6 Things You Can Do In Semporna Other Than Diving And Snorkelling


Farah Fazanna •  Aug 09, 2022

Semporna may be a small coastal town but sleepy it is not. With its reputation as an international diving scene, you’ll think you’re in the Maldives! If you think all you can do in Semporna is diving and snorkelling, you couldn’t be more wrong! That’s not all Semporna has to offer. We’ve put together X things you can do in Semporna for your next adventure. Check it out!

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1. Hike Bohey Dulang 

There are many island day trips that you can hop on to in Semporna. One of them is the Tun Sakaran Marine Park day trip. The marine park consists of several islands including Bohey Dulang Island, Mantabuan Island, and Sibuan Island — all of which you can visit on this trip. The trip starts with a short one-hour hike up Bohey Dulang to see the panoramic view of the whole marine park. Then proceed to Mantabuan and Sibuan for your snorkelling or scuba diving sessions.

2. Post a mail at the underwater post office in Mataking Island

Mataking Island, which name can roughly be translated as “eye of the king”, is privately owned by the Reef Dive Resort, and there are plenty of activities that you do here. Divers will be in for a treat because there are more than 30 dive sites around the area that you can visit. Also, did you know that Mataking Island is home to Malaysia’s first underwater post office? The letters are put into a waterproof b1ag and postmarked using a special rubber stamp — perfect as a souvenir from your trip! 

Besides diving, there are also plenty of activities you can do on the island itself: sunrise and sunset watching at the watchtower, fishing on the nearby island, kayaking, snorkelling, batik painting, and jungle trekking in the island, just to name a few. In fact, you can also have your wedding on the island!

3. Stay in Mabul Island's water chalet

Mabul Island is small in size and located in the northeastern part of Semporna. There are plenty of water chalets on the island, some you can even snorkel right on your doorstep! Check out 6 Stunning Floating Villas In Semporna For Your Romantic Honeymoon for inspiration!

4. Hang out with the Bajau Laut people

One of the best things about travelling is learning about the local culture. Also known as the sea gypsies, the Bajau Laut people live in stilt huts or long boats on floating villages located in Mabul. They spend more of their time on and below the ocean and are generally expert divers and great fishermen! There’s plenty to learn from these unique tribe!

5. Explore Tawau Town

Tawau may not be the most exciting city, but it has a laid-back charm and is still worth dedicating some time to stroll through. Feast on local cuisine at the variety of seafood restaurants and old-school coffee shops around the town while you're here. We recommend heading to Jalan Budi (also known as Yum Cha Street in local terms) for some coffee and freshly-baked bread for breakfast. Other things to do here include visiting the local market or the popular Teck Guan Cocoa Museum where you can learn about the processing of cocoa into yummy beverages and chocolates.

6. Hop on a nature & fireflies cruise at Klias River

Experience a change from the rough sea waves with a relaxing  in search of the Proboscis Monkey, a species that can only be found on the island of Borneo! Depending on your luck, you'll get to catch a glimpse of these cheeky creatures swinging from tree to tree, as well as other animals including long-tailed macaques, fireflies, exotic birds, and even crocodiles. End your cruise adventure with a beautiful sunset over the calm river, and be delighted by fireflies dancing in the night sky.

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