some dishes may be cooked with alcohol (and alcohol is served in the restaurant)! Phone: 020 7242 2622 Address: 17-18 Tooks Court, London EC4A 1LB Website | Facebook

7. Red Iron Burgers

Credit: @alwisswisss on Instagram Time to enter the realm of juicy slabs on meats in between buns… yes, you guessed it! We’re talking about some of the best halal gourmet burgers in London. Clinching one of the top places is Red Iron Burgers, with its wide array of burgers available for everyone to choose from!
Credit: @halal_girl on Instagram Expect the juiciest burgers that will give you foodgasms with every bite! They’re massive, mind you, so you’ll be leaving the burger joint full and happy. Nothing prepackaged here, as all patties are made fresh with quality ingredients! Did we mention that everything here is halal? Another big yessss for all you burger lovers out there! They also have a couple of food challenges for all you thrill seekers out there, so be sure to enquire and who knows, your meal for the day could be on the house? ;) Phone: 018 9527 4624 Address: 280 High Street, Uxbridge UB8 ILQ Website| Instagram
If all the meat options we've presented to you does not satisfy your palette, perhaps these top five Muslim-friendly restaurants in London will. I mean, it's written by a local Londoner so ?

8. Claridge’s, Brook Street

Credit: @cnc_style on Instagram What's a trip to London without some delicious English afternoon tea? And what’s an afternoon tea without delicious pastries, finger sandwiches, scones (oh scones!! <3), a swanky setting and well, tea? Claridge’s gives you all that, and a beautiful, decadent setting in an elegant British hotel with beautiful music that’ll leave you relaxed and feeling like royalty!
Credit: @jess_inlondon on Instagram It’s not just the food that’ll leave you missing Claridge’s the moment you leave, but the entire expensive experience that’s worth the hefty price tag. If you’re looking for that true English tea experience, this one will be worth every single penny. Bonus points awarded as the meat served in all the afternoon tea is halal here! But be sure to call in and inform the staff 24 hours ahead to ensure no gelatin or alcohol is used! Phone: 020 7629 8860 Address: Claridge’s, Brook Street, Mayfair, London W1K 4HR Website| Instagram
Good news for tea-lovers! There's plenty of other places which serve Muslim-friendly afternoon tea in London☺️

9. Tinseltown

Credit: Tinseltown Our love for burgers and shakes will never die, as another delicious American diner has made it to our list! Tinseltown is famous for its juicy, wholesome halal burgers and smoooooooth milk shakes with flavours like classic vanilla and chocolate to premium ferrero rocher and nutella! YUMS
Credit: @nzaheer41 on Instagram Not a fan of burgers? (HOW COULD YOU!?) Indulge in some delicious buffalo wings or cheesy nachos- or take the healthy vegetarian route and order some healthy wraps! There’s something for everyone here, and bonus points as all the meat is certified Halal! Don’t count your calories we say, just indulge and save the gym for tomorrow, okay? Note: Tinseltown is available in many locations so do check out their official website for more info. Phone: 020 7727 3042 Address: 57 Westbourne Grove, W2 4UA Website | Instagram

10. Meat & Shack

With 3 outlets in the UK, Meat & Shack is another convenient alternative for those who want to fulfil their burger and steak desires, and without burning a hole in your pocket! Start your meal with some appetizers from the likes of nachos, sausages, and  buffalo wings.
Credit: @meatandshake on Instagram The smoked ribs are cooked slowly in the smoker to give them a spicy, smoky crust. Just look at the tender and juicy ribs, yum!
Credit: @meatandshake on Instagram Another notable dish is the Cool Joe, Mean Joe, Killer Joe that's recently the winner of the National Burger Awards 2017! Topped with both beef and lamb, BBQ ground beef, smoked cheese, chipotle mayo, lettuce and tomato. Mouthful of a name, mouthful of a burger! ? Status: Halal-certified Address: Refer to this link for a full detailed list of all outlets! Opening hours: Vary depending on outletsInstagram

11. Burger and Lobster

If you've never heard of Burger and Lobster but never been to any outlet, it's time that you pay a visit. The eatery focuses on perfecting 1 to 2 main ingredients, in this case being the burgers and lobsters. With solely these on the menu, you may think there’s little variety to look forward to but you’ll be so wrong ?
Credit: @dinewithmamay on Instagram Burger & Lobster also specialises in premium 650-700g of fresh lobsters. High quality is definitely not a compromise here. The lobsters are either steamed or grilled and served with chips and salad. Status: While the burgers are not halal, the lobsters are safe to eat! Address: Refer to this link for a full detailed list of all outlets! Opening hours: Vary depending on outletsInstagram From Indian food to vegetarian fine dining, classic British fish and chips and English afternoon tea, we hope you find this guide to some of the best food places London has to offer! Just like London, the mix and variety of cuisines are vast, but they’re all delicious, colorful and unique in their own, amazing way! Now move along, make the necessary bookings and enjoy your meals! Wipe away your drool now! Tally-ho, and all that sort of thing! <3 Check out these articles when planning your London adventure: