7 Halal Cafes In KL & Selangor That'll Give A Pop Of Colour To Your Instagram Feed


Ili •  Sep 11, 2020

If there's one thing we're sure of, it's that you can easily find plenty of halal Insta-worthy cafes in KL and Selangor. Whether you like ones with a minimalist vibe or those with a nature-theme to it, you won't have any problems when it comes to variety. And today, we'll be introducing a different wave of cafes that fits the aesthetic bill just as well - bright and colourful ones! So read on and prepare to give your social feed a pop of colour as you go cafe-hunting using our list this weekend ?

1. Provision

Inspired by California bakeries and Melbourne markets, there's no mistaking Provisions for anything else thanks to its pastel red-brown window front. Truly unlike any other cafes, snap a photo at the entrance before heading in or after you're done with your meal. With two small round tables attached to its outdoor seating area, you can even take a picture while you enjoy freshly-made sourdough and a cup of long black.

Halal status: All ingredients used are sourced from halal-certified suppliers. No alcohol is used or served in the establishment.

Opening hour: Tue-Sun; 9AM-6PM (closed on Monday)

Address: 49, Jalan SS 22/23, Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Contact: +603-7731 7971

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2. Mich'sology 

Serving Hawaiian-inspired poke bowls, Mich'sology is the place to be where you can get your healthy food fix and Insta-worthy shots at the same time. Everything from its walls, furniture and decor is a shade of pink - all put together in such tasteful manner that every corner is perfect for getting your brunch #ootd with your besties.

Halal status: Uses halal-certified ingredients

Opening hours: Open daily; 11AM-10PM

Address: No. 16, Jalan SS 21/35, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Contact: +6016-660 6573

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3. Little Rimba

Tucked away in TTDI's neighbourhood is one of Wondermilk's ventures, Little Rimba. Its Malay name literally translates to Little Jungle in English, and you definitely want to be camera ready for this place. With a stunning jungle-inspired interior featuring lots of wood, whites and greens, we can't picture a more perfect place for your foodie photos. Plus, they've got two feature walls (one of which is a tiger fondly known as chombi) that'll be great for your Instagram feed.

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Opening hours: Open daily; 7.30AM-6.30PM

Address: No 1, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 7, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Contact: +603-7733 6177

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4. Dough & Dolce

Ever since Dough & Dolce entered the food scene back in 2019, one of the things the cafe has been known for is its iconic bright, yellow door that's got a rolling pin as a handle. With such an inviting and unique entrance, it's no wonder that plenty of diners have taken pictures with and of the door upon arriving the cafe. But the photo-taking doesn't just stop there! More colourful backdrops await in the cafe in the form of a baby blue wall decorated with rolling pins and an outdoor seating area washed in a lovely forest green.

Halal status: All meats and ingredients are sourced from halal-certified suppliers.

Opening hours: Mon, Wed-Fri; 8AM-6PM, Sat-Sun & PH; 9AM-6PM (closed on Tuesday)

Address: Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 1, Kuala Lumpur

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5. Blonde

Nestled in the neighbourhood of Bukit Damansara, Blonde has everything you need for an Insta-worthy photo. Natural lighting, pretty decors and a chic interior that perfectly captures the essence of fancy brunches and a fun time. Unlike other eateries, you can find pops of colours in its cotton candy tables! Take this opportunity to get creative and snap a cool flatlay or find an angle that features the table as you pose away with your meal.

#HHWTTip: Celebrating a special occasion? Blonde has a separate dining area with gold walls (that's right!) for a royal pop of colour ?

Halal status: The central kitchen is halal-certified by JAKIM

Opening hours: Open daily; 10AM-10PM

Address: G.03A, The Republik, Jalan Medan Setia 1, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur

Contact: +603 20116070

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6. Roti & Kopi

Make your way to Roti & Kopi House, where you'll be greeted by an expansive wall adorned with the name of the cafe, colourful plants and an image of a tiger - nicely representing Malaysia’s national animal ? Practically made to be an Insta-worthy spot, make sure you snap a cool picture here before you enter the restaurant (or after your meal)!

Halal status: All meats and ingredients are sourced from halal-certified suppliers, and their head chef is Muslim

Opening hours: Mon-Fri; 7AM-7PM, Sat-Sun; 8AM-8PM

Address: 101c, Level 1, Tower C, Jalan SS 21/37, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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7. Jibby by the Park 

Give yourself and your Insta feed a dose of greenery at Jibby by the Park - Serai Group's latest venture in expanding their amazing lineup of eateries. With greenhouse vibes, an al fresco deating and lush decor, this is definitely the place to be if the theme of your social media page is nature-inspired! Beyond snapping a picture, it's truly the perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal while soaking up some sunshine.

Halal status: The central kitchen is halal-certified. Ingredients used are halal and no alcohol is served or used in its food preparation.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri; 10AM-10PM, Sat-Sun; 9AM-10PM

Address: FF-18 & FF-19, First Floor, The [email protected], No 5, Persiaran Residen, Desa ParkCity, 52200 Kuala Lumpur

Contact: +603-6263 1303


Now, it's time to go forth and level up your Instagram game ?