Best Time To Visit Japan


Syahirah Mazlan •  Sep 20, 2022

Wondering which is the best time to visit Japan? ?? Japan is a country rich in culture, traditions and festivals all year round. It attracts those who have been fortunate enough to visit once to come back for more! But whether its your first or fifth time visiting, the experience is different depending on which season is in swing. ? To help you decide on the various Japan season to visit, we’ve listed the best times to visit Japan so you can plan your trip according to the festivals and scenery the seasons have to offer! 

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Spring (March to May)

Many who have visited Japan unanimously agree that spring is one of the best times to visit! The cold weather is chilly, but you can start to feel the air gradually becoming warmer. ?It’s ideal if you like the cold but don’t want to be freezing, spring is the ideal time to plan a trip to Japan. Not to mention, the pretty cherry blossoms are in full bloom this season which means you can look forward to viewing events, limited edition cherry blossom-inspired snacks and desserts. ? There are many viewing events held at famous tourist spots where you can snap the most insta-worthy photos for a keepsake of this beautiful season

P.S. To get the most spectacular view of the cherry blossoms, visit between late March to early April where they’re the most abundant! ?Check out these articles to prepare yourself for Japan’s spring season:

Summer (June to August)

Summertime sweating and wearing lighter clothing, among many things. But summer provides the most ideal conditions for hiking and trekking! ?If you love the outdoors, you must visit the Japanese Alps and Hokkaido’s Wild National Parks (which have been said to be the place to beat Japan’s heat). Do note that heat waves in summer are very common here, so dress accordingly and hydrate yourself as much as possible! 

However, we think you’ll be a little more forgiving of the heat when it comes to summer festivals! ?During summer, summer festivals and fireworks shows are held across Japan, where the locals carry a mikoshi (a shrine) on their shoulders and parade through town. Visit the beach at this time to see exciting fireworks shows. We suggest visiting these summer events and festivals at night when the sun has gone down to avoid the scorching heat and experience the lively vibes! Here are some summer articles for your inspiration:

Winter (December to February)

The temperature drops significantly in December and may even go below zero on certain days! If you’re hoping to experience snow, cities like Hokkaido, and Tohoku are known for their heavy snowfall. ❄️Bundle up tight and check out the New Year’s Eve festival held on 31 December called Omisoka. There is a custom of eating noodles at midnight on the festival day, so if you’re feeling for some supper, this is the best time to get involved with the local tradition! ?Take a look at our winter articles for some ideas of what winter in japan looks like:

Autumn (September to November)

When autumn rolls around, the leaves start to turn brown, yellow or red and suddenly, the entire cityscape across Japan changes. ?It’s almost like you’re seeing a whole new side to Japan that you never knew! Autumn is when there are alot of cultural events happening in the country. One of the best places to visit during autumn is Kenrokuen Garden in Ishikawa Prefecture, where the autumn foliage coupled with aesthetically pleasing bridges and teahouses is a sight to behold! ? Visiting temples is also very popular this season because the autumn leaves are the perfect backdrop for photo-taking! Here’s some autumn content to get you started:

So, which season will you be visiting Japan? It’s hard to pick one (we would know! ?) but go with what sights and experiences you want to be in time for! Regardless of the season, Japan has something in store for everyone.