11 Stunning Spots In Malaysia For That Gorgeous Instagram Feed You’ve Always Dreamt Of


Nadhirah •  Aug 23, 2022

Ah, Malaysia. It’s gained a lot of traction these days for being the Muslim-friendly travel destination. It has ALL the halal good food, is the melting pot of Asia, and has plenty of gorgeous scenery and nature to boot.  But, says a niggling voice in your brain, are there any good spots for the ‘gram? Well don’t you worry friend, we’ve got you covered.

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Getting around

You should probably know how to get to places before seeking out all the Instagrammable spots in the country. Within the Klang Valley, you can get around with either the KTM komuter or the monorail, LRT and MRT (Light/Mass Rapid Transit), the still-expanding above ground metros that cover most of the main spots. There are also buses within some of the major cities such as KL, Penang, Kuantan, and Kamunting. To get between major cities though, you can take the ETS (Electric Train Service, which is well, you guessed it, a train?) and coaches of varying price ranges. If you want more freedom in your travels, then you can rent a car at all international airports, or even a motorcycle in some places. Just be sure to check the validity of your country’s driving license in Malaysia when planning your trip!

Credit: @kanarkion Instagram

Or if all else fails, you know there's always Uber or Grab which can be a cheap and convenient alternative. Now, let's get right to our list of 10 insta-worthy spots in Malaysia.

1. Saloma Bridge, Kuala Lumpur

Credit: Nazarizal Mohammad on Unsplash

Saloma Link or Pintasan Saloma is named after Malaysia's very own legendary singer-actress. This bridge is 69m or 226 feet long, built connecting Kampung Baru to KLCC. This bridge starts at Lorong Raja Muda 3, which is nearby the Kampung Baru LRT Station and ends at Jalan Saloma, next to Public Bank tower. It is built across Klang river and over the roads. There is a purpose-built slot with the facility for bicycles and a lane for people to push up their bicycles up the stairs and a lift. We highly recommend going in the evening as the bridge will light up in colourful lights, making it the perfect spot for your Instagram feed!

2. Laman Seni 7, Selangor

If you aren’t going to Penang during your visit to Malaysia but are itching to get photos of local street art without resorting to some very dodgy tunnels, then Laman Seni 7 is the place for you! Roughly translating to ‘Art Park 7’ (seven because it’s in section 7 of Shah Alam, not because it’s the seventh of its kind ? ), these back alleys are covered in picture-perfect street art.

Credit: @discoverselangor on Instagram

There are 30 art pieces which are ideal backgrounds for your Instagram. That means plenty of photo opportunities for that shot you’ve been seeking for so long. And it's all thanks to KHZNH Studio which curated these works through an art competition!

Credit: @k.ismailo on Instagram

It’s more of a local secret than a touristy spot, so you won’t even have to deal with any crowds! As an added bonus, these art pieces were all made as commentaries on social issues and this location is one of a few (if not only) spots where street art is legal.

Credit: @nanowejdrodzezycia.pl on Instagram

Address: Jalan Plumbum R7/R, Seksyen 7, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor


3. Pantai Kok, Kedah

You know those beach photos you always see? With palm trees aplenty, gorgeous blue waters, white sand and (here’s the best part) absolutely ZERO people? Well if that’s the ‘gram you’re looking for, then Pantai Kok is just the place for you!

Credit: Anwar Idris

Located on Langkawi Island, a busy tourist destination, this little beach is a little more hidden away than other beaches but that does not compromise its beauty (I mean, just look at it ? ) or accessibility. Time to enjoy your own personal photoshoot here!

Credit: @bruno_r_p on Instagram

Pantai Kok is more than just its stunning views. The water is shallow and crystal clear so you can enjoy a good swim and when you’re hungry, have some crispy rojak cucur and refreshing cendol from the well-loved Hafiz Laksa food truck that stops by there pretty regularly!

