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7 Muslim-Friendly Sunblocks & Sunscreens To Help Keep Your Skin Safe


Shasha Dania  •  Jun 02, 2020


Living in Southeast Asia, sunblocks and sunscreens are everyday essentials that help keep our skin safe and healthy! Even if you're staying at home, did you know that it's recommended to put on sun care as UV rays can still penetrate through our windows? ? Now that we've reached the month of June and need to stay cool even in the summer, it's even more important that we remember not to skip out on sun care during our daily skin routines. ? If you're thinking of changing up your products or trying something new, here are 7 Muslim-friendly sunblocks and sunscreens to help keep your skin safe!
What's the difference between sunblock and sunscreen?
Sunblock and sunscreen are often used interchangeably, but they actually work in different ways. Sunblock 'sits' on the skin and forms a phsyical barrier that blocks out harmful UV rays. Sunscreen works by containing chemicals that absorb UV rays and prevent them from damaging the layers in the skin.
Should I use sunblock or sunscreen?
If you have sensitive skin or skin conditions, it's advisable to avoid sunscreens as they may irritate your skin during the chemical reaction. As sunblock acts as a physical barrier, it might be a safer alternative if you want to avoid rashes or irritation. 
What is halal sunblock or sunscreen?
Halal sun care products are either halal-certified or use only Muslim-friendly ingredients. Though there aren't that many products that have undergone the halal certification process, there are still lots of vegan-friendly sunblocks nowadays that do not contain any animal-based substances! ?
Do sunblocks or sunscreens contain alcohol?
It's common for sun care products to contain alcohol like ethyl alcohol or ethanol, but this is typically derived naturally and not through the same process as drinking alcohol. It's best to check with a company if you have any questions and to use the products at your own discretion. Credit: Giphy
What should I look out for in my sun care products?
These are some key things to look out for:
  • Ingredients - check for any alcohols or animal-based substances in the ingredients list
  • Sun Protection Factor (SPF) - A minimum of SPF 30 is recommended. Some products have 'broad spectrum' protection which means they block both UV A and UV B rays.
  • Eco-friendliness - Not all organic products are eco-friendly as they may include ingredients that are water-soluble and can harm marine life. Usually, products that are reef or ocean-friendly will be marked out with a logo.
 If my moisturiser/essence/serum/etc. has SPF, do I still need sun care? 
Yes! Though many other skincare and beauty products now contain SPF too, they are usually not as strong as dedicated sun protectants. It's always advisable to include a proper sunblock or sunscreen in your routine to ensure you get maximum sun protection.
1. Wardah Beauty - Wardah Sunscreen Gel SPF30
Credit: Wardah Beauty Wardah Beauty's products are all halal-certified, including their sunscreen gel! The gel is light and soft, avoiding that gross sticky feeling you sometimes get with sunscreen. It even has moisturisers such as Aloe Vera and Pro-Vitamin B5 so your skin can stay hydrated. Buy it here: Wardah Beauty Website | Facebook | Instagram
2. Iba Cosmetics - Iba Invisible Sunscreen SPF50
Credit: Iba Cosmetics Containing Intense Broad Spectrum Protection, Iba's halal-certified Invisible Sunscreen provides your skin with the protection it needs on a hot day out. It even has coconut, aloe, and witch hazel in it that ensures the sunscreen is light and non-greasy as well as moisturising and refreshing. Buy it here: Iba Cosmetics Website | Facebook | Instagram
3. Solimara - White Marine & Golden Sands SPF50 Face and Body
Credit: Solimara on Facebook Halal-certified by FIANZ in New Zealand, Solimara's  products are all-natural and use ingredients such as jojoba seed oil, beeswax, and shea butter to ensure that you get superior broad-spectrum sun protection. With only zinc oxide as an active ingredient, it's suitable for sensitive skin too! Buy it here: Online stockists (based in NZ) Website | Facebook | Instagram
4. Black Girl Sunscreen - Black Girl Sunscreen SPF30
Credit: Black Girl Sunscreen Specially formulated for dark skin, Black Girl Sunscreen is parabens- and fragrance-free, and dries clear so that it doesn't leave any whitish residue behind on the skin! Packed full of moisturising ingredients like jojoba, cacao, and avocado, it's also vegan and reef-safe so it's suitable for your future seaside adventures. Buy it here: Black Girl Sunscreen Website | Facebook | Instagram
5. Cosrx - Shield Fit All Green Comfort Sun SPF50+
Credit: Cosrx Cosrx's sunscreen is alcohol- and parabens-free and is even rated "All Green" by EWG! The cream includes comforting ingredients meant to soothe sensitive skin and leaves a soft and non-greasy matte finish. Cosrx is also a cruelty-free company and uses mainly natural ingredients. It's also one of the most popular K-beauty brands so you can stock up during your future trip to Seoul! ? Buy it here: Cosrx Website | Facebook | Instagram
6. Green People - Scent Free Facial Sun Cream SPF30
Credit: Green People This certified-organic sun cream has actually been recommended by Conde Nast Traveller! ? Green People's products are all cruelty-free and marine-friendly, perfect for your vacation makeup bag. This non-comedogenic product is great for daily use on your face, with broad-spectrum protection as well as antioxidant properties from Edelweiss and Rosemary flowers. They also have another version that can be used on other parts of your body too. Buy it here: Green People Website | Facebook | Instagram
7. Medicube - Red Sunblock
This alcohol-free sunblock from the popular K-beauty brand Medicube contains 10% Centella Asiatica extract to help soothe sensitive skin. Rated with EWG's Green Grade, the sunblock has been clinically tested to ensure that even delicate skin won't get irritated. Buy it here: Medicube Website | Facebook | Instagram Whether you're keeping your skin safe while you #StayHome or are planning for future beach resort getaways, these skincare products will definitely keep your skin healthy and ready to take on the world! ?