12 Best Singapore Beaches To Visit With Your Friends And Family


Syahirah Mazlan •  Sep 09, 2022

Singapore isn’t just an island. It’s an island rich in sun, flora and fauna as well as tropical beaches! ? Many of us would love to spend our free time with family out on the beach; having a picnic or going for a swim sounds amazing doesn’t it? Especially in Singapore's hot weather! ?Pack your sandals and swimsuits because we’re rounding up the best Singapore beaches of 2022.

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1. Palawan Beach

We all know the best beaches in Singapore are those in Sentosa! While they’re always crowded with beach go-ers basking in the sun, they all boast incredible sea views, and Palawan Beach is no exception to the praise. ?Located right in the middle of Sentosa island, you’ll get to see an impressive suspension bridge with viewing towers on each end - it’s a really popular photo spot. Here, there is soft white sands and crystal clear blue waters, making it the perfect place for swimming! 

2. Tanjong Beach

Tanjong Beach is the most secluded and remote of the three beach beaches you’ll find in Sentosa. But even so, it doesn’t mean that it’s boring! There’ll be some visitors too, just not as much when compared to The beach is even quieter on weekdays. During the evening, cruise ships pass by as twinkling lights illuminate the distance. ✨It’s the perfect way to end your visit!

3. Siloso Beach

One of the popular beaches in Sentosa, Siloso Beach, is where all the fun is at! ? This is the place to be if you want to have fun on the beach with things like canoeing, beach volleyball, or even water jet packs. Siloso is lively and upbeat! You’ll usually catch a few people ziplining across the beach which means lots of noise and excitement. So, if you’re looking for somewhere to relax and read a book, you might have to visit some place else. ?

P.S. Check out our ultimate guide to Sentosa’s beaches and map for more ideas and inspiration!

4. Changi Beach

changi beach

Mention the word ‘Beach’ and most people would say Changi is their first thought. Located on the edge of Singapore, Changi is known for its kampung vibe that it’s been true to for years! ?It’s a more laid back atmosphere far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can drive, cycle or take the bus to get here! And on top of that, there’s plenty of halal food in the area you must check out. Just walk over to Changi Village and you’ll even find yummy satay, dim sums and even affordable snack and drinks stores all over the place! ?

5. Punggol Beach

Yes, Punggol has a beach! ? At the end of Punggol Point Park lays the quietest yet most aesthetic stretch of sand that you'll have ever experienced. Home to scenic views such as Pulau Ubin and Johor Straits, this little-known park's ulu nature means it's not too popular and perfect to head to to get away from the crowd! 

It has lookout decks and pockets of beaches for you to relax and enjoy sunrises and sunsets, cool winds and the soothing sounds made by the wind and birds. If you're looking for somewhere quiet to enjoy your day with your family away from the crowd, Punggol Beach is definitely one of the ways to go. If your family enjoys fishing this is definitely one spot for you to consider! Their lookout decks make the water accessible to any fisherman.

6. Lazarus Island

This island is perfect to escape bustling city life. Originally kampungs before the 1960s, St John’s Island is now a beautiful island getaway with its very own swimming cove! Not only perfect for those who wish to get away from large crowds, but this island also has soft, white sands, cooling waters, and incredibly scenic views. Anyone who steps off the jetty will be immediately drawn into its serenity. ?

7. St John’s Island

st johns island

Just a short walk away from St John's Island is Lazarus Island. That's right, walk! St John's and Lazarus Island are connected by a causeway. Once you're on St John's Island, a second beach haven is only fifteen minutes away by foot! ? It’s peaceful on this stretch so many people love to take strolls along the coast. Known for its clear waters, Lazarus Island has many beaches for you to hang out on and choose from. 

8. Pasir Ris Beach

There's no better beach for families with kids than this one, located in one of Singapore's largest parks. A mangrove forest and palm trees line the narrow 6.6-kilometer-long beach, while the water on the other side of the beach is transparent and perfect for swimming! ? And there’s more! Just a stone’s throw away from the beach, you’ll find multiple beachfront resorts perfect for a weekend getaway with your family. Otherwise, you could apply for a BBQ permit and host a family cook out right infront of the beach (where there are many BBQ pits). 

9. Pulau Ubin

A quiet island with abundant activity opportunities, Pulau Ubin is home to one of Singapore’s last kampungs, with scenic hills and quarries, and an intertidal beach filled to the brim with native marine life. While they may not necessarily have beaches you may be able to swim at, they definitely have beaches you can cycle to and relax at! 

10. East Coast Beach

East Coast Beach is always busy in the morning. You’ll see cyclists, visitors doing tai chi and so much more once you step into the beach path! There are plenty of (halal) oceanfront restaurants, camping sites, and BBQ pits, making it a great weekend destination, but if you want peace and quiet, it's better to arrive during the weekdays, where there is a noticeably smaller crowd. ?Many often frequent this beach because of its size. There are so many playgrounds, bike rentals, and picnic areas for families!

11. Kusu Island 

A little more interesting an island and beach is Kusu Island, also known as 'tortoise island'. It is said that a turtle saved a Malay man and a Chinese man from a shipwreck, which is how this island got its name. ? This island often has little to no visitors, making it the perfect escape from crowds and loud visitors! Not to mention, the vibes on this beach make it feel like its a beach resort! So if you’re looking for a peaceful and romantic beach, Kusu Island could be the one!

12. Sembawang Beach

sembawang beach

Credit: Gurmit Singh on Flickr

Ditch the crowd by heading to Sembawang Beach! ? While it’s relatively far and difficult to get there, you can be rest assured that they’ll be virtually no crowd. It’s a tranquil beach compared to the rest, mainly because it’s so secluded and families don’t typically venture into this area. Even so, lay out a mat and bring some food to have a picnic with your loved ones here for a quiet and peaceful family day!

There you have it, the best beaches in Singapore! Which beach do you often visit? Do you have a favourite? Share this article with your family and friends to start planning and exciting tropical day. ?