Credit: @taapii on Instagram

Address: 07000 Langkawi, Kedah


4. Dataran Merdeka

Dataran Merdeka (literally translated to Independence Square) is the iconic field where the Malaysian flag was raised in place of the British one for the first time on August 30, 1957 (throwing in a quick history lesson for ya ? ). Every Malaysian has seen a fuzzy old black and white video of their first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, chanting ‘Merdeka!’ and THIS is the square where that took place.

Credit: Salehi Hassan on Flickr

‘But like, Nadhirah, I appreciate the history and all, but what makes it Instagrammable?’ Well for starters, you can catch a pretty neat skyline (that includes the KL tower!) from here. There’s also the beautiful Sultan Abdul Samad Building right across it and, if you’re up for a cheesy tourist photo, the ‘I ❤️  KL’ monument is just to the right of the square.

Credit: @andryalmajids on Instagram

#HHWT tip: Be sure to drop by Galeri Kuala Lumpur while you’re there! They have a very cool model light show of all of Klang Valley as well as several rotating art displays. It really is worth the RM 5 entry rate.

Address: Jalan Raja, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50050 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Facebook | Instagram

5. Sekinchan Paddy Field, Selangor

Get the Asian version of the ‘running in a wheat field’ aesthetic at Sekinchan Paddy Field. Green or golden yellow as far as the eye can see, this place is nothing short of beautiful, even on a cloudy day. And don’t even get me started on the sunsets here; they are truly out of this world.

Credit: @thewonderswanderer on Instagram

You can honestly spend the whole day here - cycling, walking, and serenely taking it all in. Just be wary of snakes when you stray from the path.

Credit: John Ragai on Flickr

#HHWT tip: Check out this handy resource for the color of the field at any time of year!

Address: Jalan Parit 6, 45400 Sekinchan, Selangor


6. Malacca City, Malacca

Due to its historical significance, the buildings in Malacca City have been preserved to maintain that old-towny feel. I mean, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can’t let a place like THAT go to ruin.

Credit: @thatdutchietravels on Instagram

Especially photogenic spots to hit are the buildings along the river for the street art, Jonker Street for the colorful buildings, and Stadthuys and Windmill Dutch Square for the red walls. There are also cute little rickshaws that run all over the town (which, by the way, are a fun alternative means of transport).

Credit:@inazarinaaziz on Instagram

Truth be told, it’s hard to go wrong with a photo of Malacca City. You could walk into a kopitiam and take a stunning picture. The food you eat looks great. Even the river view from one of the many bridges is quite pretty. It’s JUST a very Instagram-worthy destination.

Credit: @meilindatr on Instagram

Address: Malacca City, Malacca


7. Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm

When a character’s having a really lovely dream in movies or TV shows, there are always butterflies involved. The dream is often set in a serene, natural Utopia where there’s plenty of greenery and flowers and everything is just sparkly and wonderful.

Credit: giphy

Well, we can’t promise you sparkles but if you’re seeking the closest thing you can get to that dream-like Utopia, then Entopia is the place for you ✨

Credit: @claireyeap_97 on Instagram

This contemporary greenhouse is filled with live butterflies (amongst other insects and animals), just going about their daily lives in the flora that grows here. It’s a sanctuary for these delicate little creatures and there are thousands of them flying about!

Credit: @da_imagery on Instagram

There are also educational activities if you’re a zoology enthusiast, such as reptile encounters, witnessing the first flights of newly-emerged butterflies, and even an insect parade! To find out more details on these activities, check out their website.

Credit: @m3ikwan on Instagram

And of course, as it's a nature reserve, don’t pick the flowers or disturb the wildlife unless you have explicit permission from their Nature Activity Personnel! Just don’t touch anything. You can still get all the aesthetic photos, I promise!

