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Your Ultimate Guide to Zurich Airport: Halal Food, Family Amenities And More


Cheryl Felix •  May 15, 2024

Your Ultimate Guide to Zurich Airport: Halal Food, Family Amenities And More

Zurich Airport, a major international gateway in Switzerland, is not just a hub for air travel but also a venue where comfort meets convenience. Whether you are a frequent flyer or embarking on a family adventure, Zurich Airport offers a variety of facilities tailored to meet the needs of every traveller. Whether this is your first time travelling there or not, you’ll want to save this essential guide to the airport’s prayer areas, shower facilities, shopping zones, halal dining, and kid-friendly amenities.

Prayer Areas

For many travellers, maintaining religious practices is vital, even on the go. Zurich Airport respects this need by providing dedicated prayer rooms for various faiths, including a Muslim prayer room. Located in Check-in Area 1 and Check-in Area 3, these rooms are accessible 24 hours a day, offering a quiet space for reflection and prayer. The prayer areas are equipped with washing facilities, allowing travellers to perform ablutions before prayers. Signage is clearly marked, guiding visitors to these tranquil spaces.

Shower Facilities

After a long flight, nothing feels more refreshing than a warm shower. Zurich Airport understands this and provides well-maintained shower facilities available to all passengers. These showers can be found at the Service Center in Airport Center, level 1. For a small fee, you receive a towel, shower gel, and access to a clean, private shower room. It’s a perfect spot to rejuvenate before your next flight or meeting.

Psst, if you want to take it up a notch, there is the newly opened Flooat at the Circle, which lets you enjoy floating in brine to experience deep relaxation and ease muscular tension.

Halal Restaurants

Catering to the needs of Muslim travellers, Zurich Airport provides a selection of halal-certified eateries. These restaurants serve a variety of cuisines, ensuring that halal dietary requirements are met without compromising on taste. One notable spot is Marché Natural Bakery in the Airport Center, which offers freshly prepared meals using halal-certified ingredients. The presence of these dining options makes it easier for Muslim travellers to find suitable meals without stress. These are some of the halal eateries, to name a few:

  • Marché Natural Bakery: Located in the Airport Center, offering freshly prepared meals with halal-certified ingredients.
  • Subway: Offers sandwiches with a variety of halal fillings, located in the Airside Center.
  • KFC: Provides halal chicken options, available in the food court area.

Duty-Free and Shopping Areas

Shopping enthusiasts will delight in Zurich Airport’s duty-free and shopping areas. From luxury brands to Swiss chocolates, there is something for everyone. The main shopping hub is located in the Airside Center, accessible after security. It hosts a wide range of shops selling electronics, fashion, and souvenirs. For those last-minute gifts, the airport offers Swiss specialties and international brands, ensuring that you can grab whatever you need before you fly. If you’re a deal hunter, remember to check out these 6 brands that are cheaper in Switzerland!

Kid-Friendly Facilities

Travelling with children can be challenging, but Zurich Airport makes this experience as smooth as possible. The airport features several play areas where children can burn off energy before a flight. Located in various parts of the terminal, these areas are equipped with slides, climbing frames, and interactive games, all designed to keep the young ones engaged. For parents travelling with infants, there are numerous baby changing rooms equipped with all necessary facilities to ensure comfort for both parent and child.

For more information on their Family Services and kids’ play areas, visit theirwebsite for zone mapping and customer services.

In conclusion, Zurich Airport goes the extra mile to ensure that all travellers’ needs are catered to efficiently. Whether it’s offering space for spiritual observance, relaxation opportunities between flights, engaging shopping experiences, diverse dining options, or facilities that make travelling with children easier, Zurich Airport stands out as a top-notch facility tailored to enhance your travel experience. Next time you fly via Zurich, be sure to take advantage of these exceptional amenities.

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