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These Magical Photos Of Snow In Japan Are Making Us Wish We're There Right Now


Faruq Senin •  Jan 05, 2021


Even though the monsoon season is giving us some "winter" vibes, most of us are probably wishing that we are travelling and experiencing winter right now. Japan is one destination that we miss the most! Since it's now winter in Japan, images of snow in places like Hokkaido, Kyoto & other areas are giving us a serious case of wanderlust ? If you're planning to enjoy snow in Japan during the winter season in future, these images will inspire your next trip!
Hokkaido is the first place that comes to mind when you mention snow in Japan! Known for its heavy snowfall and powder-soft snow, Hokkaido turns into a magical wonderland in winter. Places like the famous Otaru Canal, Niseko Mountain, Noboribetsu Onsen, Mt Yotei and Lake Toya have been blanketed in a sea of white during this winter season in Japan. But nothing is more breathtaking than the Blue Pond in Biei which is illuminated in winter and you can bask in its ethereal beauty ?
It rarely snows in Kyoto in winter and when it does, the snow usually doesn't stay on the ground for long but photos of this year's snow season in Kyoto is making us miss this beautiful city! Located in the northern mountains of Kyoto about an hour away from the city, Kifune Shrine is known for its IG-worthy stone steps that are lined with red lanterns on both sides. P.S. Save our 3D2N Muslim-friendly Kyoto itinerary for your future trip! The shrine is particularly enchanting in winter when the fresh snow changes makes its landscape more picturesque. If you've been to Kyoto, you might be familiar with the Philosopher's Walk (Tetsugaku No Michi) as it's a popular spot to admire cherry blossoms. But who knew that the Philosopher's Walk would look so magical in the snow as well? ?
Nikko, Tochigi
Located about 2 hours away from Tokyo is the breathtaking town of Nikko, known for its natural scenery and hot springs. Shinkyo Bridge, one of the landmarks of Nikko, looks even more stunning with the snowy backdrop. Nikko is also known for its many waterfalls and one of the most beautiful is Kegon Falls. At a towering 97 metres, the falls turn to ice at the height of winter, creating a scene out of a fairytale ? As we wait for the time when we can finally travel, the least we can do right now is to dream about our future trip! Japan will definitely be on our list once it's safe to travel ? P.S. Looking for a new spot in Japan to visit next time? Our 5D4N Tohoku itinerary will be perfect for you!