Full-Time Foodie: This SG Muslim Man Is A Hawker Popular On Tiktok


Qistina Bumidin •  Oct 15, 2022

If you've been on foodie TikTok long enough, chances are you've seen Sedap Bhai ? Sedap Bhai, whose real name is Ahmad Firdaus Abdul Latif, film himself trying all kinds of food - from your local favourites to new halal spots - without him even speaking once! It has captured the attention of many; currently, he has more than 57k followers on TikTok, with his videos garnering about 1.4 million likes ? We spoke to the man behind those drool-worthy videos and found out some interesting facts: for instance, did you know he's managing one of the top rojak stalls in West Singapore ? Read on to find out more!

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1. Where did the idea of becoming Sedap Bhai come about?

Credit: Courtesy of Firdaus

During the pandemic, I realised the importance of knowing how to market your products online! Outside of Sedap Bhai, I manage Power Rojak Bandung, a rojak hawker stall at Ayer Rajah Food Centre ? I realised that there are many food places in Singapore where hawkers manned by the older generation are not well marketed because they are not as handy with technology. This has been a great disadvantage for them when competing with younger hawkers. So that’s when I thought I could use my knowledge of social media to create content - i.e from the process of food preparations to the final product and ending it with an honest food review.

2. Wow, you're behind Power Rojak Bandung! Was being a hawker something you wanted to do growing up?

Credit: Courtesy of Firdaus

Yes, I've been helping my father out since I was in secondary school, and I want to continue his legacy! I even took up the Asian Culinary Arts course when I was in the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) to gain more experience in the kitchen ? I took over full-time for about 6 years after I ORD-ed from National Service (NS). 

3. How has being Sedap Bhai helped make your stall, Power Rojak Bandung, where it is today?

Power Rojak Bandung is known for its fruit-laden rojak! Credit: Courtesy of Firdaus

Being sort of 'famous' in Tiktok does play a part in maintaining the success of Power Rojak Bandung ? More has come to patronise the stall! This motivates us to improve the quality of the food we sell, ? But then again, not many are super 'starstruck' when they see me in real life because the biggest bulk of my customers are regulars who have seen me since I was a kid ?

4. H0w do you choose your foodie location of the day?

@firdausbunny No kidding this is the best Longtong in Singapore! #sedapbhai#sgfoodie♬ Tiba-Tiba Speed Up - liriklaguツ

I will usually go to any hawker centre or coffee shop to look for any halal-certified or Muslim-owned stalls; hawker centres offer the most delicious food at affordable prices ? Sometimes shops or even home-based businesses will call me to do reviews! I usually hunt for food on Monday, my off day, or at night after closing my shop.

5. What are some common misconceptions people might have about your videos?

@firdausbunny One Combo please #sedapbhai#sgfoodie♬ original sound - 4kJuJu || ?????? ? - JuJu ???

People frequently believe that I’m only there to review their foods, but in reality, my goal is to spread awareness of food stalls! Sometimes, you'll be surprised to find out that many hidden gems are located near you ? In addition, people may believe that I don’t always be truthful when I review their foods, but for the most part, when I review something, I do so with honesty and sincerity.

6. What is your go-to comfort food, and where do you usually get them from?

Credit: Courtesy of Firdaus

For me, Nasi Padang is always my first choice since I enjoy mixing gravy with other types of food on the same plate. My favourite spot for Nasi Padang is Warong Nasi Pariaman? Sometimes, when I travel, I also make content on the food I try overseas, but my favourite country for the best foodie eats has to be Malaysia for sure! In every state, you'll get to try different kinds of food, and the best part of it all? It's HALAL ?

7. What do you hope to achieve in the future through your content?

Credit: Courtesy of Firdaus

Being a content creator while managing the stall, I strive to strike a balance and learn from other people’s business ideas and thoughts. This goes beyond the food that we eat and serve. It's also about building connections and friendships ?