10 Halal & Wudhu-Friendly Nail Polish Brands To Add To Your Beauty Kit ASAP


Shasha Dania •  Apr 17, 2023

Halal nail polish has become increasingly popular recently - among Muslims and non-Muslims alike! Made with breathable and water-permeable formulations, halal nail polish is also said to be healthier for your nails as it allows oxygen to pass through. ? Plus they're said to be wudhu-friendly so you can perform your prayers without removing your gorgeous manicure! Time to up your manicure game with these 10 halal & wudhu-friendly nail polish brands.

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What does it mean when nail polish is halal/wudhu-friendly?

Halal: Halal nail polishes avoid alcohol in their ingredients or use only Shariah-compliant forms of alcohol, and some brands also take it a step further by using only vegan-friendly ingredients with no traces of animal by-products. Some products or brands have also obtained halal certification from an independent halal certification board.

Wudhu-friendly: Nail polishes labelled as 'wudhu-friendly' are usually breathable or permeable, meaning water/oxygen is able to permeate through 1-2 layers of the polish. Another way to look at them as wudhu-friendly is that they're fast-drying so you can easily reapply them after taking wudhu.

Can I wear halal nail polish during prayer? Will my wudhu (ablution) be valid?

To be honest, opinions are quite varied on this and there's no definite answer. While brands frequently promote their water-permeable nail polishes as safe for performing wudhu with, some people have also done videos displaying that water may not be able to fully penetrate through the polish layers - hence your wudhu would not be valid. Ultimately it depends on your own comfort level, and the safest time to wear nail polish (of any kind) without worries would be during your menses or when you're otherwise unable to pray. On the brighter side, many wudhu-friendly nail polishes are also quick-dry so you can reapply them between prayers with ease!

1. Zahara

When it comes to halal nail polish, Zahara is definitely one of the first names to come to mind! Their nail polishes are one of the most popular ones around and come in a variety of colours ranging from white and pink for a classic French Tip manicure, to bright shades of purple, red, blue, and green. They even have a base and top coats that will help keep your nails healthy and protect your manicure from chipping. Halal status: Oxygen and water-permeable, halal-certified by RACS (UAE). You can find a detailed report about their nail polishes here.

Buy it here: Shop online at ZaharaWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

2. INGLOT Cosmetics

Inglot is another household name when it comes to halal nail polish, with dozens of gorgeous colours to fit every style. Though not all of their nail products are halal, their O2M range consists of oxygen and water-permeable nail polishes that have a long-lasting shine while still keeping your nails healthy. There's even an O2M soft matte range for a soft and subtle matte finish, and a top coat to keep your manicure nice and neat!? Halal status: Selected items under the O2M range are oxygen and water-permeable.

Buy it here: Shop online at Inglot Malaysia or Inglot Indonesia or Lazada (Singapore) Website | Facebook | Instagram


Created by a Malaysian sister-brother duo, SO.LEK's products are wudhu-friendly, cruelty-free, and affordable too! The clever play on words is derived from the Malay word “solek” which means makeup and the abbreviation of “So? Relax!”. Their nail polish comes in a whole range of shades - including some like Acai purple that contains glitter for extra bling. ✨ Some polishes are also peelable so if you don't have nail polish remover you can just peel them off for extra convenience! SO.LEK also have a range of basic cosmetics that will leave you stunning - look out for them and more Malaysian Muslim-friendly makeup brands here!

Halal status: Cruelty-free, water-permeable and breathable. Their manufacturer has GMP status audited by Malaysia's Ministry of Health and they are working on obtaining halal certification for selected products.

Buy it here: Shop online at SO.LEKWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

4. Orly

Orly is another major name in the breathable nail polish game, with their Breathable Treatment collection being infused with Argan Oil, Vitamin C, and Pro-Vitamin B5 to help keep your nails healthy and shiny no matter what. Coming in all sorts of colours, go from a subtle pastel like Fresh Start green, or turn up the glamour with the golden and glittery Golden Girl! Halal status: Vegan, cruelty-free, and breathable.

Buy it here: Shop online at OrlyWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

5. Amara

The first halal-focused cosmetics company in the USA, Amara has a small but gorgeous line of nail polishes for you to try out. Their nail polish comes in just 10 shades but includes everything from a nude shade like Sand Tropez to a true red like Cherry Red. Halal status: Formulation halal-certified by IFANCA with no animal-derived ingredients. Oxygen and water-permeable.

Buy it here: Shop online at AmaraWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

6. Tuesday in Love

Known for their halal nail polish, Tuesday in Love is a socially conscious Canadian brand that donates proceeds from every purchase to Plan Canada and Islamic Relief Canada to help underprivileged families. So each time you're purchasing their nail polish, you're helping out the vulnerable too. Their nail polish uses revolutionary micro-pore technology to ensure water is penetrable and comes in dozens of shades you can find the perfect one to match your outfit! They also have 3-colour sets that are perfect as gifts.

Halal status: Halal-certified by ISNA Canada for ingredient formulation and water permeability. Cruelty and child labour-free.

Buy it here: Shop online at Tuesday in LoveWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

7. Three Beauties London

Made with 85% bio-sourced ingredients, Three Beauties' breathable formula is also eco-conscious and free from 9 toxic but commonly occurring ingredients. Made in the USA, their products comply with USDA standards and are cruelty-free. With rich shades in dozens of colours, they're just what you need to perfect your look.

Halal status: Halal formulation, certified by the International Halal Integrity Alliance. 100% vegan ingredients, and oxygen and water-permeable.

Buy it here: Shop online at Three BeautiesWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

8. Karma Organic

With a strong colour payoff and glossy and long-lasting finish, Karma Organic's line of halal nail polishes deserves a spot in your beauty kit. With familiar names like Nabila (a rich emerald green), Ayshah (a vibrant hot pink), and Aziza (a deep blue), you'll be able to find the perfect polish for your look.

Halal status: Muslim-founded business with all-natural and cruelty-free ingredients. Halal nail polishes are also breathable and permeable by oxygen and water. Do note that not all of their nail polish falls under the halal label.

Buy it here: Shop online at Karma OrganicWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

9. Kester Black

Kester Black focuses on using healthy, sustainable formulations that are healthy for your body as well as the earth. Their nail polishes use natural ingredients such as certified organic avocado oil and kefir and are breathable as well to keep your nails nourished throughout your mani-pedi. The Petal shade is a favourite - its subtle dusty nude blush has hints of purple to keep it good for all kinds of outfits.

Halal status: Formulations are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and halal-certified. Do note that we could not identify which organisation issued their halal certification.

Buy it here: Shop online at Kester BlackWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

10. Vivre Cosmetics

Formulated with Argan Oil and Vitamins B5 and C, Vivre Cosmetics's nail polishes are both gorgeous and healthy for your nails! They have 14 shades in vibrant hues for every outfit. Butter Drizzle is a stunning yellow that'll add a burst of colour and confidence to your look.

Halal status: Manufacturing facilities are halal-certified by ISWA Halal Certification Department, and the nail polish formulation is certified water-permeable by SGS Labs in France.

Buy it here: Shop online at Vivre CosmeticsWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

These gorgeous shades will be the perfect touch to any outfit!