8 Amazing Camping Spots In Malaysia For Your Next Outdoor Adventure


Ili •  Oct 23, 2020

There are plenty of ways you can enjoy the outdoors. Hiking lush trails, exploring national parkstaking refreshing dips by waterfalls, going on picnics - the list is endless! And if you're someone who thinks one day out in nature isn't enough, then consider planning your next getaway at these scenic camping sites in Malaysia that we've rounded up.

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Things to know about camping in Malaysia

  • Several camping sites require prior permission, especially those inside National Parks - so remember to carry the necessary documents.
  • There are certain camping sites that require mandatory accompaniment of an authorize guide for the safety of the campers.
  • Camping by waterfalls and riversides can pose dangerous risks during high tide or heavy rainfall. Make sure to check with local officials or research beforehand.
  • Wear the right footwear to avoid injuries. For softer terrains like beaches, sandals and crocs are ideal. If you're camping in the jungle or someplace with a rougher landscape, hiking boots are highly recommended.

  • Unless you can confirm that tents, food and water will be made available at the campsite, always bring the necessary items and equipment along with you.

1. Tasik Puteri Bukit Besi, Terengganu

If you're not a local living in Dungun, then this lake in Terengganu would definitely be considered a hidden gem. It's nestled in the heart of Taman Rekreasi Tasik Puteri and you'll have to hike some ways before reaching it's stunning waterfall where you can set up camp right opposite of it. If you need a little boost of inspiration planning a camping trip here, check out Azmeer Iskandar's video!

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2. Kem Sungai Pauh, Pahang

Besides being known for its tea plantation and strawberry farms, Cameron Highlands also happens to be a place where you can experience some camping! Tucked away in the rainforest near Taman Sedia, Sungai Pauh has a designated camp site where you can find facilities like bathrooms, gazebos, bbq pits and even plugging stations to charge your electronic devices.

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3. Brinchang Mountain, Pahang

While the camping site at Brinchang Mountain may be less popular than Sungai Pauh, there's no denying the spectacular scenery it offers. Enjoy sweeping views of tea plantations, rose gardens and strawberry fields when you reach the top. Do note there's no immediate or nearby access to water and a bathroom. So prepare to tough it out in nature or skip it altogether until you're ready to experience it the Bear Grylls way!

4. Janda Baik, Pahang

When it comes to camping in Malaysia, it's impossible not to include Janda Baik in the list. With clear rivers, lush forest and extensive camping sites, how can you say no to planning a nature getaway here? Plus, the tiny village is only located 45 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur, making it ideal for those looking to take a break from the city but not wanting to travel too far.

5. Jerangkang Falls, Pahang

Soak in the sights and sounds of nature at Jerangkang Falls where its campsite is located at the base of waterfall, amidst lush greenery on all sides. You can hike all the way to the top of the falls, which takes about an hour. And due to its multiple tiers, there are tiny pools and mini-falls along the trail upwards with some even wide enough for a refreshing splash. Once at the top, enjoy the breathtaking view of the grand rainforest.

6. Chilling Waterfall, Selangor 

Want something much closer to the city? Look no further than Chilling Waterfall! Located 21 kilometres from Kuala Kubu Bharu in a reserve called Sungai Chilling Fish Sanctuary, the highlight of your camping experience here will no doubt be the three impressive vertical waterfalls. The lower water cascade is best for a relaxing swim while the third and upper most section is a more ideal spot to set up camp.

7. Endau-Rompin National Park, Johor 

Known as the second-largest national park in Peninsular Malaysia, camping at Endau-Rompin National Park promises a good time. Not only will you get to sleep under the stars, but you can also look forward to all sorts of exciting activities during the day! Go on a refreshing swim at Buaya Sangkut Waterfall or experience an exciting rafting adventure along the Endau and Rompin rivers.

8. Kinabalu Park, Sabah

If there's one spot where every nature lover should camp at, it's Kinabalu Park. Home to two mountains in Sabah, Mount Kinabalu (the highest mountain in Malaysia) and Mount Tambuyukon, sign up for the Kinabalu Park Camping experience where an adventure-filled time awaits you! From trekking and bird watching to guided night walks, this is one experience you'll never forget.

With all these amazing camping sites in Malaysia that await you, it's time to pack your bags and ready yourself for the next adventure in the great outdoors ?