Arc de Triomphe's New Face Has A Powerful Story Behind It And You Can Enjoy The View While Savouring Halal Food Nearby!


Tiara •  Sep 16, 2021

Arc de Triomphe is ready for something new.

Credit: @amuseevousamuseemoi

Arc de Triomphe is showing a new face, covered in 25.000 square meters of wrapping. These giant sheets of fabric is an art installation by a late Bulgarian artist, Christo. His dream of creating an art installation by covering the Arc de Triomphe with his late wife, Jeanne-Claude was never realized until they both died.

Christo was famous for his wrapping art installation. Known as the artist who wrapped the world, he had dreamed of covering this 50-meter high gate since renting a nearby apartment in the 1960s. He always worked with his wife, including in his famous work on covering the Reichstag in Berlin and Pont-Neuf in Paris with fabrics. Unfortunately, his vision for Arc de Triomphe remains a dream as he died in May last year.

Credit: @parisbyju

However, Christof's dream is now being brought to life by his nephew, Vladimir Javacheff. The project to cover Arc de Triomphe with fabric is started to be installed on Sunday 12 September 2021 already creating a crowd nearby. Vladimir is collaborating with Pompidou Museum and French authorities to bring this project together.

"Today is one of the most spectacular moments of the installation. The wrapped Arc de Triomphe starts to take form and approach the vision that was a lifelong dream for Christo and Jeanne-Claude," said Vladimir to BBC on Sunday.

The installation is expected to be done by this Saturday and the crowd can enjoy the unique sight of Arc de Triomphe until 3 October 2021. During this 16 day exhibition, Arc de Triomphe will remain accessible for the public.

Credit: Peabody Award

Born in 1953, Christoff Vladimirov Javacheff spent his life in Austria, Switzerland, and finely France when he met his wife Jeanne-Claude in Paris. Their love for art has created numbers of transforming large-scale landmarks and monumental environmental works of art before his wife's died in 2009.

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