10 Photography Tips To Up Your Instagram Husband Game


Cheng Sim •  Apr 20, 2018

[Updated 5 Mar 2020]

Imagine walking past a hipster cafe and suddenly, your wife turns to you and say, “Sayang, can you take a picture of me?”  She was right; the cafe does look pretty for Instagram.

You nodded, she posed, and you showed the pictures to her. Your wife pondered, but you can tell from her furrowed eyebrows that the pictures weren’t your best. “Sorry sayang, can you take it again?” ?

It’s tricky, we hear you. You may or may not enjoy your new role as an Instagram Husband, but you love her so much that you would do it anyway. That’s because it made her smile, and seeing her happy makes you smile.

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Becoming an Instagram Husband requires dedication and patience. It’s a job that needs an eye for good photography and a heart for capturing moments. If you’re an Instagram Husband who is passionate about improving his game, we are here to help! ?

1. Choose a background

You’ve read this one before, and it’s the basic rule for a well-liked Instagram photo. The background that landscapes the subject (your gorgeous wife ?) is very important. When you’re exploring a city or heritage town, look out for the interesting background that captures the eye. The possibilities are endless when you stumble upon a vibrant mural, heritage building, or traditional shophouse.

If you found a background that makes you go “A-ha!”, let her know. Your partner will be more than happy to step into the frame and flaunt the new blouse you bought for her recently. While she motions with various poses, try to capture her in the middle or side of the frame and snap when she’s ready. ?

2. Find the perfect lighting

Capturing your wife in a good light is a must. Her pictures won’t fetch a lot of likes on Instagram if it turned out gloomy or overexposed. If you’re planning an outdoor shoot in the day, keep an eye on the source of natural lighting. Nudge her to sit by the window or face the brightly-lit sky.

Whether its sunrise or sunset, these two golden hours are perfect to achieve that soft, romantic lighting. ? To make the most of it, you can take her out for an outdoor picnic or early breakfast, so you can plan a thoughtful #OOTD session right after.

3. Shoot in symmetry

Ah, you’ll never go wrong with a symmetrical picture. In fact, it’s simple to do because most cameras in smartphones are built with gridlines to prevent slanted turnouts. It is extremely handy when you’re leading the mini photoshoot outdoors where the backgrounds are mostly buildings, streets or natural landscapes.

The best way to practice the art of symmetry is to place the subject in the middle of the frame. Then, use both the background and your phone’s gridlines to adjust the frame accordingly. Additionally, you can use the doors, floors, or staircases as references to align the picture perfectly. ?

4. Space it out

If you’re aiming to achieve a simple yet sophisticated snapshot, create a great impact by embracing the space that surrounds the subject. Stick to ‘The Rule of Thirds’ when you take a picture, where you lean your subject towards the edge or side of the frame.

This tip is particularly useful if you’re taking a picture of your significant other in a scenic landscape or with the vast skies above. Not only with this trick helps you to make the best of its background, the amount of free space also does a fantastic job in putting your subject in the spotlight. It's also useful when you have interesting backgrounds too!

5. Capture movements

Capturing your wife while she’s out and about is a lovely way to showcase the explorer side of her. From the way she breathes in the sights and sounds of a foreign land to exchanges a polite smile with another kind soul, these are the moments when she’s in her most natural self. ?

The latest smartphones are now capable of shooting any moving subject, anything from a playful pet to your adventurous kids. If your wife prefers options to choose from, make use of the burst feature and take multiple shots at the same time. Remember to keep your hands absolutely still to avoid any shaky or blurry shots.

6. Experiment with angles

There are a variety of ways to capture your wife’s perfect #OOTD moments, and it doesn’t have to be taken from the front all the time.  The trick here is to be adventurous.  It’s all about being experimental with a wide range of angles. The less predictable the angle is, the more interesting the shot becomes.

How would it look like if she sits on the steps and you take a shot while standing? What happens when you position your partner to the side of the frame? Since you’ll be snapping multiple shots anyway, take some risk and play around with camera angles. You may uncover another gorgeous side of her that a selfie has yet to capture.

7. Snap her smile

It’s always a wonderful thing to capture your wife in her most natural and beautiful self. Whether it’s the sweet smile she gives when you make her coffee or the blush you receive when she steals glances at you, these are the wonderful times that are perfect for the camera. ?

Share an inside joke or a sweet compliment to get your partner to carve a smile. It doesn’t matter if you capture it completely by happenstance or not. It’s all about eternalising the happy moments together, and capturing a loving smile dedicated to her Instagram Husband: that’s you! ?

8. Discover interesting details

Sometimes, the most unexpected detail can make a huge difference between a great snapshot and a mediocre one. You can discover it completely by chance or when you’re out on a date. It could be the blue Hydrangeas in the garden, the waves coming up a shoreline, an empty rattan chair, or a little brick staircase. There are a lot of Instagram-worthy details around, and all it needs is your attention. ✨

When you finally found a potential Instagram moment, get ready to use all of the photography tricks above and seize this opportunity instantly! Remember to make the most of your surroundings to ensure the snapshot remains interesting and memorable for your significant other. ❤️

Credit: @yunitameliani_ on Instagram

9. Build a conversation

Taking an Instagram picture is more than just a snap-and-go experience. It’s always great to have a conversation with your wife while trying your best to capture a nice snapshot. By communicating with her, you’ll get a clearer picture of her style and preference.

If you realised that she’s facing away from the light, motion her to face the other way. If you noticed that the snapshot looks better when she smiles, let her know. If you came across a unique angle, experiment it with her. These are the little things that can save your time and speed up your picture taking process.

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10. Remember, patience is beautiful

Patience is a beautiful thing. We know it can be tiring to take pictures all afternoon, but she appreciates the value of a great picture. We know it’s even more challenging if your wife founds an unflattering angle or a noticeable flaw of hers (when in truth, she looks amazing). With patience, you can turn this experience into a couple-bonding moment between the two of you. ?

Having fun also makes this Instagram experience a lot better too. Turn it into a happy, positive and memorable moment, and it will translate very well in your photos of her. The experience will be far from time-consuming or tiring if her Instagram Husband decides to join in the fun too. ?

There you have it! Altogether, we have ten awesome photography tricks that you can use to improve your game. To summarise it all, you need to choose an interesting background, find the perfect lighting, understand the composition, and transform it into a great experience for the two of you. Instagram Husbands, you know you have what it takes to capture her best moments! (P.S. If you've captured the perfect shot and want to truly make it remarkable, check out these apps that will make your travel photos really shine) ❤️