Travel Around Hong Kong Easily With This Handy Digital Guide For Muslims


Faruq Senin •  Jan 12, 2019

Exciting attractions, stunning nature spots, vibrant local culture and more - it's no secret that Hong Kong has so much to offer! With an endless list of things to do, we know that sometimes it can get a little overwhelming to plan your trip.

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Well, here's some great news! We've got an all-in-one Hong Kong bucket list guide specially for Muslim travellers, so you can travel around Hong Kong easily ? Guess what? It's available in English, Malay and Bahasa Indonesia. Read on to find out more!

[DOWNLOAD a PDF version of the bucket list in EnglishMalay or Bahasa Indonesia now!]

Bucket list of top things to do

In this guide, you'll find 10 things you need to strike off your Hong Kong bucket list!

Whether it's your first time to Hong Kong or you're a repeat traveller, the guide's got you covered with must-try halal local treats and unmissable experiences like taking the famous "Ding Ding" tram, admiring Instagrammable spots or hiking up Dragon's Back.

Plus, you can even learn some useful Cantonese phrases that you can use to bargain your way through night markets!

Interactive and easy to use

What we love about it is that it's interactive and also very easy to use! It might look like a simple brochure but you can find more detailed information about the specific things to do by clicking on the links in the guide. You'll then be directed to our various articles on Hong Kong!

#HHWT tip: DOWNLOAD a PDF version of the guide (EnglishMalay or Bahasa Indonesia) on your mobile phone so you can refer to it on the go as you explore Hong Kong! Isn't that convenient? :)

We recommend Muslim travellers to use this one-stop guide especially if you're travelling with family and don't have much time to plan your trip. It's also suitable for those of you on a budget!

So, if you're visiting Hong Kong anytime soon, remember to DOWNLOAD the guide in EnglishMalay or Bahasa Indonesia and save it on your mobile phone. What are you waiting for? Start planning your trip now ?

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