9 Reasons Why Travelling With Your Mother Is So Worth It


Cheng Sim •  May 11, 2023

Chances are you're planning to take a big step in travelling with your Mom, and that's great because it's about time! While we'd love to paint a picture-perfect expectation of a mother-daughter getaway, the reality comes with its set of travel truths. Yes, you will have a ton of fun and yes, you will annoy each other ? If your Mom has been bugging you to travel with her, we have many reasons why you should give a resounding yes! Besides your Mom taking care of half of your travel expenses (just kidding!), here's why travelling with your mother is so worth it ❤️

9 Reasons Why You Should Travel With Your Mother

1. You will learn to care for her

Growing up, our Moms have always been the one who takes care of us during family trips. She makes sure everyone's passport is in her handbag, all the kids have a week's worth of clean clothes and carries panadol in case someone gets sick. Now that we're older (and a wiser traveller), a mother-daughter getaway is a great chance to give back for all the wonderful things she has done for us. Tell her to sit back while you sort out the flight and hotel bookings, tour arrangements, and where to eat for dinner. Mom, we'll take care of it! P.S. Need help with itinerary planning? 2

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2. You will learn to set aside your differences

Credit: Ian Schneider on Unsplash

To be frank, misunderstandings and arguments will happen when travelling with your Mom. As much as you want to stay chirpy and positive, we all have our bad days. At times, we can't avoid stressful situations like getting lost in an unfamiliar city or dealing with miscommunication with your taxi driver too (both events happened when I travelled with my Mom). However, the silver lining to an argument is that you'll learn to forgive, forget and set aside your differences. So never let an argument bring you down because honestly, it happens more often than you think!

3. You will create wonderful memories with her

The things we remember most are the memories we spent with our loved ones, and it's regrettable to appreciate someone only when they're gone. While our Moms are still healthy and well, take her on a holiday and create experiences that you will cherish forever. You two can explore the streets of Chiang Mai for the first time, queue up for halal yakiniku in Tokyo, or practice your Cantonese phrases while bargaining in Hong Kong's street markets. Whether it'll turn into a funny or silly experience, you will treasure these memories with your Mom!

4. You will discover new things about your Mom

You may think you know everything about your Mom, but you will discover more things about her while travelling. She might be shy and reserved, but you'll be impressed by her tough bargaining skills when shopping in Bangkok. She might complain a lot about the afternoon heat, but surprisingly enjoys lounging by the beach paradise of Phu Quoc. She might not be a fan of art galleries, but love taking pictures of the famous street arts in Hong Kong. A mother-daughter getaway will unveil a different side of her, and trust us, it will surprise you every single time ☺️

5. You will appreciate your Mom as your best friend

At home, you see your Mom as your Mom. She takes care of you, cooks for the family, and reminds you (for the third time) to wash your clothes before it rains. However, travelling with her makes her more than just a mother. She becomes your travel companion and best friend too. You will look out for each other in a new city, laugh over silly inside jokes, and maybe share a secret or two that your sibling doesn't know about. When you do all these things together, you'll realise that your Mom is your true best friend ❤️

6. You will learn new ways to improve yourself

Spending time with your Mom allows you to see yourself in a different light. If your Mom is the kind of person who appreciates everything around her, you will learn to take it easy and slow down. If your Mom bounces back with confidence after making mistakes, you'd want to do the same as well. If your Mom is the most patient person in the world, it'll make you reflect on the times you were impatient. As much as your Mom learns from you, you will learn many things from her too ?

7. You can treat her with something nice

Credit: Sebastian Leon Prado on Unsplash

Since we were kids, our parents have always been the one who pays for our school lunches, expensive tuition fees and everything else. Now that we're working adults, it's our chance to treat our Moms with something nice. It doesn't have to be a luxurious four-course dinner even though savouring halal steaks in KL is pretty nice. We can do little things like treating her to a shopping spree in Myeongdong or spending the night in a relaxing resort in Batam. There are also other things you can do like paying for the taxi ride or indulging her with a soothing body massage. Little things matter and your Mom will appreciate you for it ?

8. You will have travel photos that will last a lifetime

If you've ever sat down and looked through your family album, you'll notice how much your Mom loves taking pictures. It serves as a physical reminder of the beautiful memories and wonderful experiences she has had. While it's tiring to snap photos with a Hachiko statue or against every scenic backdrop while travelling, these travel photos are the ones that will last a lifetime! Better yet, invest on an awesome selfie camera for your next trip with your Mom!

9. You will experience love in its purest form

The only way to know someone is to travel with them. When faced with trying times and stressful situations, that's when you see their truest selves. Despite our imperfections, our Moms will see beyond our flaws and continue to believe in us through thick and thin. That's something that it's only apparent when you travel with someone. When it hits you, that's one of the few times you'll feel a mother's love in its purest form ❤️ Beyond the meaningful memories and wonderful experiences, travelling with your Mom comes with self-reminders and life lessons. You will learn to care for her, appreciate her as your best friend, and discover new ways to improve yourself. When you put everything together, you will realise how much a mother-daughter getaway will make you a better person (and traveller). At the end of the day, you know it will all be worth it ❤️

P.S. You know what else is worth it? Treating your Mom AND Dad to the best Muslim-friendly trip ever!