Address: 830, Jalan Teluk Bahang, Teluk Bahang, Pulau Pinang 11050

Operating Hours: 9AM–7:00PM daily (Last entry and last ticket purchase is at 5:30PM)

Fees for standard admission:

Adult (age 13 to 59 years old): 65 MYR

Child (age 4 to 12 years old): 45 MYR

Senior Citizen (age 60 and above): 45 MYR

Family package (for 2 Adults and 2 Children/Senior Citizens): 175 MYR

Fees for MyKad holders:

Adult (age 13 to 59 years old): 49 MYR

Child (age 4 to 12 years old): 29 MYR

Senior Citizen (age 60 and above): 29 MYR

Family package (for 2 Adults and 2 Children/Senior Citizens): 127 MYR

Contact: +604 8888 1111 or [email protected]

Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Twitter

8. Boh Tea Estate, Pahang

Three words: Rolling. Green. Hills. Yeah, that’s right. You can relive the Sound of Music without having to leave Asia. I mean, yes, they’re more geometric than the Austrian hills you see in the movie but STILL!

Credit: @afghan_traveller on Instagram

And like most of the other spots on this list, this area isn’t just great for an impromptu photoshoot. Cameron Highlands is also known for strawberry farms, markets, lavender farms and the Mossy Forest. Locals like to escape here for the chillier climate (which allows for fruits such as strawberries to grow?).

Credit: @tedm.afandi on Instagram

If you like your photos with a backdrop of nature, Cameron Highlands has got you covered?

Address: Boh Road Habu, 39200 Ringlet, Pahang

Operating Hours: 9AM–4:30PM daily, closed on Mondays

Contact Number:05-493 1324


9. Putra Mosque, Putrajaya

Fan of architecture or not, Putra Mosque is DEFINITELY a spot you should visit with a good camera while you’re in Malaysia. The architecture is truly nothing short of gorgeous and the drive all the way out to Putrajaya (which, admittedly, can be tiresome) will feel worthwhile once you set foot in this artful masterpiece.

Credit: @jud3alb3rt_rn on Instagram

No two photos will look the same here. It is one of those places so stunning that it’s hard to take a bad photo of. The Moroccan, Baghdadi and Malaysian influences truly work together in harmony to make this a magnificent mosque.

Credit: @tao.aya on Instagram

And not to worry, you don’t have to be Muslim to enter. Just note that most mosques in Malaysia do require you to dress modestly. Some even provide scarves for women at the entrance.

Credit: @sota.201 on Instagram

Address: Persiaran Persekutuan, Presint 1, 62502 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya

Contact Number: 03-8888 5678


10. Wonderfood Museum, Penang

‘Okay, enough with the Instagram aesthetics already. My feed is weird and quirky. What do you have for me, Nadhirah?’ My answer is simple: a contemporary museum with giant replicas of food. Plus, some of the history behind food but hey, you’re here for the photos more than anything so eyes on the prize: all the dorky food photos you’ve ever dreamed of.

Credit: Wonderfood Museum Penang on Facebook

It was made to ‘celebrate Penang’s food heritage’ (which is 10/10 and definitely worth checking out, by the way) but man oh man all the photo opportunities! And for all you foodies out there: this is the place of your dreams. It's the perfect place to work up your appetite in between meals. You just might run into the problem of wanting to eat EVERYTHING after leaving this place ?

Credit: @patngo on Instagram

Address: 49, Lebuh Pantai, George Town, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang

Contact: 04-251 9095

Facebook | Instagram

11. Sungai Chiling Fish Sanctuary, Selangor

If this is a list of Instagram-worthy destinations, of course there has to be a hiking trail on here somewhere! The hike at Sungai Chiling waterfalls takes an hour from start to finish but the route is Instagram-worthy what with the lush greenery and fish swimming along merrily in the clear river?

Credit: @mervinmenon on Instagram

And once you do make it to the waterfalls, take your time to enjoy it. (You earned it!) Go for a swim or have a picnic. Waterfalls this gorgeous aren’t something you find everyday?

Credit: @yenjiwa on Instagram

Address: 44000 Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor

Operating Hours: 8AM-6PM

Price: RM 1 admission fee, RM 4 per tent for camping

Contact Number: +60 3 6064 1214


So, there you have it - 10 spots in Malaysia for that perfect Insta-worthy shot. But trust us, this is JUST the tip of a long and non-exhaustive list of gorgeous spots in Malaysia. But for now, this list is enough to make your friends totally envious of your Instagram feed!

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